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  1. 10 hours a day of playtime everyday.. jesus christ I sure hope you remember to go to the toilet. I played like that back in college and got chronic hemorrhoid as an achievement.
  2. What... How? Soon all weapons will be nerfed to mediocrity? What kind of logic is this? Do even realise how dumb this 'slippery slope' logic you are using sounds?
  3. Make enemies harder how? The jump in damage numbers you make between putting on CO against any other mods are so exponentially bigger (millions of ticks difference) that the only way to make them harder is by giving enemies damage immunities, or slapping on more armor to the point CO can't one shot them. by that point, any other builds will be so far behind you're stuck with CO on every build. Does that make even more sense? It definitely does for me.
  4. When you guys see the term "nerf across the board" brought out by some players, are you really so shallow to think it means no more feeling like a powerful god? Why so afraid of having to put effort into feeling like a god? Last but not least, with a system where more power is constantly given to players there will come a point where every frames and weapons will wipe out maps in a single button press or something. At that point, every youtube montage will just be a collection of players sitting in place with numbers popping in and out of the distance as the game is reduced into "who can press 4 the fastest before anyone else takes away your chance to feel like a god".
  5. goatwin

    Update Failures

    update failed! Downloaded data was corrupted. launcher been stuck like this for FOUR DAYS. reinstalled twice, didn't work, tried starting launcher as administrator and all i got was a blank launcher that says Failed to load URL http://launcher/agreement.html?language=en&cluster=http://content.warframe.com with error (-105). Im getting frustrated here. What am I supposed to do now? how do I report this kind of problem to DE?
  6. Social interaction is not part of the game? I've never seen any professional review of warframe without mentioning community.
  7. Maybe it's time for DE to start fresh with a new IP. I'd love to play a slower paced warframe style looter-shooter where strategy actually matters, and combat is skill based. Sadly, Every other looter-shooters out there relies on the same mechanics warframe uses. Warframe relies on pure artificial difficulty, and some of the worst kinds too (armor/level scaling). So skills are meaningless. Outside of using abilities that can completely cheese the enemy, not getting killed in high levels is a matter of luck. AIs don't flank you, they don't (meaningfully) use the environment, they never 'adapt' (just spam more troops to die), The only way they can beat you is by overwhelming you from all sides, or hitscanning you through that 5cm gap between the pipes you're hiding behind while face tanking the 5 million damage you dish out. In this type of environment, the only progression that can be meaningful is player stat pumping. This in turn, makes pumping enemy stats further the only viable solution to provide future progressions. Hence why people cry "power creep". By the end of the day, end-game will cap at player's ability to completely stop the enemy from ever touching or getting close to the player. When this happens, how do you provide further progression? No new mods, frames, or weapons will matter. In my opinion, making a new game that ties progression/difficulty/ to player skill/strategy/creativity can potentially be longer lasting. The carrot on this particular stick will always be out of reach. Now, what kind of mechanics would fit this bill? That's open for discussion.
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