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  1. This bug has been here for god know how much, maybe even more than 3 months like Mirage's sleight of hands triggering the alarms and lockdowns. I have a toaster so i can't record the current animation of the Lex Prime, wich is the default of the Lex, with that default animations it looks really out of place because the Warframe has to charge the new bullet into the chamber, but the thing moves by itself magicaly, so please fix it, that's one of the only reason why i wanted to use Lex prime over Aklex prime. (and the fact that the accuracy and recoil are awful in aklex)
  2. I was thinking the same, it would indeed be on the bottom of the priority list because right now the only animations in game would be the default and Wisp's, so we have to wait and see what DE can create for us if they decide to take this on mind. (like i said to not have just 2 animations, they could put like a feminine walking, a ninja style, a heavy, commando / tactical like, etc etc) When that day arrives tho, i'll bet 1000 pl that there will be more than one Atlas / Rhino with it. (is more than obvious but is fun to imagine)
  3. Totally forgot about Fortuna (toaster pc, can't play there) but yeah thinking it that way it makes a bit more sense, but on the gameplay side it still a bit annoying and it doesn't stop you for that long tho. I was thinking the same after i made this topic, lockdowns right now have nothing no offer and it just stops your progress for less than 4 seconds, so instead it should be more challenging as you said, but not that hard as well because making the mission fail after a certain amount of seconds on a lockdown would be a bit too much, unless you're talking about the emergency lockdowns of the ships where you're starting to asphyxiate, in that case it would be ok. What it was thinking is more of a simple thing, allow us to break the doors with our melee weapons if a lockdown is starting, wouldn't that be cool? busting your way out like a beast, that would surely fit Rhino. There's a ton of options, yours being one and busting doors, or just removing lockdowns and instead replacing it with a sort of high priority alarm wich is an idea that i would love to see in action: When the high priority alarm is triggered, instead of locking yourself in one place, stronger enemies start spawning for a period of time (like 40 seconds or 1 minute) including enemies that have 10 / 20 more levels, a bunch of Exiums and obviously special units. (if the mission has lvl 30, the high priority alarm will spawn enemies that are level 40 - 50, and if the mission is 100, then it would be 110 and 120) A mini boss should spawn as well that will not let you go so easily until you kill it. (say; Raptor, Hyenas, Jackal, Manic Bombards, "Sprag & Ven'kra Tel", etc) The high priority alarm can be hacked to reduce the timer to 0, ending it earlier. (on that way players can choose to keep the battle going until it ends granting the respective affinity and materials, or hack it and keep going)
  4. Lockdowns... so far what i've seen is that they have little to no purpose in the game at all, in the corpus ships at least they make sense because duh, emergency lockdown for a broken window. (even knowing that Corpus are so lazy that they don't care if every window in the ship is almost broken) But what about the rest of the levels? let me put it this way, you're fighting against the enemies after a while when the alarm was triggered, and then a smart crewman / oldman decided to start a lockdown, for what purpose? they are locking themselves and their teammates with the KILLER MACHINE. (is like that Doom 2016 comment that i forgot, "you're not trapped in hell, the demons are trapped here with you" or something like that, in this case is more literal) So logically, it doesn't make sense at all if they want to survive, and now on a gameplay purpose, is there a reason for the lockdown to be a thing? I feel like there's something that i'm not getting, the lockdowns where created so we are forced to do the hacking minigame to stop our progress for what, 3 seconds? Is it here because they don't want Exterminate - Spy - Sabotages to be static survival missions? those are the only 2 reasons that i'm thinking about why is it still a thing because out of that it doesn't make too much sense. If there's no reason for the lockdowns to be here then why not just remove it? sometimes you would just like to go loud and having to pass a lockdown every 3 minutes is just tedious, and going loud is a de-advantaje generally because you no longer get stealth bonuses and on Corpus missions, 1 hit enemies start to spawn (cof cof Bursas), so why not just let that be a thing? not only that but Survival gives more stuff so going on a normal mission with alarms would still be uneffective in general compared to Survival. It would be just like Payday 2, give the option to go loud or stealth; stealth will give you more advantajes (the ones that we already have, stealth bonuses and less enemies) and loud will make it more tough with no advantajes.
  5. Not only that but for the love of god DE get rid of Vay Hek's communications when you're closer to the Ghouls. Like i swear, every time i use archwing in the plains, Vay Hek always comes out of nowhere screaming "MAGGOTS" like 8 times in a row because on this Ghoul thing, the plains are filled with them, and that means Vay Hek screaming every 30 meters like jesus, is so annoying. I get that the Ghouls are awake and they want to rip our heads off but we really need to get those messages more than 10 times in a row? we got it the first time Vay Hek, CHILL OUT.
  6. I've been thinking about this for a while, Wisp has this cool floating animations when she walks or sprint, and the fat Warframe i'm pretty sure it will have a custom animation as well since the normal one might clip constantly with his body, so adding a custom walking / sprinting animation to the cosmetics would be a good idea? The animations from Wisp would match perfectly with Titania since she is the one that originally was suppose to be floating, and if the fat frame comes with some sort of heavy walking animations, that would match for some other warframes that look big and strong like Atlas, Rhino and Hildryn. Of course with that we would just have 3 walking animations so it wouldn't be that much, but if DE decided to implement this, i guess they might get some other ideas about some other animations. On the other hand if a feminine walking animation comes out as well, i'm pretty sure we'll see a bunch of Rhinos with that and Mirage's animations just for the lols.
