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  1. ^ I think this hotfix needs a hotfix. At the moment i am solo at the Transit depot with an alert level of 4 without mobs nor beacons. I tried taking over the base. Timer was ticking down, then disappeared into "defend the comms system" and nothing more. No more mobs coming. Then i roamed a bit, found a lot of mobs around the map moving around in a bee-line. I followed them while invisible for a long time. Turns out they took an extremely scenic route towards the transit depot. Once they got there, it seemed the base capture mission had reset. So i killed them, slotted in the data mass. Alert level started dropping as there were no mobs left. However, soon after, alert level went up to 4 again, without beacons or mobs around... Screenshot: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1565772945 Edit: I went out and tried the same spot and base capture again. Same thing, except this time alert level did not get stuck at 4. But the objective got stuck once more at "Defend the comms system". In this state trying to pick up another bounty outside fortuna does not work either. No normal "active mission" error. Instead the operative isn't interactable at all.
  2. Having several cetus bugs since the update (some of which are occuring frequently): - Getting stuck in group vote after a mission. Seems to happen if someone loads faster than others and grabs a bounty for voting before all have gotten the "inner door" open. Have this happen on many occasions. Seem to be a common occurance for many. - Eidolon hunt/bounty groups getting mixed up. Have only have this happen once, but when it happened another in the squad said that it happens sometimes. - Camera getting stuck at cetus inner door (could see my character run around from a fixed perspective). Has happened to me once. - Archwing sometimes auto unequipping and sometime not when at "return to cetus". Seems to be random every return. - A case of instant bounty fail. This happened after a grineer cache hunt in a cave (the one with the elevator straight down). On the way up and before the next objective came up, we got a "the mission is no longer possible" or something and the bounty failed. Happened once. - Sudden inability to switch to operator mode or use melee abilities during eidolon hunt. I also noticed that flying back on archwing, shift+crouch boosting did not work as normal, but instead slowly made the archwing descend as with normal flight+crouch. Maybe an input event is getting stuck? Happened to me once, but others have written similar sudden loss of control many times. - Dropships going super spawn mode when shot down fast. Sometimes to the extent that they are bumping into eachother and the game becomes generally laggy as well Keep up the good work!
  3. Thats a lot of fixes, tweaks and more! Great work! One thing that slipped through the cracks is a mission vote bug specific (i think) to Cetus: When in a full squad, having completed and returned from a bounty, if a squad member quickly goes to pick up a new bounty a vote is cast. However, often the UI will only show "voting on <mission>" but not give yes/no voting options. This in turn causes the squad to disband to not get stuck, plus the added time of having to enter/exit cetus again depending on where you were standing. Cheers 🙂
  4. I'm pretty sure the lord (of any kind) had nothing to do with it 😉
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