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  1. Quite the conundrum: On one hand some players want a the list of blacklisted words and/or phrases for the sake of transparency and fear that moderators will and have abused such a list. On the other hand there is a valid fear of disclosing such a list since that could quite easily back fire and hand out a "Blueprint". So its pretty clear there is a trust issue on both sides here. However one side is claiming to be taking steps now so it would probably be better to take the tried and true "wait and see approach".

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  2. 3 minutes ago, R31N said:

    You can read my post above. The rework didn t help the nuking problem, they just did it. If i have to chase mobs to hit spores, I can kill the mobs as well with my sword, spores or no spores.

    What word of the 'builds become narrow, available builds become less when at the same time we have more mods than ever' you don't understand?
    You think this is for the game's good?

    If you're not going to be more specific on the mission type then I can't help you.
    And I don't know where you are having trouble nuking. She's much better at murdering things with her abilities now.

  3. 2 minutes ago, blaes said:

    It's not about disagreeing, it's about nitpicking while showing blatant ignorance on the subject.

    damage ramp-up (particularly visible against high level enemies).

    I am personally very satisfied with the direction saryn is taking, but she still suffers from a few problems with spores (notably the disparity between damage ramp-up and decay or the difficulty in spreading it after a recast if it's been well ramped up).

    Wasn't directed at you, but I feel her damage ramp up shines against higher level stuff.

  4. Spore changes are spot on.
    I initially thought the change death no longer propagating spores would be a problem, but after some usage and build adjustment (that's a thing you can do people) the recast combined with the improved/less buggy range I realized that its not there as a nerf to saryn, but its kind of there to prevent spores from going out of control and subsequently requiring an actual nerf. You can build up damage quite quickly, and if you aren't one of those dorks that stink at energy management, you can build up spores damage quite quickly and turn her one into a sneeze of death, which in early levels usually results in you wiping the very memory of the bloke from existence (in short for early to mid game stuff you may want to tone it down for better results nothing new here with that though, she's always was, and still is, Princess Overkill).

    You do have to take a more active role in spreading spores, but they are overall much more rewarding, and actively spreading spores isn't really an issue since toxic lashes duration has been buffed significantly and can be used on guns now too.

    Nothing to say about Molt, the augment is still a cornerstone of the ability, but it provides a lot more utility now which was always its purpose.

    Toxic lash is a monster as usual.

    I actually use miasma... sorta... kinda... everyonce in a while... Ok that skill could probably still use something tbh, but the rework is still fresh and I'm still tinkering.

    Nice to see all the "Frame is dead to me now" "She's nerfed!" comments as usual. Never change Warframe community. Actually no that's a lie, please stop its embarrassing.

  5. I'm more positive with some of the ideas being presented now that I have had more time to think about them. I still have some ok a lot of concerns and ideas I think should be taken into acount with this rework. Below is some of them.

    The combo counter idea is ok, but if, and only if, the substantially increased damage is at minimum, greater than or equal to, the damage bonus any given weapon would have achieved at 3X or a 3.5X combo multiplier, ideally it should represent the 4X multiplier since that's about the norm I get for extended missions (like seriously I regularly get there by roughly 15 minutes of a survival) I understand this may be difficult to balance with the charge attack, but remember to take into consideration that your combo multiplier is going to be expended in one attack.

    One of the most important issues with melee, especially with reduced range, is being able to close the gap between you and an enemies with guns which is a majority of the enemies in the game. Perhaps it wouldn't be a bad idea to have all melee weapons carry a passive buff to things like sprint speed (in a similar vein to the kogake prime and the telos boltace's passive), jumping, bullet jumps, and parkour velocity relative to the melee weapons innate or potential ranges, shorter range weapons give a bigger buff, while longer range melee weapons give less or perhaps even no buff. I also think that this is a good opportunity to blend melee with the games parkour system more. Perhaps these's buffs get disabled when you block as a balancing factor (or in the case of sword and shields: don't get that penalty). Also being able to keep your momentum while attacking needs to be good in order to keep in the fight.

    Preserving life strike as a mechanic is a priority that is going to have to be tackled, since without the ability to hit through walls and having a reduced range means that cover isn't as accessible as an option when playing with melee combat: you are going to take damage even with increased movement speed and gap closers there's going to be considerable wear and tear (especially later in the game) when you get into the thick of it.

