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  1. Well ill be voting with my wallet and buying plat. Because I disagree with you.
  2. Chroma unless were going to say equinox has 2 passives he needs a new passive.
  3. Exepct no ones being attacked. And you can't force people to be your echo chamber by playing "victim." I disagree and I think nightwave is better then the old alert and people are to hung up on there but I want it now mentality. If you cant stand people dissagreeing with your opinion. Then stay off public forums.
  4. and the mission glitched locking me in a room i had to quit after killing it....anything can go wrong so please. buff the spawn rate.
  5. Just give him small little robots to summon like he should have done for a while now.
  6. seconded i need to hear tyl regor call alad a jellyfish again.
  7. there are some story base Events that they SHOULD bring back. like the tubemen, but maybe just make it a story mission. i run into a lot of new players that don't get what tyl was talking about at the end of natah. or How alad V became uninfested.
  8. who's this nobody you speak of? speak for yourself not for others.
  9. while i enjoy her abilities i to am honestly baffled by her theme some how being portal and not having a single ability that does this. her 4th and 2nd ability look the most thematic and fun. inbound for the next frame being more wisp then wisp just like garuda was more vampire then revenant
  10. Atmo grind is bad, but the khora grind is insane. it took me almost a full year to get khora atmo only took an entire day. Harrow grind is actually very very easy. his drop rate is Oberon level you'll end up selling more of his parts then using them.
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