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  1. The reason ability duration would be a dump-stat on a lot of frames that have channeled abilities is that those abilities are the strongest and most relevant in the warframe's kit. In order to avoid that, they should have made a warframe's abilities synergetic (some are but they are few) instead of situational and the warframe itself should have been situational. That way players wouldn't focus on one ability and ignore the others like they do now.
  2. If you want to prevent people from having maxed ability efficiency without any drawbacks then add negative effects to mods that give ability efficiency, or have the negative effects activate only when a % of a certain effect (abil str, duration, range, etc) is reached.
  3. I already explained this in my question. If you want to increase or decrease the energy an ability consumes per second you use ability efficiency and if you want to increase or decrease the duration of an ability you use ability duration. In other words, why use ability duration to make an ability use more energy/s instead of using ability efficiency to do the same thing? Also, if ability duration affects energy/s consumption, what is the point of having ability efficiency?
  4. Banshee Prime's sound quake (rank 30 frame without any mods equipped) drains 12 energy/s. If you equip transient fortitude (+55% ability str and -27.5 ability duration), the same ability will now drain 16.55 energy/s. WHY? Ability duration should have nothing to do with energy consumption. Anyone with a working brain knows that it makes no sense for ability duration to affect energy drain. Ability duration should only affect abilities that have a timer (volt's speed) and not those that consume energy over time after activation. I know that #*!%ing with ability duration and energy drain af
  5. I've been playing this game for years and have only learned a few of the ability symbols displayed at the top of the screen. How are we expected to know what they mean if we cannot hover the cursor over them and if we are not expected to know what they do, why are they displayed in the first place? https://i.postimg.cc/R0mDzfss/20210317141938-1.jpg
  6. I want (actually more people want it but they don't know it) a notification to appear underneath the trade slots of the seller when all the components of a set are offered during a trade. This would reassure buyers that they are not being scammed and sellers that they have added all the parts of the set they are selling. I am writing this because I sold a redeemer prime set today and I had to check the foundry to make sure that I was not missing a receiver or a barrel, not all weapons require the same type of parts and that can be confusing at times.
  7. Can we have another solar system added to the game? I'm kind of tired of seeing the same planets and nodes and maps every time I play warframe (which used to be almost every day a couple of years ago). We've had a single solar system since the game launched in 2013, I think it is time we get another one. I know it's a lot of work but so was adding the plains of eidolon and orb vallis. EDIT: Actually I just realized this is a bad idea because it would divide the playerbase even more. It's hard enough to find people to play with on most nodes with 1 solar system (although this is DE's fault
  8. DE released a new sigil today, the lunar renewal ox in celebration of the Chinese new year, the only problem is that this sigil doesn't just look like an ox head, it also looks like the head of baphomet. the sigil and this. The sigil is sold by the void trader on Kronia relay, planet Saturn.
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