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  1. With the Glaive update, Sword-and-Shield weapons with a throwing mechanic broke: in all attempted attacks, even on an attempted slide attack, the weapons will go through their basic combo before triggering the commanded attacks; which means it feels like one doesn't have control of the weapon at all, or that every attack comes with a multi-second input delay. Sword-and-Shield weapons without the mechanic seem to work correctly, the same as all other melee weapons. I assume, because of the shared mechanics between these weapons and glaives and the fact that the issue appeared at the time of the
  2. TYPE: In-game DESCRIPTION: Both the Sigma & Octantis and the Cobra & Crane (but *NOT* Silva & Aegis Prime) fail to properly respond to input. Any attack, except for the jumping shield throw attack, including slide attacks or combo attacks, always triggers the first attack in the *default* combo before responding to intended input. REPRODUCTION: Equip either of the Sword & Shield weapons with a jumping throw effect (Sigma & Octantis or Cobra & Crane), equip a stance, and attempt to perform any combo other than the default, or attempt a slide attack. EXP
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