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  1. it's been an awfully long time since tennocon '19 .. are there any news whatsoever on modular archwings?!
  2. trinity- specters behave oddly too, without effects of radiation on the specter or yourself. and yeah.. as you could have guessed, it's targeting your warframe with the ev.. and yup, it does a lot of dmg :/
  3. some news on modular archwings would be refreshing ;) the lately introduced weapons are nice, but when you dig into railjack and stuff like that.. NEED MORE ARCHWING xD
  4. Have to admit, that these changes look very nice. And while people surely see the meathook changes as a qol change, I'm asking myself : why not use vazarin school ?! People change school for eidolons, energy replenish and some sweet cheesy tactics with various modsets in their companions ( those mod-set mechanics are beyond broken in my opinion, but that's something else I guess xD ) I'm glad, that you didn't make the mechs deployable in regular missions yet, as planed for the future.. and yet one has to ask himself : WHY at all ? If one compares the mechs with archwing.. the me
  5. This goes for shedu and bubonico If you have an arm- cannon equipped and pick up mission relevant items, you switch to your secondary weapon, if you have one equipped. If you don't have a secondary with you, it works.. more or less.. as soon, as you melee and start shooting again, you drop the item for the mission and need to pick it up again
  6. Playing with bonewidow feels absolutely terrible ! Maybe this has to do with the order the mechs were released yet, but when you compare the mechs, bonewidow feels just absolutely underwhelmingly weak right now. With voidrig you can level a whole city to the ground in mere seconds.. For a frontline fighter you would think, that bonewidow would have a better shielding ability, but not only does this one only block fire from the front, it's even weaker than voidrig shield. MEATHOOK
  7. and they can even be spawned mid- air now.. if they are bugged like this, some of them even seem to have a bigger hitbox.. so it's more likely to destoy them, even if you don't want to :( some of the beacons act like normal ones at first, but when they're fully grown, they "shrink" so only the base is visible like in previous screenshots
  8. how about fixing 2nd voidrig in profile ? since my first got 8 forma in it, I'm not willing to put 5 forma in a 2nd one xD
  9. erm.. why exactly do I have to start the iso- vault just to have 2 different mission types available later on in the drift ?
  10. Some archwing love is always welcome.. unless it's like when you've introduced the "melee" moa with a regular weapon :( btw.. any news on modular archwings ? or this beneficial kubrow/kavat breeding system ? ;)
  11. well.. here are your screenshots for it ;) maybe a bit old.. but hey.. better late, than never =) ty for any possible fix. and here I was thinking, that you've already done something about it.. the syndicate collectables don't seem to spawn as frequent on positions showed on the first screenshots. but there is still one very often spawning beneathe this console thingy at the exit. position provided on screenshot. and there is one location, that I don't have any screenshots of. it's located in one of the spy- vaults. the one with the tower in the middle of it. you can see it on r
  12. so the update went live and now I'm NW-rank 114/120 and didn't even do every task so far.. heard some weeks ago, that you guys plan to let NW run til the end of the year ? seems like you need to raise the bar once more until then *sigh*
  13. seeing every archgun, that you've touched, to receive a buff is very sweet :) any news on modular archwings btw. (the picture with a few components looked very nice in the last real dev-stream with more than one sentence of information) ? are there any plans to release maybe new weapons with it or do we have to wait like 1-2 years again to get a new one to play around with ?
  14. any news on modular archwings or beneficial breeding for kubrows/kavats ?
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