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  1. Bump, after seeing Bubonico use in some of the latest Home Time streams by Megan..
  2. Well.. just ask yourself this question : if you compare regular void fissures with the Railjack ones, do you want to spend like 2-3x the amount of time to get a reward in the new fissures ? Sure.. if you still want or need the new frame and weapon and want to farm them yourself- you have to play the Railjack fissures. But to play them otherwhise doesn't make any sense to me. In 2 of 3 matches, that I wanted to start today, it said : "session unavailable". Wouldn't be hard to digest, if it weren't for this little addition : "UPDATING PROFILE!?" .. erm.. what exactly is there to update ? In
  3. Thank you for providing this :) After seeing this, I think for me personally, it's better not to take Gunnery lvl 10 as it is now. Since I have no problems with aiming and would only get the 20% increase in heat building up, which would be a downgrade. But luckily enough, the devs are aware of some unhappyness with this skill and talked briefly about it on stream yesterday (at minute 44+). So maybe we'll get some further rework on it. Nice to see as well, that people came up with ideas for it, that I would absolutely support, like the possibility to use the artillery directly, while pil
  4. Since my main primary is the Shedu and I'm running with Buffcat, which grants instant reload sometimes for my secondary, I'm not too familiar with reloading weapons ;) I'm still somewhat concerned, that gunnery 10 could be a bad choice for some weapons, that don't require aiming at the point this skill snaps on to for 3 seconds before you can aim yourself again. To add to this, I'm someone using Turret Velocity, which causes my Carcinnox projectiles to travel faster, and thus I need to shoot between the target itself and the lead indicator for it to hit. And with before mentioned Pul
  5. Is it still worthless ? Unfortunately, I'm someone that missed out on the chance to get and try it a week ago, before intrinsics got reset. The 20% increased heat alone is more than scaring me off, to be honest. And I guess this doesn't work too well with Photor or Pulsar armaments ?
  6. Topic says it all, I guess.. What happened to session creation, if I start Railjack stuff from dojo ? Happens rarely enough, that I want to play public at all, if no relics are involved. But when I do, I'd like to be the host for various reasons. If someone joins then, it's fine.. if no one does, it's fine for me too.. but to get thrown into random groups.. NOPE! Back to solo play I guess. What a shame!
  7. yeah.. well.. no ! sure, we only had 9 intrinsic- grid slots to begin with our railjack fun. And now it's 8+Aura.. BUT they've taken all archwing related mods to put into one single aura mod for example. There are 5 Aura mods in total right now and with the start of 29.10. everyone received them. (at least I did) so now they have taken like 20-30 mods from us. To compensate this, they've given out 5 Aura-mods.. while you can only equip one of them.. and they're absolutely not anywhere near "equal" . Any Archwing motivated builds got crushed right there in an instant ! So while me be
  8. Just do me a favour and take a quick look on your Necramech mod config. Why should it have capacity for 12 mods but the Railjack/ Plex thingy doesn't ? It's nice, that we don't need to Forma it 5 times for a change, to get the most out of it.. while applying Forma to it feels somewhat weird in terms of no ability reset whatsoever or any other small setback, like reduced health- or shieldpool.. And maybe some of you could argue, that it has a Aura- slot, where we're able to apply a Aura- Forma to =) But in terms of comparing the Necramech to the Railjack it feels like, Railjack is m
  9. Well.. since you like to define, what kind of person I am.. Would love you to tell me about this "salt" your're detecting.. or even hate ?! What's wrong with you to get this kind of conclusions out of my statement ?! oO People shouldn't assume, that the person they're talking about is at the age of 12 or born in Facebook age.. gzuz
  10. You do this because Nyx and Valkyr are some of the most less played frames ? Why not do this with Loki and Rhino ? Since you guys like to rock the market and stuff.. as seen lately with Arcanes
  11. So I will be able to apply Aura-Forma to it ? Since the slot itself is explicitly mentioned in the statement and the reference to the Plexus being much like a Warframe in regards of capacity.. would absolutely be great ! And make sense ?! Any words on Void Hole being changed in any way ?
  12. If you want to be the host, you can force the game to make you host in some game modes, including Railjack. You need to start the ship from your Drydock. You don't even have to use force by any means in this case.
  13. The 1:1 exchange from Dirac to Endo is very generous, ty =) Very nice to see on screenshot, that you've hopefully changed the tactical map in a way so it stays in one place . QoL improvement for some time in the future should absolutely include the possibility for the pilot to set waypoints! On first sight, I have to admit to be somewhat confused about the change from modding the Railjack directly to this new approach. Very very please give us the option to install at least Aura-Forma on it. I guess it will be more challenging in the future to mod with only 30 capacity +
  14. What is this so called Starlight Market Room ? Why still no use for the Crimson Branch other than Lich trade ? Very nice change to be able to reconstruct the dojo in any order!
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