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  1. the only way to force yourself as host in the rest of warframe content is to either host the squad of multiple players before starting the mission or play on on a non public matchmaking setting last i checked both of those worked equally well in railjack i guess DE could have it so that the railjack you see if however you have customized your own (colour/skin) but thats about it
  2. i do love it when your connection to the host starts struggling at the end of a void fissure mission and not only do you not get to pick a relic reward but you don't even get a relic reward from the mission despite taking a relic and having 10 reactant relic was consumed as additional confirmation that i had 10 reactant
  3. nope not yet really been wanting this for a while now since like 2 weeks into the first nightwave series
  4. i would enter but the greatest use it has outside of forced content and the trideon fight is as a wall and i don't really need walls in a fight and it takes time to summon it, time i could spend killing relevant threats i guess i could take a voidrig to trideolns but tridelons is just focus farming anyway and you only need 1 voidrig in the squad for tridelons
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