  6. Not at all a fan of the melee combo counter not effecting base attack damage, I'm mixed on the power attacks using combo counters, mixed on the channeling (life strike?), the dive attacks are hekking cool, I'm mixed on the range thing and not hitting through walls, memeing strike was never going to last, I'm all for more universal combo inputs so long as those inputs still let you use some of the freaking awesome combos in things like defiled snapdragon and final harbinger. I still haven't finalized my thoughts on this but they are mostly on the negative end of the spectrum.

  7. 9 minutes ago, Knight_Ex said:

    Ok Im tired of you trying to lotter or pound your chest cause you think its a big deal that you were around for her previous rework,  I'm about to take you down a peg so prepare yourself for a reaming,

    - Your so called previous rework was Saryns very first large rework which altered her entire kit and not just slight rewards on her 4th ability [She had like 4 I believe]

    - Your bragging about a rework from a frame that was 1-2 years without any drastic changes, which doesn't amount to much, almost in the vein of Mags first rework, when your starting on the bottom the only way to go was up

    - Her rework was merely a press 4 to win removal which everyone abused the hell out of, of course there would be complaints, its like the ones that were *@##$ing about world on fire changes

    - Spores were not utilized to begin with the complaints revolved around her 4 changes

    - Her only real rework was done in Update 17, anything else are considered fixes

    So get off your high horse, your not some kind of vetern that survived the war, no one cares that you happened to be around during her changes, or the only changes that really mattered, again if your bragging about slight updates and tweaks to her kit then you don't have anything to brag about as no other changes were as substancial as this, aside from the upcoming ones. for the record her last major rework wasn't "last year" it happened 2 years ago.

    I never said her rework was last year so why even bring that up. Most of the people here are claiming nonsense, yourself included, that these changes were done because of survival onslaught, when it's been displayed multiple times this is not the case. Many of these reactions are not very well thought out and knee jerk (nothing new there, even i initial was hesitant about the viral corrosive swap and then I actually sat down and thought about it). We are here doubting the guy responsible for two of the strongest scaling frames in the game (nidus, harrow) and the man responsible for her first rework. I'm not pounding my chest I'm telling you history is going to repeat itself, and that you should be a lot more careful and think a lot more critically about where you stand.

  8. 12 minutes ago, Keltik0ne said:

    Yea, I got 1 thing wrong, something you didn't notice and admitted it.

    Feel free to consider what you have written.

    I have pointed out the toxic lash changes several times before you got around to noticing it, and if you think you have been wrong about only one thing here your still in the crowd of knee jerking that the many of the people who doubted her last rework fell into.

  9. 4 minutes ago, Konachibi said:

    Well here's another thing for you, Saryn's passive prolonges the duration of elemental effects on enemies.  For Toxic, that means it does damage for longer before coming off, for Viral it means that enemy has 50% less health for longer, for Corrosive it doesn't do jack-s**t after the initial small reduction in armour so what's the point in making the wibbly-wobbly green fuzz around an enemy last longer?

    Her passive wouldn't matter now for any element on her 1 since it has infinite duration now. The ability her viral is attached to is again a burst so her passive works well on that now.

  10. 1 minute ago, Konachibi said:

    Except that's her 4 ability, the one with the highest cost that you can't always cast, especially around Energy Leech Eximus.  A 25 energy ability that can spread across multiple rooms and drop the health of Eximus and Elite enemies is better than a shorter range one that costs a lot of energy that you likely won't have around those same Eximus units.  Also Viral procs can stack (So 10,000 health becomes 5,000 health which then becomes 2,500 health on another proc, and so on), so why not keep Spore as Viral and also make Miasma Viral.  That's a far better synergy for a Spore + Miasma combo.

    All in all, Saryn shouldn't even do Corrosive damage, she should be just doing Toxic, Viral and Gas.

    Having both toxin and gas would be redundant. Having the ability to put three procs on an enemy (two of those procs being combined elments) and she's always had corrosive in her kit. Maybe complain more about miasma's cost if you have that much upkeep trouble with saryn.

  11. Just now, Knight_Ex said:

    Your forgetting the fact that old Saryn you could stack damage, there was a reason for that viral proc, we don't need anymore damn stripping armor abilities, its just a cop out for getting rid of her viral spreading capabilities.

    Good lord next week can't come soon enough so I can show some of you people why your wrong instead of just having to repeat why most if not all the  things are changing are great for her kit.

