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  1. CO gave the opportunity to play around multiple sources for different status types. With this change, you grab eg.:IPS and you are done. I think this change will discourage players using their whole arsenal in a mission, there will be no benefit. No squad diversity, no elemental diversity, etc.
  2. Rivens were the sustainable endgame for years. I bet it was the only reason for a bunch of players to come back to the game, farm kuva and sink their time and effort to their hard earned rivens. Since the recent nerfs I see less interest in rivens from players. These days the only things keep up the trading are the new additions' and buffed weapons riven (not the nerfed ones). With the recent changes, most of these rivens are worse than a basic mod available. I'd like to leave a memo about the insane amount of platinum ( and probably revenue for the developers) going to get lost* by killing this part of the game, No player will be stupid enough to pay for something that wont keep its "value". *From the wiki: " One platinum is equal to 6.7 cents or 0.067 dollars (US Currency) / 5.7 pence or 0.057 pounds (UK / British currency). " This means a '900 platinum' riven's price is roughly a AAA 60$ game's price Before someone quotes me as a "Salt Demon",( I'd like to note that probably most of the players mentioned before can do high level content without the need of riven) I think rivens are not necessary for weapons. They're not gamebreaking either, because the game is too casual, there's nothing to break. I saw a recent video from a partner mentioning that his ~1000 member alliance had 3 online during "rush hour". Most of my clanmates went missing, the few that had their riven business are now inactive as well. I consider this as the last nail in the coffin of my clan (and for other ingame communities). On behalf of 26 million registered loser, this number going to become the number of ghost players.
  3. Currently, it is possible to buy loadout slots over the capacity. Is it intended or just a bug? Asking for a friend who either would like to have a refund after purchasing 2 loadout slots above the capacity, or want the cap removed. Speaking of capacity: riven cap increase when?
  4. Test mission results: Public squad win 143 - 12 my score, 2nd best: 32 best score: 62 obtained pearls: 50+32 Guy went full killsteal on the whole team, without having significant damage dealt percentage. Good, but i'd rather get the full team score than the base + after only my own kills. Maybe we should get our team scores and the base 50 pearls - tenno deaths
  5. All we need is a dedicated augment slot: which eliminates the cost of the augment if placed there unlockable by exilus adapters (multipurpose for exilus adapters)
  6. "Set-it-and-forget" Ember had it rough, still screaming from the nerf. About Wukong: 1) Absolute win, might need some tweak according to the feedback from the community, but this is a welcome change. 2) Binding the healing factor to moving feels bad. I found myself in situations where i would like to stay in a position, heal myself and the specter but not furiously bump everything around me coz' the high speed of the ability (the speed is welcome tho). Also, giving the player the opportunity to utilize "sprint" as a speed modifier would be nice to have. This way we could better finetune the movement in this short timewindow. 3) I don't really get this one yet. What was the intention? Like: as Wukong, I notice my HP is low and in deep trouble, press button, to prevent death. Duration ends, medium sized CC, armored enemies still alive, get shot, die (the extra armor wont help). BUT! Here I have an actual idea how to fix these: damage stored and dealt back should be TRUE damage maybe? Maybe? Also, give this ability an AOE percentage based heal based on the armor buff gained, eg.: max armor value reached ( 1500) = heal every ally ( pods, kavats, def targets) back to 100% Hp in AOE, eg2.: 750 armor value reached ( 1500/2) = heal 50% in AOE. This way Wukong could have a proper taunt-save-and-heal teamplay aspect, also removing the need of using his 2's heal every time after using defy.(Assuming you survived, and not got oneshot from an out of range heavy gunner/bombard). 4) Is dope. Feels good list: new combos(praise melee 3.0), new damage distribution, always long stick **furiously lifting eyebrows**. The exalted weapon actually feels powerful now, and worth using. Got nothing else in my mind. Further testing is required.
  7. This is in the game since kuva missions. This "fix" is a slap on the face for most players. This going to kill the kuva farming community, like: whats the point of wasting another 10 minutes to help a new/low player to earn a greater amount of kuva if I cannot have the reward myself? DE introduced kuva survival missions with a terrible amount of kuva reward, and yet the amount of kuva necessary is sky high. This also gonna reduce the participate in public missions, why would anyone want to go and risk mission failure (and therefore wasting time) because: bad host, sudden NNR, not-so-well-prepared teammates or just trolls. If you dont want us to run the same kuva flood capture mission hosted by our friends/clanmates/random tennos multiple times, give us a chance to run in on lvl 150, lvl 200 for ~2400 and ~4800 kuva. The scaling is so bad, if somobody can do that with this terrible enemy scaling then he deserve that amount after this precious "fix"
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