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  1. This is in the game since kuva missions. This "fix" is a slap on the face for most players. This going to kill the kuva farming community, like: whats the point of wasting another 10 minutes to help a new/low player to earn a greater amount of kuva if I cannot have the reward myself? DE introduced kuva survival missions with a terrible amount of kuva reward, and yet the amount of kuva necessary is sky high. This also gonna reduce the participate in public missions, why would anyone want to go and risk mission failure (and therefore wasting time) because: bad host, sudden NNR, not-so-well-prepared teammates or just trolls. If you dont want us to run the same kuva flood capture mission hosted by our friends/clanmates/random tennos multiple times, give us a chance to run in on lvl 150, lvl 200 for ~2400 and ~4800 kuva. The scaling is so bad, if somobody can do that with this terrible enemy scaling then he deserve that amount after this precious "fix"
  2. With the recent updates the game fails to register proper bulletjump moves ( pressing crouch+jump simultaneously while not moving not performing a bulletjump maneuver). Using a keybind or pressing the individual buttons simultaneously failing resulting in falls is just interrupting the flow of the movement. ( I had no issue since I'm playing, thats why it's disappointing) Buzlok homing function is useless now that bullets' turning is nerfed, if I have to aim ( what I am capable of) why would I use a tagging function? Since the melee not-hitting-trough stuffs rework sometimes the game dont register the hits on boxes/caches/breakable stuffs even when I have proper line of sight (also noticed a few 0 (zeros) as damage on the lootcrates) Except the buzlok ( what only a minor part of the game) I see these errors as big-dont-play-warframe-for a while kind of bugs. Keep up the good work!
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