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  1. necramechs are in dire need of more exp
  2. not directly a great ensmallening issue but a graphical issue non the less warframe prex cards (the ones obtained from the leverian) have been losing quality when they are no longer part of the most recent release a fix for this would be nice
  3. i might know why it got nerfed though i didn't know it was popular at all and am still sad about the nerf i will have to see if a good riven for it can still exist or not with the new stats
  4. steel path is easy as it is, just a little more tedious than regular solar map outside of a few bosses
  5. nothing this system can bring will break the game any further than it already is
  6. but they did for lua with the new starchart also demios is a new region on the starchart and it needs mission nodes other than it's "plains" and town or it would look rather awkward and this is probably less effort than adding another 6-10 new nodes that we don't really need but i guess we will have to see as a new tileset is always nice
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