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  1. Quite the conundrum: On one hand some players want a the list of blacklisted words and/or phrases for the sake of transparency and fear that moderators will and have abused such a list. On the other hand there is a valid fear of disclosing such a list since that could quite easily back fire and hand out a "Blueprint". So its pretty clear there is a trust issue on both sides here. However one side is claiming to be taking steps now so it would probably be better to take the tried and true "wait and see approach".
  2. What ever happened to shield gates? I also still feel like I have a solid idea of at least 5 of the syndicates, but I feel like I have no idea who the arbiters of Hexis are and what they are actually about.
  3. Like all of this so far, but what if the absorbed damage Nezha accumulates during warding halo also buffed the contact damage of the ring?
  4. If you're not going to be more specific on the mission type then I can't help you. And I don't know where you are having trouble nuking. She's much better at murdering things with her abilities now.
  5. Wasn't directed at you, but I feel her damage ramp up shines against higher level stuff.
  6. Spore changes are spot on. I initially thought the change death no longer propagating spores would be a problem, but after some usage and build adjustment (that's a thing you can do people) the recast combined with the improved/less buggy range I realized that its not there as a nerf to saryn, but its kind of there to prevent spores from going out of control and subsequently requiring an actual nerf. You can build up damage quite quickly, and if you aren't one of those dorks that stink at energy management, you can build up spores damage quite quickly and turn her one into a sneeze of death, which in early levels usually results in you wiping the very memory of the bloke from existence (in short for early to mid game stuff you may want to tone it down for better results nothing new here with that though, she's always was, and still is, Princess Overkill). You do have to take a more active role in spreading spores, but they are overall much more rewarding, and actively spreading spores isn't really an issue since toxic lashes duration has been buffed significantly and can be used on guns now too. Nothing to say about Molt, the augment is still a cornerstone of the ability, but it provides a lot more utility now which was always its purpose. Toxic lash is a monster as usual. I actually use miasma... sorta... kinda... everyonce in a while... Ok that skill could probably still use something tbh, but the rework is still fresh and I'm still tinkering. Nice to see all the "Frame is dead to me now" "She's nerfed!" comments as usual. Never change Warframe community. Actually no that's a lie, please stop its embarrassing.
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