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  1. By the time I marked them you would have still been processing that there were enemies to begin with, this isn't a competition, Ash can kill enemies with 0 issue whatsoever, can he kill them super fast? subjective, for me it kills small crowds really fast, but I'm not gonna defend him anyways, he needs changes since his only useful ability is BS. (Some of you people could use this way of thinking from time to time instead of going straight RREE mode.) The 5 represents the 4 abilities of the warframe including it's passive, Atlas can punch anything to dead, petrify almost anyone for good CC and combine with his passive for a super efficient health regeneration and extra armor for even more tankiness, that's 3/5, the 0.5 extra is the 2nd ability because it can protect anything inside of it like Frost's snow globe, but it just works half way because of how small it is and it's just a single wall, compare that to Banshee which only works for Sonar, she's basically 1.5/5 at the most. 1st is restrain charge, 2nd is good CC, 3rd is damage reduction for you and your teammates / companions and 4th is super fists of fury, 1 2 and 3 charge his restrain, I don't see anything wrong with that. Restrain exists for a reason and it's because of Mesa and Excalibur abuse, can you imagine not having restrain and every single Baruuk is just spamming Serene storm like a complete brainlet just like Excaliburs do? nah bro, Restrain at least compensates Baruuk, it makes him use his abilities for supporting his teammates and to control enemies instead of making him exclusively a press 4 to win, you can't press 4 unless you're playing him the way he was intended to. Mesa and Excalibur should learn from him, specially Excalibur. The worst starter and one of the worst warframes by far. Mhm... that speaks by itself, that 0.8% was just build up for World on fire, probably back when it was still press 4 to win, and you didn't even tested the rework. She can remove the armor from whole rooms, can build up her strength almost indefinitely with the amount of fire procs she can do, she has a good damage reduction and the new 4th ability is super satisfying and useful while also doing what World on fire did, but more balanced and way more comfortable. You just want a warframe that can instakill whole rooms in a single blink, that's a you problem. Again all of her abilities work as they were intended to, if you don't want to accept it because A) You're blind or B) You have never touched her, it's not my problem, I'm not gonna argue with someone that can't think twice about a Warframe's performance if it can't nuke maps. (Besides Dread Mirror with Seeking talons, almost no one can kill things a consistent as she can) I would love to see your Kronen Prime killing 20 level 170 Officers with 20 of their turrets with the AI enabled in less than 3 seconds, I'll wait. I'm legit getting tired of people linking this same video over and over to "prove me wrong", that I don't know how to build banshee and she's the best Warframe, it shows how a single partner can easily brainwash people that can't think by themselves, making them defend an obviously bad warframe. You can also nuke Liches with a kronen prime, killing a level 5 lich is as easy as killing the Shadow Stalker on level 100 you know? that's nothing special, also all the bosses in Warframe are so shockingly weak that you can also nuke them with any weapon, with or without banshee I could rush any level 100 boss like a speedrunner, just give me an Arca Titron, a Dragon Nikana, even a Gunsen, maybe a Vulkar Wraith, I could still do what Banshee does but with way better options. What CC abilities? Sonic boom? you mean the super CC inconsistent Sonic Boom that has a limited arc and just stuns enemies for a short period while also spreading them all around? THAT CC? or maybe Silence? the also super inconsistent CC that only stuns enemies for around 2 seconds A SINGLE TIME and has to be reset by getting enemies out and in of your range? YIKES. I don't main the hell out of Mobile Defenses and I doubt anyone does, and if I was dumb enough to want to stay AFK the whole match (you know, trying to avoid PLAYING THE GAME) I could just bring Hydroid and stay underwater while also not having the risk of getting instakilled, or instead I could just bring Limbo and keep everything on stasis, that also prevents the risk of getting instakilled outside of his range, unlike Banshee, I give credit when a particular thing deserves it, and Banshee doesn't. That video also shows that Banshee is Sonar and nothing else, come on you have a brain, I know you can use it and solve 1+1, but just in case that you can't: Sonic Boom still has no use Spamming sonar because it's the only thing work using The dude buildt a -range banshee just to abuse the Silence stun, making it a melee range ability, also range affects everything else negatively Sound quake still has no use Passive is still useless 2 mandatory mods for her survival Are you still going to white knight banshee even with that on mind? for the love of god, 4 abilities are still almost absolutely useless and only Sonar works because of the infinite damage scale, that's it, is as simple as that, how hard it is to accept the fact and say "Huh Banshee is indeed pretty outdated, she could use some changes that could make her kit way better"?.
