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  1. the issue was neither an issue with solely maiming strike or blood rush the issue was the interaction of the 2 maiming adding flat crit and that then being multiplied by blood rush the really easy and simple fix would be to have maiming added after but instead DE decided to nerf melee as a whole and rework the entire system
  2. or have our lich give kuva once we kill them (vanquish or convert) maybe even have that kuva scale with lich rank
  3. have not played since the 26.0.4 update (yet) but stealth prompts have been fine for me since 26.0.2 at least (i think i missed the original update and hotfix)
  4. Fixed Excavation Power Cell Carriers and Capture Targets spawning as Thralls, rendering the mission uncompletable. there was no issues with power cell carriers being thralls (oh no you have to walk up and mercy the carrier to get the power cell) Fixed Sensor Regulars in Grineer Spy missions and deployed Latchers being able to spawn as Kuva Thralls. also there was no issues with the sensor regulators being thralls other than maybe it felt a little unrealistic (oh right this is a game about space ninjas) i guess i mean it feels a little unthematic and no fix for thralls saying they rank to 6 if they kill you at rank 5 or any form of reward for ranking them other than as an affinity farm
  5. the lich spreading is important if it didn't it would run out of missions you could run and how is that remotely related to starting the game again
  6. DE could you maybe add some form of soft /kill command to as at least a bandaid fix to the multitude of small/infrequent bugs that are fixed by a respawn such as glitched ability lockouts and similar by soft i mean one that wouldn't count as a death/flag death triggers like stalker/lich despawning but i would be fine even it it was just a kill command that would trigger those edit: or maybe even just have the unstuck command respawn you to fix those issues
  7. well i just had the the most "fun" bug i have ever encountered in the roughly 4 and a half years i have been playing warframe my mesa is in a glitched state with my peacemaker in a partially cast state(can't cast other abilities, not draining energy) i am unable to attack in any way and my character can only move forward in the direction it is facing and can't turn other than glitchily if i manage to wall latch which can sometimes force my warframe to face a new direction unstuck did not help i would have tried the standard dying and reviving but i was in a spy vault i had just cleared and re-entered to kill a lich thrall so there was nothing that could kill me
  8. are lich's not supposed to be able to rank up past 5? despite it saying that they do during the mission if this is intended then surly it should be hard for it to instead say that they are max rank instead of saying that they ranked to 6
  9. what even... oh right the halloween event that can realistically be done is a session or 2 of gameplay
  10. kuva flood missions can still not give relics it seems
  11. new melee combo system feels kinda ass and rip life strike
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