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  1. hazerddex

    Melee 3.0 - Your most pessimistic predictions?

    that it will never come out but be lost to time like sheild gates, token systems, and other concepts we never got. ;_;
  2. i watched it but concept art =/= new mapset
  3. hazerddex

    Planes of Duviri Speculation

    maybe we will finally get to see this mysterious tau system.
  4. hazerddex

    Garuda Should be Health Only

    that would be a bad idea. she has low armor. most hp only warframes have large amounts of armor to back it up.
  5. im convinced some of these vets are looking for a "you win the game screen." i.e a definitive end of the game at this point which will never happen. because if they make a definitive end they can't add anything after it. and that would basically be the death of warframe.
  6. hazerddex

    Am I Missing Something?

    Like Wukong... too soon?
  7. hazerddex

    Corrupted Tenno

    the tenno are probably immune to the neural sentry like they are immune to the infested.
  8. hazerddex

    Detonite Injector/Mutagen Mass/Fieldron

    you know dtetonite and feldrons are dropped in bounty missions. detonite is on the plains. feldron is in orb valis. also invasions drop them constantly.
  9. hazerddex

    PSA: Minimum Supported Specs Changes in February!

    i have a Graphics card that supports Direct x 11 8 gb of ram and a i7 graphics card and 64bit os.
  10. hazerddex

    Ordis The Next Umbra?!

    wait wouldn't that make all the cephlions umbra's if that was the case? since all cehlpilons were people at one point?
  11. they said they had 3 frames in the work.
  12. Getting 99,000 standing is bleh especially when you know your going to be forced to stop gathering it also it does refresh till 6 pm where I live.
  13. hazerddex

    Lag orb vials

    Anyone else get a stedly increasing lag spikes in orb vials?
  14. See every time its like "I want end game content." De gives you it. Mass amounts of complaints