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  1. this is how i do it. when an expensive warframe is unvaulted i wait for the price to drop, and it does, to less than half, that's when i buy as many sets as i can afford, then i wait for the price to go back up to what it was before the unvaulting and then i sell. another method is buying primed mods that baro brings. now let's get something straight, i don't buy the mods from baro, i buy them already maxed from players, then i wait for the price to go up. this is a bit risky because baro can bring the same mod before i get to sell which lowers the price even more but i see that as an opportunity to buy more mods because eventually the price will go back up even if it takes 6-8 months. check out the price statistics on rhino prime and primed cryo rounds on warframe market to better understand what i mean.
  2. I want to create another account because I want to trade more but I also don't want to get banned so I decided to ask. Also does anyone know of a way to transfer platinum from one account to another without needing a 3rd person to act as an intermediary or a second pc?
  3. In case you don't know one this week's nightwave missions is to complete 3 index runs in a row without the enemy scoring once. It's pretty hard to do it even once because using abilities is almost impossible since your energy is being drained almost all the time but doing this 3 times and in a row is just impossible. What the fk were the devs thinking? Who tf can complete this impossible mission? Who's the fking idiot who thought this would be possible? Maybe a few people can do it but from what I've seen the majority can't.
  4. I don't like the process of farming (not my fault, farming is actually boring) but I like to have a lot of platinum.
  5. I want to buy them in advance because the price will increase after their vaulting. I want to know 10 so I can pick the most expensive ones.
  6. Can someone please tell me which are the 10 next warframes to become vaulted?
  7. what makes you think i don't know about stances?
  8. surround idk if u understand, i just wanted to be able to switch between blade attacks and gun shots. currently if you attack with stropha u will have a combination of blade attacks and gun shots but you can't control when u use the blade and when u shoot. i know about stances but they don't make a difference here. using the gun most of the time is not the same as using only the gun. here is why i want this: the gun is more effective against single targets while the blade is more effective against multiple targets. if u are surrounded by enemies you might want to switch from gun to blade in order to kill them faster.
  9. The way Stropha works right now is a little awkward. You don't know your next hit will be a melee slash or a gunblade shot. I think having these two modes separate would make this weapon appealing to more players. Quanta and Fulmin are two examples of guns with two different fire modes that the player can switch between. The Stropha would work in the same way, the player would manually switch between gunblade and blade.
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