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  1. there is also still no reason to play this in a party unless you need to be carried as only your kills reward you with bonus pearls
  2. your right they removed his 1 niche use with the rework and the new passive is next to useless about on par with embers passive
  3. but for everything but the boss the way to kill it is basically hit it till it drops or just hit it hard like most enemies in warframe then is no real strategy to kill them
  4. wouldn't a more useful marking be to define currently vaulted relics though i guess both would work
  5. DE do you ever plan to fix the large list of syandanas that are not centred on warframe backs?
  6. i noticed this happen i didn't check the required steps to fix it or exactly what caused it
  7. great to know that if you pick up a coolant canister to quickly after a fissure it despawns instead of picking up :(
  8. i was also only recieving about 3K mastery for leveling moa companions not sure if this has been addressed yet
  9. do you know how much tug-o-war there has been about the archwing controls every time they change the control systems between the old system and the "experimental" system there are constantly people complaining about it thought i have seen more support for the "experimental" controls over the old system but until DE makes the toggleable option under controls effect the open world areas this issue will persist i am not sure why it is such an issue for them to implement the option into the open world areas as they have shown they can implement it in archwing missions i would also love to see it implemented for submersible content some day but i personally don't consider the change to submersible a high priority
  10. prob never as it isn't an intended interaction same as moa companions SHOUILDN'T be following you in operator same as kavats/kubrows never did it is screwing with operator stealth meaning if you have a moa companion you need to have a spy dedicated frame to do the spy vault bountys properly as the moa companions will autisticly run up to and shoot the units in the vault
  11. i did a few runs of tier 5 bounty earlier today and was normally getting 1-2 relics per run from that i got 4 relics in 1 run
  12. i have not had any issues with moa companions not shooting though it needs to get the kill to gain affinity on the gun others have reported vacuum causing them to not attack not an issue i have found
  13. like kubrows/kavats it doesn't need an attack precept
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