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  1. Relogging into the game reset the Standings.
  2. They did mention on the workshop that Nora will be selling WoS6 beacon.
  3. When I'm the host, her custom is equipped as normal but when I join a squad, it uses the default talon. When I'm not hosting: When I'm hosting:
  4. I think it deserves a new name for this masterful craftsmanship. I'm getting a Cthulhu vibe from it. May be like Cthulhon or something along that line!
  5. They don't spawn at night because you'll just anger part of the community who does Eidolon Hunts and do not want to be interrupted. Simple solution is to sell Tusk Thumper beacon from an existing vendors. Win-win for everyone.
  6. Before the change to Emissive, the 2 tone energy works the best for many fashionframe. Having only flame and ability effect that take on 2 tone while the Emissive only consider the primary energy color makes it why I love 2 tone energy so much. Now everything looks muted and secondary energy color being dominant, still. Please for the love of all things voidry, revert the change or at least give us the option to. I just want the emissive to take on the primary color while the flame and ability takes 2 tone energy.
  7. I got mine on the 3rd thumper so I don't know how S#&$ty the RNG is. You're gonna want to start a higher tier bounty to spawn the bigger thumper more often.
  8. This really bugs(pun intended) me a lot. If they don't plan to fix these obvious issues, especially the 2 tone energy effects, I'm going to quit the damn game.
  9. Tusk Ogma spawn was nerfed to the ground back a few weeks after PoE was released. The only way to spawn them now is through the Tusk Seeker Drone. If they survive long enough they shoot a colored flare to spawn different reinforcements. There are 5 colored fares. Green Flare will spawn Tusk Ogma.
  10. After the recent animal conservation added into the plains, it makes this content so much more fun when you're just going about the open world and randomly encounter an animal roaming about. Ready your tranq and save their assess! Remastered PoE feels so much more alive now. Please do the same for the Orb Vallis.
  11. There seems to be missing the transition animation when entering and leaving the escape menu. What I mean by "transition animation", it's the animation that the camera pans smoothly to your menu and out. Same can be said when you use the quick key (default key P) to check the progression screen. Also speaking to vendors doesn't have the animation as well when talking to them but leaving chat will initiate the proper animation back to your Warframe. Please for the love of fake lotus, save us all from this crude bug.
  12. Melee 3.0 Phase 1 brought some annoying glitches and glaring flashes when you're the client of the squad. As for the yellow flashes, the only way to fix it is to set your Geometry Details to the lowest possible setting. Anything above low, you'll definitely see it. It's much more obvious if you are using Mirage's 1. So here are several examples. Here's a cool one. If pictures aren't convincing enough, here's a video of the issue.
  13. There's a short delay between 0.6s - 0.8s when transitioning to melee after using the Arca Plasmor. Not sure if it's intentional but please do something about it. It's not Melee 3.0 worthy.
  14. I initially thought Epherma were tied to achievement where you kill 100 Exploiter Orb to get this shiny new Freezing Step Ephemera or kill 100,000 enemies and receive the bleeding body ephemera. When you are going to introduce more prestigious reward, please make it an achievement based reward instead of letting RNG decide. I could kill 100 Exploiter Orb and get nothing then this random dude get it in his first kill. I remember in one of the devstream, reb(?) or someone else mentioned adding more accolades. I have a few suggestion on what could be added as badges. Playing 100 hours will get you a badge for the time you spent in-game. Playing 500 hours will upgrade the badge. Then subsequently 1000 hours, 2000 hours, etc. How about your 100th Triodolon capture? Here's a shiny Eidolon Hunter accolade for your hard work. What about your gross income of 1 billion? You get a Grofit accolades. There's so much potential in what you get do to reward any players who work their butt off for it.
  15. You're clearly new. DE uses PC as a test server to get all important bug fixes and bring a stable build to the consoles. On PC, DE can drop a hotfix within minutes after an update/hotfix but due to Microsoft/SonyNintendo Cert process, they can't drop as often as they like to on console.
  16. - We'd love to know what happened to the Kingpin system. - It's been years since you guys promised us the Volt Cloth Physic and one of the 2019(?) devstream Geoff mentioned doing something about it. - Now that alert have been entirely replaced with Nightwave, do you plan do revisit/rework Invasion and Sortie? They are a very important part of Warframe gameplay and should deserve a re-look.
  17. You cannot satisfy the whole community. Y'all be holding your pants for next week when we're asked to scan 1 plant and some players will still be pissing on the forum.
  18. This only happen if you are the client. There are several weapons like the recent Opticor Vandal, the Redeemer Prime, and the Gram Prime are some that have been tested in the field. They display a different energy color after every shot or swing. The Opticor Vandal has the default energy color of its blast fx as shown below. The Redeemer Prime's wave is the default color. The worst offender is the Gram Prime. The fx was blinding the whole screen and it's really uncomfortable. I've tried reducing the effect intensity to the lowest possible setting, disabling weapon elemental fx, or any other relating settings and neither fix the issue.
  19. That's what we've been asking for so a 10000% yes. Also a fishing/mining bounty-esque would be nice alternative if people want to take a step back from combat but still can earn Standings just from the recreational means.
  20. Being knockdown every 0.0001 seconds out of nowhere is not a challenge. An enemy should dare to take on the players and change the way we usually deal with them. The melee crewman and big leg moa does it well.
  21. It's been confirmed the visual remaster will come in a few weeks during the last devstream.
  22. Nice but can you do the same for Transference of the operator mode? It would make this perfect.
  23. 1. Can we have our Tenno Reinforcement back instead of stuffing everything into a mainline update? 2. Now that we have Nightwave replacing the old alert system, are we going to see a rework on Invasion? 3. Does a sortie rework sound feasible?
  24. Did these 2 hairstyle that was revealed on Devstream 105 and 106 respectively, got scrapped? Will we expect more operator hairstyle soon?
  25. Debt-bond are already easily obtainable especially since they have added 125k Credit cache per fight which makes it even easier to purchase debt-bond. This makes bounty pathetic if you're looking to grab Standings which isn't worth the time. Toroid would makes the fight worth. At least give it a 20% drop rate or something along that line.
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