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  1. We've been crying for this feature for years now, and I think it's finally time to introduce it as Empyrean is upon us soonTM. The Railjack Dry Dock size(from the extended map) was shown off on devstream 130. I broke down 'cause I may have to do a rework, at least on the upper floor of my dojo which is where I have planned on building my dry dock at. Unfortunately for me, the upper floor rooms are fully decorated and I don't want to destroy these just so I can fit a single room that breaks so many layout. I'm pretty sure many feels the same. Introduce a "schematic" mode where decorators can manage the layout. Add rooms, move rooms from the same or to a different level, destroy, rotate and preview will be available in this mode. Also the most important feature: Contribute all resources on selected rooms where decorations are not yet built. You're going to save a lot of decorators lives. 🙂
  2. You promised a male operator hair pack months ago. When can we expect it to ship?
  3. Q1: Where's the male operator hairstyle pack you promised a few months ago? Q2: Are you going to fix the issue where it switches back to gun mode whenever you the last melee execute is a right click melee combo. Q3: Do you guys plan to start doing Prime Trailer like NIghtwave episode? It's low resource cost and wouldn't take long to do, I reckon.
  4. You can still play the game as long as you do not log out during the maintenance. Also best to stay in mission until the maintenance, which is usually quick, is done if you don't want hiccup.
  5. Relogging into the game reset the Standings.
  6. They did mention on the workshop that Nora will be selling WoS6 beacon.
  7. I think it deserves a new name for this masterful craftsmanship. I'm getting a Cthulhu vibe from it. May be like Cthulhon or something along that line!
  8. You're clearly new. DE uses PC as a test server to get all important bug fixes and bring a stable build to the consoles. On PC, DE can drop a hotfix within minutes after an update/hotfix but due to Microsoft/SonyNintendo Cert process, they can't drop as often as they like to on console.
  9. - We'd love to know what happened to the Kingpin system. - It's been years since you guys promised us the Volt Cloth Physic and one of the 2019(?) devstream Geoff mentioned doing something about it. - Now that alert have been entirely replaced with Nightwave, do you plan do revisit/rework Invasion and Sortie? They are a very important part of Warframe gameplay and should deserve a re-look.
  10. That's what we've been asking for so a 10000% yes. Also a fishing/mining bounty-esque would be nice alternative if people want to take a step back from combat but still can earn Standings just from the recreational means.
  11. Being knockdown every 0.0001 seconds out of nowhere is not a challenge. An enemy should dare to take on the players and change the way we usually deal with them. The melee crewman and big leg moa does it well.
  12. It's been confirmed the visual remaster will come in a few weeks during the last devstream.
  13. Nice but can you do the same for Transference of the operator mode? It would make this perfect.
  14. 1. Can we have our Tenno Reinforcement back instead of stuffing everything into a mainline update? 2. Now that we have Nightwave replacing the old alert system, are we going to see a rework on Invasion? 3. Does a sortie rework sound feasible?
  15. Did these 2 hairstyle that was revealed on Devstream 105 and 106 respectively, got scrapped? Will we expect more operator hairstyle soon?
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