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  1. I agree with OP here, and it's quite disappointing most of the replies are: "Stop being entitled and just deal with it lol." Void capture/exterminate fissures are nice for ducat farming since you get another relic to replace the one you just spent, and I never seem to have enough ducats, nor relics. Rushing it with an efficient squad can take the mission time down to 1:30. In a pub formed by efficient people it takes no longer than 2:00. However, my average run in Void Capture/Exterminate Fissures is 4:00 to 5:00 80% of the time it's always three people waiting until 3:00 so the last guy can take the final void trace and then wait for the 1 minute to extract. I'm sorry, but when I want to farm for resources, I either try to find a squad for that, or I just go solo. Fissures have a clear objective and purpose: To open relics. If there's a guy wasting everyone's time by opening every container in the map, and making everyone else wait for him, the one being entitled is not the three people on extraction, but the one who decided to play the way that only benefits him. This is a team game, everyone should cooperate and act in a way that benefits everyone. Want to play your way? Find a squad or go solo. "Search for a premade group". It takes time to search for such a group, and fissures are only available for a limited time. Besides, sometimes I do try to find a group, but it's rare to complete a squad. "Play solo". Playing solo is terrible for ducat farming since you're much more likely to get common drops. In my experience, a squad of intact have a high chance of getting at least an uncommon. Nowadays I only run endless Fissures because "fast" and "efficient' fissures are boring due to the obligatory 2 minutes of waiting. (One to wait for the 4th guy to get reactants, another for extraction). It's a real shame, I never have enough ducats...
  2. Yeah, I think this would be a nice addition. You want to replenish your revives? Your ammo? Bring back your dead companion? Then leave the open world, wait for the city to load, quickly exit and enter the gate, wait for the open world to load again. It would be much better if we could simply get to the gate and then interact with some sort of cetus/fortuna supplier since some people have to wait a long time to load.
  3. I do agree with you that the amount of weapons slots they give you at the beginning is too small. Warframe used to be much smaller, but the game has grown and evolved, and simple tweaks that could improve the new player experience such as increasing the initial slots you have hasn't been changed. But I doubt complaining about this issue would change anything, so here's a few tips: - Throw away any weapon that you didn't like or that is simply bad (Just make sure to level it up to 30 first so you get the mastery exp to increase your mastery rank). - If you haven't spent your initial plat yet (50), I advise you use it to buy warframe slots and weapon slots. - You can trade items and platinum (in-game cash) with other players, this way you can get platinum to buy more slots. (Keep in mind that the initial 50 platinum can't be used to trade with others) - If you don't know what to sell, I recommend starting small and farming prime junk and selling a pack of 6 prime junk for 12 platinum. It isn't much, but it's better than nothing. As you progress through the game, you'll find other ways to make platinum. - As GinKenshin said, it's normal for you to have loads of weapons and warframes waiting at the forge. This is a F2P game after all, if you want something, either pay or "work" for it. I bet most of the stuff I wrote above may seem confusing at first (Such as prime junk), so remember to constantly check the wiki, google, and ask other players.
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