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  1. Update: I'm still having this bug, except this time it is also applying to the Second Dream song. I have both of the songs disabled, and yet Second Dream decides to play anyways.
  2. #1675792 Fossa, Venus (Corpus Ship tileset in general) Location where the Warframe Zephyr can get stuck while using a power, leading to a potential epilepsy trigger.
  3. Pretty simple bug report here. I've attempted to disable This Is What You Are in my Somachord; nothing against the song, but it's been the first song that's played on my ship for over two months, so I got sick of it. However, despite correctly starting on a different song, the autoplay invariably ends up playing the disabled song anyways. I will note again that the Somachord correctly skips the disabled Octavia custom songs, it just does not skip this song for some reason. I have not tested with other songs.
  4. I have trepidations about the Nightwave system as a whole. I'm glad to be rid of Alerts, but I'm one of many who are pretty sick of having to deal with more reputation grinds in Warframe. Cetus and Fortuna have both felt like mountains of rep grinding; mountains with two peaks that you need to climb, thanks to operator rep being seperate. Having a new system that makes you re-grind rep but without an extra amount of new content to grind it in feels taxing. I'm thankful the currency you earn to get the rewards is seperate from rep, but I'm not sure how much that distinction matters when you lose it at the end anyways. When you're re-grinding a month later to get the things you need again, it's gonna feel bad no matter what. I dunno. I'm basically "fine" with the Nightwave system. The lore is the primary draw for me anyways so I'll engage with Nightwaves without complaining too much, but I feel like as it stands it might end up being way too much of a chore for people to enjoy.
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