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  1. didn't destiny joined the loot box horror show? so ya that's unlikely. also i find it laughable that people keep comparing a simple sifi FPS to this game. it's like comparing power rangers to starship troopers.
  2. ^ this i see this thread all the time and its almost always by the same people crying to DE to nerf the content. because not everyone plays video game as a tool for there escapism? look at dark souls.
  3. Well ill be voting with my wallet and buying plat. Because I disagree with you.
  4. ok so far out of the elite missions this is the only bad one i found Silver grove was a bad questline gameplay wise and you've STILL not fixed the drop rate on the plants you need for the apothics.
  5. hes a grineer probably a formor super soldier if his apperence is anything to go by. does he need a complex reason to attack tenno? the rest of the grineer (excluding the deserters and steel meridian of corse.) seem just fine attacking us.
  6. other then equinox prime this dev stream was primed disapointment. no gas city update. no display of wisp powers. not even news on railjack.
  7. you only block if your not attacking
  8. @[DE]Helen i really could use an offical confermation that it is not a global hp bar for the fissures please kinda panicking here
  9. Finally an explanation I would like an official confermation however. @[DE]Helen
  10. I guess DE didnt think people would devower the fissure this quickly?
  11. am i the only one annoyed at the fact that they made the event have a global hp bar? meaning the event could end in 1 day and many of us will miss the opticor vandal
  12. incress the fissure amount its almost halfway already! people are eating it alive! at this rate the event will end in a few hours rather then a few days
  13. alerts in nodes that you did not have were mostly bypassed via recruit chat in a system players called taxi'ing it didn't engurage players to unlock nodes. the rails and mastery ranks were more an enguragemnt for that as well as abertarions. woo a uknown amount of time for an alert that might again get missed because i was at work or sleeping. no timed RNG alerts were terrible. Some days as in never? a year? three years? screw that. i would rather grind up for it then have it a time limited mission that might never show up when i am able to play. that's why they got rid of it.
  14. Stop asking for them to bring it back when it just punished people for having a job and the basic human needs like sleep. Also to blow a hole in that alert aurgment i will point out that completing alerts on new nodes DID NOT fill out that node. took me a year i had college at that time. so again timed rng alerts were bad for people with obligations also the xp is earned from the nightwave you are complaing about. mabye actually try the new system before making rage post? also <- is vet runs mission on random planets for fun speak for yourself not for others please thank you.
  15. then i would offer help but your PS4
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