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  1. Literally everyone saying "oh but it does better dps" is clearly just completely ignoring the single point that has been said over and over again in here: this is about the fact the weapon doesn't play like the previous version of it, and basically lost its identity with these drastic changes. Stop commenting with "o but it duz more deepz" when that's NOT what anyone is complaining about. EVERY other Vandal plays like the original version it is based on, but with better stats. This one does not.
  2. ...And still hits more per shot when half-charged. Better yet, Vile Accel isn't even necessary on standard Opticor because of the half-charge mechanic, it's a personal preference thing. I really don't think you get what Opticor was all about, and why people are dissatisfied with what is basically a wannabe Ferrox.
  3. Every single other Vandal compared to the base version of a weapon is BETTER. Opticor being a sidegrade, or straight-up better than Opticor Vandal at bursting something down in one hit (what Opticor's original design is clearly made for) completely destroys all consistency, and strips the weapon of its identity that drew people to it in the first place.
  4. Hold up... do you mean it takes 0.6 sec to fully charge? Without any fire rate mods? Also... that base damage... so low. Sorta spoils it. Opticor was always about big boi burst damage, not... this.
  5. "More tedious and gated" does not equal harder. Especially since Hildryn is walled off behind maxing TWO factions. This is probably the worst case of unnecessary gating we've seen so far.
  6. You already made the same sort of thread before. At this point you've been repeating yourself for a while now. And of course, you still don't count Arcane Guardian in any calculations, ever. Grace isn't the only Arcane that exists. As for Adaptation, it counters the dominant damage type. Regardless of what you think of it, it still reduces a significant amount, enough to be extremely noticeable. Really not sure what your beef is with Inaros though. You're just spinning your wheels at this point. I guess as they say, "haters gonna hate". Until you provide a build showing what you've actually done with Inaros, I'm just going to assume you picked him up, tried him for 5 minutes, then put him down again.
  7. Barely substantial, are you serious? Armor's diminishing returns kick in hard once you go above, say, 1200, yet 1200 is still about 80% damage reduction on its own. Guardian usually gets you there, or well over it. Also, assuming I "probably don't know" how this game works when my playtime is nearly quadruple yours is childish. You're trying to school someone who has been experimenting for far longer than your account has existed. Show me your Inaros build, because I'm absolutely certain you're doing something extremely wrong.
  8. Rhino's Iron Skin does NOT factor armor in after the cast, armor only increases the initial health pool of Iron Skin. Iron Skin doesn't take less damage if you have more armor, and all forms of damage reduction DO NOT WORK for Iron Skin. "now look back at Inaros, he DOESN'T have any form of DR, meaning he DOESN'T get more eHP, this isn't factoring in armor BUT Inaros only has 25 extra armor compared to nezha" What? Inaros' 4th ability gives him even more armor. Even better, he can use it to heal himself on top of Grace, giving him very lazy insurance. If there are enough enemies to actually chip away at him (which there never will be unless you're building wrong), he can just put 4 on someone and get healed for more than he'll ever need.
  9. I think you're forgetting that Adaptation stacks with armor. Adaptation + Grace + Guardian = Inaros will not die. Either you don't have the Arcanes to experiment with, or you're simply building wrong.
  10. You don't NEED a high health pool. Quick Thinking already makes pretty much everything this game throws at you into a joke anyway. Pair with Magus Elevate for constant easy full heal, and Hunter Adrenaline for easy energy gains from taking damage (heck, even Zenurik's constant regen works for frames like Nova). Double Arcane Guardian on top of this and any frame can tank all relevant content. I'd also say Rhino is awful, simply because a Nullifier only has to lightly nudge him and the one thing he depends on is gone. I consider Rhino to be more of a damage dealer than a tank, due to Roar. Sure, Iron Skin can reach 30k+ values with Ironclad Charge, but the moment something strips your buffs off, any standard Rhino build (which isn't going to include Quick Thinking anyway) goes byebye. Rhino requires too much maintenance for something that can be done better by, say, Nezha. Nezha + 2x Arcane Guardian refreshing his Halo under heavy fire = easily 20k+ absorb or more. 90% damage reduction also allows the armor from Guardian to reduce all damage that Nezha takes to his absorb, since, unlike Iron Skin, armor matters even after the cast. Same for proccing "on-damage-taken" arcanes, which Rhino cannot do with Iron Skin up. Even better, Nezha becomes briefly invulnerable whenever his Halo goes down. Rhino has to rely on Iron Shrapnel to safely refresh his Iron Skin. Still vulnerable to Nullifiers, but Nezha's absorb is far superior. Rhino requires setup to get a good absorb amount, Nezha does not. I wouldn't even put Rhino in my top 10.
  11. The new DE is just as slow. It took them from the War Within's initial release... all the way up to now to fix Operators bugging out Warframe abilities, and forcing you to die/revive to fix it. Just one example. The list goes on. I don't hate DE, but they still take forever to deal with certain issues, or just don't ever fix them at all.
  12. The same thing was said about Primed Chamber long ago... the devs have this habit of forgetting, then saying it's too late years later, simply because people "poured too much platinum into some of these mods, it wouldn't be fair". I wouldn't really be surprised if it ends up happening again.
  13. Pretty much anything to do with Fortuna. 1. The rep grind to Old Mate (likely the single most boring thing I've done on Warframe, ever). 2. Toroids. The low drop rate + the constant knockdowns just forced me to keep Primed Sure Footed on at all times. 3. Repeatedly killing Profit-Taker for Atmo Systems. Absolutely abysmal drop rate on a boss that isn't particularly fun to fight. It's not a hard fight at all, it's just... boring. Not threatening, like the rest of the game, pretty much. Any challenge that I hoped for just wasn't there, and the whole process felt like a chore.
  14. PC is the majority of the community. Telling a large amount of PC players about what people use on the console versions is kinda pointless.
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