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  1. Ronin Shadow Path Zaprasza, malutki klan ale napewno coś się da dla ciebie zrobić, daj znać na discordzie jakbyś był zainteresowany. Master_of_fire12#4738
  2. Nie będe fakowo reklamował Klanu, ale zapraszam do Ronin Shadow Path, napisz do mnie na Discord Master_of_fire12#4738
  3. Ronin Shadow Path Rekrutacja:Otwarta Tenno, już czas aby przejść na ścieżkę cienia, aby walczyć dla naszego cesarza z ukrycia i polować na tych którzy są przeciwko naszej sprawie. Dołącz do nas i bądź posłuszny/a swojemu cesarzowi w Klanie “Ronin Shadow Path”. W co cie uzbroimy: -Wiedzę o bitwach z potężnymi wrogami. -Piękne miejsce do prowadzenia treningów niezbędnej sztuki Parkoura. -Zapoznanie się z legendami klanowymi. -Nerwy ze stali i słuch który wytrzyma nawet najpotężniejsze bronie dźwiękowe. Aby zacząć swoją podróż to wymagamy Discorda, wiek 15+ iż nie możemy brać młodych adeptów na pole walki, nasze ubezpieczenie tego nie pokrywa. Zainteresowanych proszony jest kontakt, do Master_of_fire12, MonoTorii w grze lub na Discordzie Master_of_fire12#4738, MonoTorii#0121
  4. @Exelcto Christmas holiday, i think it even says on the newest teaser.
  5. So with new teaser for the new open world, we got some interesting material to go on and speculate. Previously we got this concept art, which appeared in outdated speculation post. This year at tennocon, we got those things, which could bring in a lot of interesting theories. First of all the person in the title of the teaser, just wow, the way to go on subtle teaser. The person is obviously the same guy from the pic above, even the throne is more or less the same. And the MASK !!!! I mean i didnt realize at first but the operator has a mask which if we treat the guy from the teaser and the concept art as the same person, the we can see that operator has its mask. What could this mean? Well i got few ideas considering the teaser, such as: 1. Our operator has somehow been "serving" or been captured by this orokin looking person because of this void surge and make him wear this mask, as so far with most servant based workers the faces are covered, like with dax. And since his being chased perhaps he escaped and that where we players come in. 2.The "Mask Dealer", yes that the nickname i give him, is actually oboard the Zariman looking ship( i say zariman looking ship, since its not confirmed that it is a zariman and it does look a bit different) and we have to go there to kill him or something a long this lines. The last idea is more linked with previous quest experience so read it at your own discretion. Tell me what you think, give me your speculation.
  6. Honestly couldnt agree more, DE have an of free tester, whihc wll say if something broke of missing.
  7. Remember they have different timezone, and poe was relased quite late
  8. This is my entrance as i am fan of sci fi horrors i have decided to go for a little of more nostalgic feeling, so AVP Alien Verus Predator. In warframe we arleady have a similar theme, tenno(valkyr) vs infestation(nidus). So there it is https://imgur.com/SklssBu
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