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  1. Not sure if trolling the discord bot or just accidental.
  2. First make steps on par with at least elemental parkour mods. After that: Void body (from baro ofcourse) Rust step - Grustrag 3 Disruption step - Zanuka Infested step/body - Phorid Sentinel body - Eidolons Misc syndicate steps - from the syndicates that correspond with them
  3. PvP under P2P should not exist. I have done PvP in Warframe, hell I have had fun with PvP in Warframe - including deathmatches with 6+ random players.- but as long as the base system has the capability to kick you in the shins for daring to enter public matchmaking - pass. PS: No, dedicated fan servers are not the answer.
  4. Unstuck the melee situation all together pretty please. No normal quick melee. Exalted melee acts in a very tilting way (not to mention what happens when you try to revive a person under Hysteria). Combos are extremely clunky to execute. No melee aim glide. By all means, I think the system, upgrade is good but just not finished.
  5. I have to say I am loving the fact that I get less reactors per time spend then ever before. I mean sure, there are also other things in the drop table that may excite new players. New players that can't even complete some of the missions due to obscene amount of time gating in post PoE world..
  6. As someone that has ephemera(s) and is doing the said "high level content" - sure, whatever, have them. Make arbi essence tradable as well while you are at it - some content just does not deserve to be grinded.
  7. I have two and regret crafting both. Bodies have a strong visual presence, but such poor implementation that I caused a riot in an exploiter run due to my frame looking like it is pissing itself during the animation. Steps have such mediocre visual presence (not to mention that seeding is 2D for god's sake), that a bullet jump with elemental parkour mod releases bigger visual flare. This is outside of the acquisition method that is a can of worm that needs to be nuked out of existence.
  8. Primed mobilize, Rush and Animal instinct. All 3 rely on your input.
  9. Short answer no. Longer answer - hell no, arcanes can and will change your play style but if you struggle with pre 100 enemies, arcanes won't resolve that for you. Did you think that arcane were *gating end game* when they were raid rewards?
  10. You asked for: The weapon is opticor. It is still a big "fking" laser canon of warframe (it is actually from Halo, but hey godda respect copyright). It uses the same mechanics, visual flare and recoil as Opticor. It rips enemies in half the same way Opticor does. It just does it in a different modding mechanic in order to do the bottom line damage. Now you may say *but opticor is slow*- Opticor is as slow as you mod it to be, Opticor Vandal can also be modded for a slower fire speed but greater damage. Now if you want to enter technicalities like *but CC/CD is not pure damage* - sure, it is not. But for bottom line in game performance, there are very few places in which you can spot the difference. You are literally "lmao"-ing over a technicality and I am pretty sure it comes down to sentiment over actual data. PS: Lmao I have the weapon and modded it to work exactly like Old Opticor - it does take getting a lot of corrupted mods, but the effect is present.
  11. lmao, read my response again. DPS was the last point. It has all the stats you asked for, but it comes with the higher fire rate/lower damage. If you can't see the point of weapon variants there are mods that will revert the weapon to a normal opticor.
  12. Another Wiki theory crafter. Opticor Vandal has more CC, more Status and more Mag size. And more DPS on top of that.
  13. You know what is a joke? Taking wiki at face value instead of the actual stats of the weapons. What you think (based on wiki) the stat difference is VS The actual stats. Miss information is bad.
  14. Can OP not spread misinformation? The challenge is to not touch the towers aka "life support modules", in case OP has missed the memo the Wiki is not maintained by DE either, it is a fandom site.
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