  2. Count Me In - I have completed an Arbitration Mission.
  3. Huh... I swear that the clone had a damage boost to compensate the terrible accuracy and shockingly slow attack speed, I guess that was on the beginning and afterwards they changed it since it easily overshadowed Equinox's augment, then god know why the clones deals more damage with Primal Fury, I can only think that we deal 25% x 4 and that does not apply for the clone, making it 100% x 4 but I don't know, I barely even use Wukong after melee 3.0 because of how weak Primal Fury got. Sure you can bring the mk1-bo and absolutely forget about the other 100 melee weapons that are out there and are still way better than Primal Fury, you can live in that delusion of "Primal fury isn't bad" as much as you like, but the fact still remains, our normal melees are still better than Primal Fury in many ways..
  4. Yeah I forgot Ash there, but compared to Banshee at least the dude can bleed to death anything with BS and have a perfect synergy with Trickery and Ultimatum, while also having a really cool passive, increasing the damage and duration of slash procs which are the best procs in the game and personally my favorite, that's still 2/5 vs the 1/5 that Banshee has. Atlas is 3.5/5, you haven't even played Baruuk, Chroma is 2/5, you haven't even played Ember, everything works in Garuda and she can literally instakill any level from 1 to 10.000, Grendel works pretty damn well, Trinity is 3/5, Valkyr is 2.5/5. Not all of them need a rework, they aren't in a terrible state as Banshee and besides EMBER ALREADY GOT A REWORK FOR GOD SAKE, she's as good as she can get, the most that you'll see from her are small tweaks to the 1st and 2nd, fire ball increasing the gauge charge super quickly and from which making it tricky to use if you don't want to spend too much energy, and the immolation gauge being able to stack an infinite amount of speed charge, that's it. The only ones on that list would be Ash, Atlas, Chroma, Trinity and Valkyr, and even then I'm gonna mention it yet again, they aren't in a terrible state as Banshee, they are bad that's for damn sure (I personally don't even think Atlas is bad, he's super powerful and tanky but still could use changes) but at least can use more than 1 ability you know? Unlike old lady-Banshee who can only use A SINGLE ABILITY and is forced to use augments if she wants to give use to the rest. Ya want to keep taking those first 4 words out of context son? I said it for a reason, if Banshee was excellent, the passive, Silence and Sound Quake would work perfectly for almost anything and not only stealth or level fetus enemies (a.k.a. level 1 - 20), oh but guess what, THEY DON'T. They won't read it, you and I just wish but the fact that warframes like Banshee, Excalibur and Valkyr are still as bad as they were pretty much shows how much they engage with criticism and suggestions.
  5. Woah you killed a corrupted gunner level 175 with your clone who does twice the amount of damage as you do, and didn't even tested another melee weapon? Impressive, my point has been absolutely wrecked. Wukong does 4 attacks with his neutral combo, each one with 25% damage so if you miss one (pretty easy with the angle of the attack and the detection) you'll be doing less than 100% damage which is the default amount, the fact that your clone can kill a corrupted gunner doesn't prove me wrong, Primal Fury still does a terrible amount of damage. There's not too much reason to use it. In fact you can bring a god damn Nikana, Kronen, Gunsen, Karyst or whatever with the same build or even better with Weeping wounds and Bloodrush and I BET than the clone would most likely instakill anyone in his path. You can kill a high level enemy with Primal Fury, but so can you using a normal melee, and way, way faster and more effective while also saving energy, is not that we "simply believe that it does not have unique properties", it just does not perform better than any other melee weapon, same problem that Hysteria and the overrated Exalted Blade have. Not Serene Storm at least because it's simply impossible to replicate launching 20x20 walls with your melee, there's a reason to use his exalted and it shows that unique properties can give a reason to use a weapon, do you really think people use the Kuva Bramma just because it's a bow? hell no, it's because it's a bow that EXPLODES, and after that it explodes even further.
