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  1. Not sure about that being a new thing, historically low rolls have been common in my experience (59 Liches so far including U27.1) Post U27.1 I did 22 Liches so far, pretty much the same-ish distribution That said, Valence Fusion does need a better value per transfer (20% should be good enough) to reduce required fusions from 7-9 to 3-5. I don't think the Kuva Lich system deserves that much time investment from the players atm, even with Murmur tweaks (possibly?) on the horizon, the fusions feel quite underwhelming.
  2. Did a bit of Lich grinding over the last few days (12 so far, 3 for new weps), valence fusion feels like it could be more generous with its upgrades. RNG is RNG, 8 / 9 of the duplicates I got are of a lower roll than what I have, and as you fuse to a higher damage %, the probability of getting a higher roll is even less. Going by the current 10% increase it takes 10 Liches (maximum) to cap out the weapon bonus, given an average of 2-3 hours per lich, not including requiem mod farming, takes up to 7 Liches or ~20 hours (on average) of dedicated farming for a maxed weapon, which feels a little too much. Considering we have 16 Kuva weapons, that's 320 hours of just Liches alone. Would suggest bumping it up to at least +20% per transfer, which is about 5 fusions max to get to 60% bonus, still takes ~160 hours minimum for everything though (which tbh, is probably already way more than it should be), with exceptions towards extremely lucky rolls.
  3. There's currently a UI bug where the armament on the bottom right will not show up if you're in the default 'show all' tab. Try switching to the Zetki tab and it should show up (worth trying anyway just in case).
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