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  1. I'm concerned about immolation expending all energy upon filling, it's something that would be extremely punishing for newer players that dont have any real means of restoring energy but more experienced players would just offset it with Energy Pads. I really think there needs to be some kind of safety lock to stop it immediately trying to expend all energy, with a 3sec time frame where you can choose to reduce the bar or let it explode.
  2. I must say, please dont let that booster through. Reserve it for special events, selling it through PA or even just the market or baro is very much adding P2W into the game, where boosters have normally been towing that line, a mod chance booster is absolutely a p2w mtx. It's especially bad considering loot frame combos have been nerfed heavily this year, so on top of how horrible an idea it is, the timing couldnt possibly be worse.
  3. Lighting wasnt changed. Metallic textures were, but some textures seem to be overly reflective.
  4. How bout no. If they're doing in a public game its pretty S#&$ty, but most are doing it solo so they dont affect others games.
  5. 1. It's still rather likely it's been overlooked or backlogged. 2. I'd say it's far more likely that they werent aware of it affecting other abilities, because the intent was for it to affect weapons and the abilities it's affecting now are extremely specific(like 10 of all the abilities) 3. The mod description isnt really evidence either since there is no other mod that just says "damage" that affects abilities, that is always reserved for weapons.
  6. by gate keeping i mean that you're basically saying "it's unfair that players that arent elite enough get to have the Eidolon ephemera, it want it to only be for players that have beaten Tridolons hundreds of times!!!" it's basically an entitled statement, not everyone has the time to farm Tridolons that much and a very major, consistent complain about Ephemera has been how obnoxiously random it is to acquire most of them.
  7. Id say the more obvious answer is that it's an oversight, DE misses a LOT of unintended interactions and has taken a full year to notice on multiple occasions. Same goes for anything unintended in warframe, there are tons of unintended interactions which are beneficial to players and are detrimental(countless examples for Limbos rift)
  8. use your eyes. Gamma Colour Palette, Ton of Kuva, Catalysts and Reactors, Forma, Aura Forma, NEW Ephemera and all the things you can purchase with the creds. All with the grind being significantly easier than before, so id say the rewards are appropriate and absolutely not useless.
  9. You equip a weapon, not Oberons 1. I'm pretty sure just about no one saw that mod and thought "oh that will affect my abilities', but Quasars sure would think "hmm... i wonder if they accidentally made that work on abilities so we can exploit the leaderboard again" On the warframe wiki, no one is assuming in the comments that it works on abilities(other than weapon type abilities) and DE even patched it to not work with weapon type abilities so it's pretty damn obviously NOT intended to work on abilities.
  10. fair, the clans that lost those massive chunks are the ones that do it every single clan event.
  11. Pretty sure Quasars knew exactly what they were doing and that it was considered an exploit. What they didnt count on was DE actually dealing with their scores being left on the leaderboard. They're notorious for exploiting the S#&$ out of every clan event and obtaining scores that you could never get since the exploits always get fixed within a few days of the event starting.
  12. No, it's been placed behind a grind that most people do not like at all, something I'm sure DE is aware of. So deliberately placing a #*!%ing WARFRAME behind that grind is kinda #*!%ed up, like if you had to do Tridolons 3 times in a night cycle to get a BP for a new warframe, it's just not cool and makes it all too apparent how desperate they are for people to spend plat on a warframe.
  13. Adding my voice to the many. Please stop putting warframe parts in Vox Solaris offerings, most players(as im sure you could find) do not care for the Profit Taker and Toroid grinds. I ended up skipping Baruuk altogether because his stuff is all in Vox Solaris, now with Hildryn in the max rank? hell no im not doing that.
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