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  1. And this is how we ended up with BFA, you know.
  2. I haven't mentioned it, but i was here during both fortuna and poe launch.
  3. I am not, but DE has bad track record.
  4. About the wf trailer, FF is FF.
  5. Perm to say that I don't care about the new trailer?
  6. Can't comment as the only thing i used Ash for recently is to get my big number peen high with Venka Prime fatal teleport.
  7. But do you remember OG blade storm? The one in the first sortie wave in which you press 4 during eximus interception and go afk? Also I am pretty sure you could tilt the dps meter down with Fatal teleport even worse than a decent Magnetize build <.< And Saryn gets killing blows, not damage done And Mesa does big rip in Steel Path. And Ash is a solo frame to begin with <.<
  8. What ash challenge @(PS4)sweatshawp? He has some of the higher dps thresholds, so i doubt it is about something like that.
  9. Ready for weekend turbulence?
  10. I have reached the sad realization that people on mass still think that development projects are starting from scratch up akin to indie games.
  11. Weren't you saying you are starting to become more of a Grendel main those days - no drinking for you mistah.
  12. I can borrow you a thread so you can skip yourself the trouble.
  13. Tossing money at something is not exactly the same as "cost effective". Ok, let's put it in a checklist with 100 $ 1. Graphical design - 10 2. Story design - 5 3. Sound Design -15 4. Gameplay Design - 10 5. Retention mechanics - 30 6. PR - 30 Modern games spend way too much on things with low value, but high cost. However, that does not mean that the things with high value, are cheap - a good story takes years to craft and execute (and one The horde means nothing to kill)
  14. The reason is cost effectiveness. It is a lot cheaper to upkeep a game like... let's say BDO (no hard feelings towards player of it), than something like FF, Guild Wars 2, ESO or old school WoW. It is not about graphics fidelity, it takes a lot of work from professionals in order for a game to actually be good and not just passable.
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