  7. Komorex sadly enough is a bad sniper and that's the truth, you people can try and excuse it with his low MR but that's a poor argument, Lenz has MR 8 as well and it's literally the same than Komorex, passive ammo mutation, self damage AoE, travel time proyectiles, the difference is that Lenz can do a massive amount of damage, while Komorex can't do more than a Sybaris Prime. The weapon is just not worth it, it could have been better if it was a normal auto-rifle so we could actually have a good advantaje with the punch-through and the fire rate, and having that AoE as an alt fire would be wonderful, not only that but as an auto-rifle we wouldn't have to deal with the god damn zoom. Curious isn't? as a sniper, it became the worst one, but if it was an auto-rifle, it could have been pretty good.
  8. -So guys, we did it- Thanks to you guys, they where really fast and they could reach us easily with the big bubble that they had, so now we can be perfectly fine with that nerf that they got.
  9. Well my Wisp has a strength + adaptation build to get the necessary health and HP regen so in my case, getting my motes nullified on high level content means a potential death if i don't have 90% resistance.
  10. That last line was just a joke, chill out, and i made this topic to see if someone else was thinking the same about the death sounds, because at least i personally can't get over it, i know muting the voices is an option, but i don't want to mute everyone just for a sound that i don't like. I don't see why should i grow up for talking about something.
  11. I guess over the time the community just got over the fact that the normal Nullifiers where the most hated thing in the world, now everyone is ok with it. (me too, kinda... those thing in the top of the bubble are still B S because it spins faster than a Galatine with 9,00 attack speed and it's almost impossible to hit, not only that but is bugged and sometimes it will make the nullifier immortal until you destroy it) Nullifiers ended up being ok because at least they keep some distance from you and they are more like shields for their allies, but Vapos Nullifiers? god damn, these guys are CRAZY. They don't even care about defending their allies, they are all about running towards the murder machine like a mad man to get some attention, memes aside, Vapos Nullifiers i think will be the most hated thing this year. (i just think...) By running towards us, it will always means that our abilities will be de-activated over and over again until we kill it, and is annoying because most of the times they run from behind you and you can't catch them in time, i've been dealing with this a lot of times using Wisp lately; i put some Reservoirs, get the motes, keep gunning down groups, and all of a sudden a mad nullifier runs right out of my sight and it deleted all of my reservoirs, so i have to re-cast them again. And i know that some warframes depend on their abilities, and we all have more than one active, so what do you guys think? is the Vapos Nullifier OK? i personally think that is not. Extra edit: They got nerfed so... aight, i guess this post is irrelevant now.
  12. I don't think i'm the only one that dislikes the sound that the Scorpions, Ballistas and Heavy gunners makes when they die right? i mean christ, it really sounds just like moanings and not even painful ones, i mean those moanings of enjoyment. It feels like they love to be killed and it's so out of context, i can't even describe how weirded out i feel every time i have to kill them, it's so cringy... These... "death sounds"...? should be changed for better ones please, like the Nox dying for example; at least he screams in pain and i don't know, it feels right, same with some Grineer Grandpas dying (except that there are 2 death sounds with them that doesn't sound like anything) but Females are the exception, they aren't in pain, they are enjoying it, and i'm sorry for saying this, but i'm honestly surprised that the rule34 community of Warframe hasn't made a parody with those moans.
  13. I would love to have this implemented, some of the tracks in game are just so boring and repetitive (like the ones used with the Grineers) and boss battles most of the times doesn't even have a track, and that's... ugh, i mean how can i say this, music is an important part in boss fights, and the game doesn't even have that many sadly enough, so i have to put music outside of the game to have a better and more immerse ambiance. (wich also affects my performance because i have a craptop) Even if is not an option to put custom tracks that you want to update in your game, there are some great soundtracks IN GAME that doesn't have many uses and are awesome, the Orokin Challenge rooms have one of the most iconic tracks of Warframe, yet is the only place where you can hear it sadly enough.
  14. By the other holster I mean that they should change the position where the weapon is holstered. Before melee 2.9 the S&S holster was just an animation that lasted for like 0,5 seconds, a pretty dumb reason to waste your pl on it but is not like we cared, but now they no longer have a point, you no longer change to your melee weapon, you just use it (i'm not against melee 2.9, i love it) and that means that the animation is just a placeholder, a total waste of platinum as i said before. The 2 holster styles that S&S has should now be changed into actual positions, like putting the weapons in you back (The legend of Zelda style) or putting it on your right arm, simple, right?
  15. Well you're right on that point, Parkour 2.0 wasn't created to compensate the brutal speed that Coptering had, it was more like a kick in the clems for the ones that loved to go full speedrunners. (Itzal will bring back those bad memories sadly enough) But at least this mod will be like finally having a passive copter, we just need it to be more comfortable.
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