  6. We want a rework for the best, not the worst, I like her gameplay but it's terribly clunky and stiff, it could be 10 times better like the suggestion for a rework that this user gave me, that would keep her gameplay and would allow her to do many more things without taking away what makes Banshee what she is, in fact it would make her even more tactical since right now she's just Sonar, there's no way any change can make her worse than she already is. That description would fit anyone really, I can bring a Kronen or my favorite bow, Daikyu with a super squishy frame or glasscannon, and I would be able to do exactly the same as Banshee, get in, do lots of damage and get out quickly, lots of warframe can do that without the risk of instantly dying after 2 shots and the most awful """defensive""" ability out there and with many more options that are way more interesting. You have fun with Banshee that's for damn sure, but guess what, not everyone think the same as you do, not because I'm in love with Khora and Nyx and I have infinites amounts of fun, would mean that you would have the same experience with them, that's why this topic exist, I guess or at least I would like to think that you know why I, just like other people are criticizing Banshee. Not everyone is gonna enjoy dying on 2 - 3 shots with no way to defend yourself but super inconsistent CC, not everyone is gonna enjoy having only one true useful ability, and certainly not everyone is gonna enjoy being forced to put 3 augments just to make her abilities work, you can have fun with her, I'm not taking that away from you, but I would like you to understand the rest of the people.
  7. Temporal armor strip that needs strength for 100% and also makes things harder because you just Fus-roh-dah every single living thing into oblivion, so it will most likely take you longer to kill something than it should, you know Vauban? our good CC boy who can strip armors super fast and permanently, who can also leave enemies suspended or group them for easy melee kills? Oh sure, an inconsistent stun can surely help her stay alive, is not like you have to build her for negative range in order to stun enemies as much as possible, forcing Banshee to be a melee warframe, but nah we will avoid any sort of criticism and pick our swords and shield, amirite? The complains are focused on that, the fact that the ability's use is limited to Stealth and other things that I mentioned analyzing the skill. She doesn't take any effort, Banshee is the equivalent of going full naked on Darksouls, it's just stay out of sight and exploit the hell out of the infinite Sonar stack, and please don't come at me saying "oh you don't know how to build her" because god knows how many times I had to pass through the same, the point is that she needs a rework and her kit is as old as my grandpa at this point. By the way did you just read what I mentioned before talking about Sonic Boom or you just jumped immediately to comment?
  8. I can agree that Exalted melees need changes since they were left behind, at least partially, that or DE only boosted Excalibur for some strange reason. (*cough* favoritism *cough*) Is not only that the Exalted melees were left behind but the combos were absolutely forgotten, some stances have guaranteed slash procs that can make them deadlier, Decisive Judgement from the Nikanas can be by itself a shockingly powerful stance with it's damage increase around 200 to 300% damage and slash procs which is excellent combined with condition overload and such, now... what do the Exalted have? Nothing really. Excalibur as I mentioned for some STRANGE AND CONVENIENT REASON has combos with up to 300% damage boost that can also affect his waves, the problem is that the damn waves become microscopic and the falloff is immense so there's not even a point in having 40 meters on range if you aren't going to hit anything, also isn't Excalibur suppose to be a swordsman to begin with? that's more like a turret thing going on there. Another problem that Exalted Blade has is that all the combos are so terribly generic, they are all frontal attacks that you have to spam the hell out of, the only difference is that if you spam W + E you get no damage buff whatsoever and you can get in my nerves with the way EB sounds when is spammed, and that block + W is a small gap closer but that's it, it's terrible and I don't know how 3/4 of the community could go full fanboy for this guy. Baruuk's Serene storm is just 100% damage on all of it's attacks, that means no damage increase or decrease, you can spam the fastest and you'll have the least TTK without any sort of punishment, that's just bad, isn't neutral combo suppose to be stronger and block + W suppose to be gap closer? Serene storm doesn't have any of that, the worst part? Condition Overload is disables for the waves, want to know something that pisses me off? Condition Overload works on Excalibur's Exalted Blade waves, it's like