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  1. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: a host leaves with one other teammate on open worlds through the door EXPECTED RESULT: hostmigration and new squad with the last teammate OBSERVED RESULT: extraction REPRODUCTION RATE: 100%
  2. Archguns can't trigger Growing Power Fireball Frenzy - Fireball Augment - Ember Freeze Force - Freeze Augment - Frost Smite Infusion - Smite Augment - Oberon Venom Dose - Spores Augment - Saryn Shock Trooper - Shock Augment - Volt these elemental Augment buffs don't work on Archguns while other buffs of those Warframes work (Toxic Lash, Electric Shield, old Flash Accelerant) btw: if u don't want them to be stackable with the Helminth System do it the elegant way by only allowing one of those mods to be equipped at the same time (spores + rad buff) or just allow it^^
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