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  1. 31 minutes ago, [DE]Connor said:

    Conversely, when a Warframe doesn’t do enough, players may simply choose a “better” frame, sacrificing personalization and diversity for efficiency. Neither of these situations are ideal, so let’s shake things up!

    This is scary. Everyone plays in either side of this, sometimes they cross and it makes for "fun" experience, whatever it is for you. Aim for this, not the nerfhammer on one of the sides, which seems to be towards the efficiency side of things, again. 

    On specific note on banshee - RIP farming quake, cool stuff for cc quake, fair enough but not something you guys should be practicing all the time, it needs another look.

    Edit: now that I saw quake has duration - RIP augment.

  2. 7 minutes ago, Archwizard said:

    I'm primarily concerned not with the changes to the Focus tree, but with the lack of changes to how Focus is accumulated and spent.

    Convergence is an incredibly tedious method of gathering Focus; the only purpose it serves is to limit lootcaving, while also forcing players to go out of their way to pick up Convergence regardless of whether they were standing still in the first place. (Personally, the blinking is also incredibly annoying, especially when I don't have time or opportunity to go pick it up.)
    At the same time, many frames are virtually incapable of farming Focus effectively due to lack of scaling damage; it favors either nukers like Limbo or frames capable of maintaining a stealth combo. For the frames who can, they're encouraged to ignore everything else in the mission for that entire 45 second period - if I'm on the floor bleeding out, I've had allies ignore me because they're farming Focus, and I've been incredibly annoyed to have to pick up allies when I have a Focus timer.
    Every point you invest makes Focus harder to use - not even "more complex", just arbitrarily a worse ability. The fact that the cooldown increases on every point spent, and the player is tasked with surviving that much longer without the bonuses afforded by Focus, is exactly why players are encouraged not to build into the tree and instead just get to the one or two abilities they want; a fully-invested tree would make the cooldown longer than most non-Endless missions, and you don't get a charge to start with.
    It has an absurdly high daily cap and cost to dip into the tree. I've had a lens on my Volt since Second Dream (nearly two years ago now), and I have literally only gained about 300k Focus from him in that time because he doesn't have the burst potential for the lens. I understand that it was built to be the "end game progression" tree, but that 100k daily cap would require hours of investment from non-nuker frames, which is simply not possible to people who have jobs or classes.

    It's frustrating that Focus is finally getting a look over, and with two years worth of critiques and analysis of its flaws, all that's come of it is "players are only using Shadow Step and Energy Surge/Overflow." While yes, Unairu and Madurai have been trap trees, the revamp is going to fundamentally change the value of Focus nodes, which means players are going to come into this new system with whatever investment they put into the broken trees of the last 2 years.

    Have lots of time? Just play the game and u'll cap out every day. Have a job etc? 10-30 min of stealth farming caps u out with an equinox/ivara and a melee of choice. The rest is well said tho :thumbup:

  3. 3 hours ago, Atilla said:

    Question #2:
    Do you remebmer Loki?
    What about rework him?

    Most of his abilities already useless, or not strong enough comparing with other frames. For example only one way to use Decoy it's for teleportation. Disarm opponents is okay, but not enogh, cause they die in next second anyway. So what for? Rare situations - defend teammates while they busy or afk. Transposition? Good for Spy mission, but that all. 

    Good one, sir.

  4. So simulor is now more close gameplay-wise to quanta SeemsGood. Boltace is weird, I've never been a fan of it but this change seems very counter-productive. Tonkor change will cause thousand of people suiciding after the patch lands LUL M quanta actually NEEDS stat buffs on top of the cube getting more usable. Paracyst is still playing catch-up with Harpak which you intend to buff (good buff btw).

    Glaxion is PogChamp, so is potentially the baguette. But tbh, waaaaay more weapons need buffs, but a first step is a good thing to see nontheless.

  5. Put me in. I specifically use Limbo on mobile defense or interceptions with a duration build and just chill and pick off some enemies every now and then. Hopefully what you're going to demonstrate will show that he can now be used in a lot more ways than just a few game modes, cheers. 

  6. I honestly don't even know how to feel about the 5k. I can only assume that I did something wrong during the 2k hours I've put into the game and I only have 2.6k samples while running a solo clan. I guess in like 2 years I might finally start the research because I'm not gonna pay for an obvious plat steal (atleast in my case it looks exactly like that).

  7. After not touching JV for an entire year from its release with the thought process of "let's wait untill it's playable" I decided to give it a try in which WRSB helped me greatly, and to my surprise it's better to know all the bugs and how to potentially avoid them than knowing the trial itself after all this time. And after the last batch of trial hotfixes the "no enemies = no progression" bug has creeped into LoR aswell (unless it was happening even earlier, I've only recently started doing raids again).

    Bugs were what kept me and many many other players away from doing trials, it has to be fixed.

  8. Tar scaling is an insane and unnececary addition, it's nowhere close to being a tradeoff to a movespeed slow, this change has to go. Plus not the hyekka masters are the problem, it's the stupid cats that oneshot people (one of the perfect examples was provided eariler in the topic). While u can dodge their leap attack, it's not always possible due to simple unawareness or being focused on doing something else and this brings frustration upon the whole squad or straight up madness if u're playing solo and missed the little animal wrecking your face from an unexpected position. Other fixes are welcome tho.

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