disabling multishot on the Kuva Bramma as a "solution" if DE wanted to avoid a shockingly overpowered warframe. Another thing that I really dislike is that Serene Storm slide attacks have 6 hits with 300% damage, so if you focus an enemy you can just go full spin to win, it's just as boring as being a Maiming strike main back then. Valkyr has the same problem as Baruuk, all of Hysteria's combos are 100% damage and there are lots of Hysteria attacks that are terribly slow, and just like Baruuk, she has a slide attack with 6 hits of 300% damage, so if you want to get the best out of her exalted, you have to spin to win, it's so terrible I swear to god, at least the augment as a band aid made Hysteria worth using but you still have to go full spin to win. Wukong at least has the most comfortable Exalted of all since all of his combos have their own purposes and can do multiples things, neutral has good range and control, forward has good attacks for crowds when you're getting closer, block + W is a good gap closer with guaranteed puncture proc, (though I would prefer slash because Impact and Puncture are useless) and block is super good for crowd control and focusing someone, while also lifting being considered as an additional status to further increase Condition Overload's damage. The sad thing is that Wukong got killed after melee 3.0, Primal Fury now at days does a terrible amount of damage and is no way comparable to other exalted weapons, I said that the stance was comfortable but the damage is terrible, while the others stay at 100% and Excalibur having a consistent 300% (I despise this guy) on the other hand Wukong is terribly inconsistent, it goes below 100% and sometimes around 200% on a single attack, if you were wondering why Wukong did a terrible amount of damage, that's why, the stance reduces the damage most of the times. Right now the only "optimized" exalted for melee 3.0 is Exalted Blade and that's just because it has the things that literally everyone else should have got from day 1, but they don't because "hurr Excalibur is our baby boy, he deserves everything and if you say otherwise you're a hater".
  9. Oh please I've been using Banshee for way too long for you to come here saying "Spoken like somebody that won't survive very long", I'm speaking as someone criticizing her extremely outdated, stiff and clunky kit after so many hours of experience. I understand that some people fear that a rework equals a potential nerf but that's not what happened with everyone else, the only thing that Banshee would get a nerf on is Sonar scaling infinite damage, you can easily deal millions of damage with the augment and stacking weakspots, that's the closest thing to a nerf. You think she didn't need an update so urgently? Currently I can only think about 4 warframes that are so terrible that they are good at doing only one thing, ONE, or even nothing, Banshee, Excalibur, Inaros and Hydroid, and Banshee is the only one that has an ability that was meant to be used back when enemies above level 30 didn't even existed. (Silence, duh, Ivara has a noise arrow that can only be used on stealth just like Silence but at least Ivara has other 3 different arrows that can be used outside of stealth consistently.) Banshee is just Sonar, Excalibur is just Radial Blind, Inaros is just a lot of hp, Hydroid is nothing. Those 4 were always terrible, and you're gonna tell me that Banshee didn't need an update so urgently? those 4 should be a top priority on these days, there are other warframes that could use changes but those other at least can do 2 things right and are at least more fun to use without being extremely punished by everything. (even Trinity could be upgraded but at least she has an extremely solid healing and energy regeneration, 2/4 abilities that work, or hell, we all know that Nyx got lazy tweaks that didn't fixed her at all, but I still have a lot of fun with her, and I also can survive 100 times more than Banshee.)
  10. Forgot to change the damage reduction that the user suggested for accuracy reduction since it's more fitting and makes more sense, while also greatly increasing the survival of Banshee, and the insta damage should be the augment to give an option, since right now the Sound quake augment is pretty much that, instant damage on area. (obviously it should be updated too since the range falloff is terrible and makes it harmless) I guess the suspension can be changed for something like the current Sound quake, a more consistent stumble that is special for Banshee just so it can also affect VIP targets partially (like the Kuva Guardian) and correct the current flaws, which are enemies stumbling outside of the area, as far as it can control enemies just to allow Banshee to survive, anything could work. Banshee, the most outdated Warframe of all with only one ability that is worth using; S o n a r Thanks for clarifying what was already obvious, she still on the same state as Chroma.
