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  1. Yep, tested it a while ago and its 0.2 Mobility. Slightly off topic : Bladestorm got a buff from 150 -> 200 damage in The Index Preview as well. Now that you've mentioned it, haven't tested Mobility values above 1.20, will have to do that soon TM Edit : Re-tested Smoke bomb, it seems that the Mobility increase is now 0.40. Curious.
  2. Hold position on Specters / Syndicate allies are not working again, they will still move around as if they are 'following' you. Please fix.
  3. Note : These are vertical bullet jumps, which provide the next-best distance a bullet jump can provide, and is the most consistent of them all. Bullet jump distance is the longest with 45 degree jumps, second longest with 90 degree vertical, and shortest with horizontal jumps. Mobility Bullet Jump dist -0.1 2m -0.05 2m 0.00 3m 0.05 3m 0.10 3m 0.15 3.5m 0.25 3m, barely 4m 0.30 4m
  4. Well yeah, Toxic Lash is similar to that, currently it adds 30% of your melee weapon's base damage as bonus Toxin damage and adds extra blocking efficiency. Actually, come to think of it this wouldn't change much about the ability at all. The only difference it would make is that if you ran out of the timer before you could kill your target, you'd now have to deplete the enemy's shields to kill them, instead of having them damaged alongside their health since Toxin bypasses shields entirely. In any case, current melee system with the stances are all pretty much instagibs if you get cl
  5. If by that you mean the weapon no longer deals its original damage, but gain the portion of pure Toxin damage equal to the % bonus damage that Toxic Lash provides, then yeah maybe. But if its the full damage replaced by Toxin then no.
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