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  1. I would like to preface this by stating that my intention is for every element to feel somewhat unique and useful. Passive: Unchanged. 1st: Spectral Scream - Unchanged stats. Cold: Slows and freezes enemies over time. Toxin: Strips armor. Heat: Stumbling effect. Electricity: Slow enemies. 2nd: Elemental Ward (Range, damage, duration unchanged) -No longer buffs allies. -Stacks a buff on damage to health or shields. Cold: Weapon Damage. Toxin: Power Strength and Range Heat: (Status chance increased to 10% / 15% / 20% / 25%, to be in line with other elements.) Max HP Electricity: Reload Speed and Fire Rate 3rd: Vex Armor (Only damage buff across all elements, damage buff changed to include ability damage.) Cold: Armor Toxin:Damage Reduction Heat: HP Regen Electricity: Movement Speed + Max Shield 4th: Effigy -Now follows player around like a Wukong clone but slower, providing an aura that buffs Chroma with the armor he gives up when he casts this ability. -Radial Roar Buffs Allies/Debuffs Enemies Cold: Buff ally armor and weapon damage. Slows and freezes enemies over time. Toxin: Buffs ally damage reduction(stacks diminishingly with allies' own damage reduction). Corrosive procs enemies.. Heat: Buffs ally max HP. Heat procs enemies with damage of one tick's worth of breath attack damage. Electricity: Buffs ally crit and status chance. Slows enemies and cause breath attacks to chain to nearby enemies. I'm sure revisions could be made to add distinction and balance to all elements, but this is my current proposition.
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