  11. They honestly should and that's why I wanted to comment here about it since Garuda is dealing with a similar issue of having mods disabled, it's super unfair that they let Excal get away with the exploits and mods working while the rest is still struggling with those details, and oh no, when I say exploit I mean it, I'm just not gonna mention them here because the word is gonna spread and DE might ban me for thinking that I'm trying to advertise the Exalted blade exploit, I will only talk about it in private with a moderator if I even could. (I can't I think, and even if my only option was making a topic about it, I would avoid it because I really dislike playing with Excaliburs, and Excal users would start spamming EB once more for months) Even if the word spreads I really doubt they'll fix it since it's their precious poster boy and I bet that they'll keep it just like CO working on him and not Baruuk, that or they'll ignore it. (just like a Mirage report I did eons ago about her Slight of Hands allowing enemies to constantly trigger alarms and lockdowns instead of preventing them, it's a big that is still active as far as I know since last time I used Mirage, I got tired of them alarms that I spammed like 30 ciphers) Just to make you an idea of how unfair this is, you know very well how overpowered the Bramma is right? well, imagine that because of it's power, DE decided to disable multishot mods for it but you can still equip it, that's pretty much what's going on here if DE uses the excuse that "Baruuk is way more powerful than Excalibur", it's just a lazy excuse, and right now is not only for Baruuk but Khora and Atlas as well. "We are going to disable Condition Overload for exalted and semi exalted Warframes because they are too overpowered. What's that? DISABLE IT FOR EXCALIBUR TOO? HOW DARE YOU, NO ONE TOUCHES OUR BABY FRAME, SHAME ON YOU" (I guess it's pretty obvious that is an exaggeration but if I don't remark this, someone might take it way too seriously.)
  12. Uh... I wasn't mad. People think that CO actually works because I'm pretty sure they are using viral and heat combined with the augment for serene storm, and duh those 3 things are going to increase the damage to the sky and would be harder to notice, that's why I gave you the right way to test it, go to simulacrum, no mods, only condition overload, hit an enemy and see the damage, then proc impact and compare it, the damage should increase but it doesn't, only Pressure affect the waves. Again for some strange and convenient reason condition overload works on Excalibur on the other hand, I like to give a silly conspiracy about DE giving Excalibur everything since it can be funny but partially true, even Baruuk has default damage on all of his attacks except slide, while Excalibur has up to a 300% damage buff, coincidences? Doubtful.
  13. No it doesn't, the way to test if it works or not is just as simple as bringing condition overload with baruuk unmoded, proc impact, puncture or slash, and see if the damage increases, but I just saved you time by already mentioning that it doesn't work, and for some "STRANGE AND CONVENIENT" reason it works on Excalibur's waves. (Spoiler that we all know: DE has a favoritism for his poster boy and I wouldn't be surprised if they are still trying to this day making him shine over other warframes on these ways, it happened with Valkyr back then.) It technically works on Baruuk but only the true melee attacks, hitting with the fists and not the waves, and as we all know, hitting something with the fists will send them flying away, it's absurd that it works on that other guy and not on Baruuk, and it's just as absurd that for some strange reason the mod got disabled for other semi exalted weapons, I wouldn't even be surprised if it was also de-activated for Garuda too just like Weeping Wounds and Bloodrush.
  14. Those 2 can still be changed, why giving a microscopic life to Loki's decoy and why not instead make it an actual hologram? something for distraction that is based on duration instead of strength, on that way ti would not be limited to the specific use of unarmed enemies and placing the decoy on a high ground, since someone is still going to snipe it one way or another, and come on, we can all agree that the teleport is not good, if it was an actual teleport that was way faster then it would actually be useful. (Like being able to teleport wherever you're pointing and with a faster casting speed, you can do the first part but it's limited to placing the decoy first, making it a 2 step inconvenience) Now this is actually a fact that I can't deny, you can pretty much win the whole game with a Bramma and Rhino or any super tank that can at least defend. The thing is that there's no point in playing those old survivals, and even then there are so stupidly overpowered warframes that can delete the whole map, Rhino with his stomp can kill almost anyone bellow level 30, and those are the "old times", or Saryn can infect and kill anyone eventually, sure Banshee can work on those old survivals, but so can anyone else, and even on those levels you can feel how bad Silence is since it's almost absolutely focused on Stealth, a gamemode that has been further gotten broken since this update because now somehow most enemies can immediately get alerted the moment they see you around the corner. The reason why we play arbitration, fissures, requiems is because there are rewards that we can use almost endlessly and are beneficial for us, Kuva, Endo, Ducats, it's the closest thing to an endgame.
  15. Something similar, for some reason also Atlas' punches and Khora's whip are no longer affected by Condition Overload when they in fact were, I believe that it can be related to this bug in some way. Baruuk's Serene storm is also unaffected by Condition overload while Excalibur's EB waves are affected by it, it could be a bug or favoritism right there, idk.
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