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  12. 3 minutes ago, Konachibi said:

    So then why bother giving it a proc at all?  Why not just make it do unmitigated damage to anything it touches instead of giving it a specific elemental type?  The old Viral proc meant that ridiculously tanky enemies like Bombards and Napalms were actually killable, where as now it'll mean your gun will do like... 1 or 2 more damage than before the proc because armour scaling is and always had been terrible.

    Which is why she still has a viral proc in her kit and it's now attached to her burst abbility which is where viral procs actually shine. You don't need viral procs for the numerous small fry. And heavy gunners are tankier than the two you mentioned.

  13. 3 minutes ago, Konachibi said:

    utterly useless on Infested.

    The proc won't be seen as useful (well actually juggernaut) but it's damage will actually be better against the infested.

    Corpus don't matter either way (they do have a handful armored units) since Saryn comes with toxin damage which is why she's effective against them.

  14. 58 minutes ago, Keltik0ne said:

    You seem to have missed the point of my post, that corrosive spores will be less useful on onslaught than the current viral, easier spread and recastable version. 

    Guess what, they will be less useful, even with miasma being viral, since you can currently spread viral goodness around the whole map with a few casts, using toxic lash and a long ranged melee to maintain energy (and health if you use the right melee build).

    Taking away the recast and swapping to corrosive is a nerf, straight up, to the mode I was talking about and while it's probably needed (sporeyn is devastating in it) it is in no way a buff.

    In onslaught, you know, what I mentioned. 

    Edit: however, having just reread the new lash ability, it has insane damage potential, miasma and molt are not going to be greatly useful, but lash, that;s scary if it makes it to live. 

    In fact, it has to potential to be really, really game breakingly OP, I admit I missed it totally in the spore change, I mean, dear god, it has the potential to be by far her most damaging ability.

    Maybe read in more detail and take time to think about things before spouting nonsense. It's starting sound like the people who freaked out over her first changes. Don't end up being like them.

    If you have used Saryn for a long time, and tapped into what the entirety of what her kit can do, instead of swallowing meta cookie cutter nonsense you would know this is a buff.

  15. 1 minute ago, Keltik0ne said:

    Odd changes, spores is a straight up nerf given that viral works on every enemy type, corrosive is only really useful on armoured.

    Gonna need a lot of testing, but looks like the rework is only there to nerf onslaught runners.

    She still has viral in her kit, if you actually had a deeper understanding of her kit you would know that she's going to be just as effective onslaught if not more so (and we'll pretend this wasn't in the works since February 16th) viral is still in her kit and attached to burst damage where viral actually shines, while a new corrosive proc is attached to a multi tick infinite ticking dot which is where corrosive shines. This is a buff. You can pretend otherwise like the people with the last rework did, but it's a buff.

  16. 49 minutes ago, Morthal said:

    I've watched the pre-show, have posted a video clip of it for all to see here. If need to understand the basics of Viral v.s. Corruption status, check out the Warframe Wiki, then you won't even have to watch the clip, in order to know that this is a nerf. Just in case you're too lazy or reluctant to rereading the Wiki, 25% of current armor is removed per affliction of corrosive, which needs no refresh obviously. Viral status afflictions need to be refreshed but temporarily cut the enemies total health by half. Already, we can see that within the same time frame of 1 second/ one tick, that a Viral proc is more effective overall. 

    Watch the clip I posted earlier to see that no matter what the enemy level is, even 9999, 25% of CURRENT armor will be reduced per tick of Saryn's Spore. This is highly ineffective at armor stripping in comparison to all the alternatives already in game. Making Saryn a redundant 4th skill nuke spammer, probably seems cool though, right? 😆

    Surprise suprise I actually use her as a melee tank. Never used her for her 4 spam. Had to argue with dorks why her first rework would, and did, leave her in a better place  than before. And I'll do it here too if I have too.

    Of course only 25% of armor get reduces per tick that's how corosive procs work, that's how they've always worked.

    The corrosive procs stripped a level 1000 gunner of the entirety of its armor, so thinking that her new spore is going to be bad at reducing armor is just an incredible lack of critical thinking. This will give her more avenues to fight armored targets (and will help deal with some bosses and minibosses by reducing/stripping their armor)

    Spores tick multiple times quite quickly and with near infinite duration in the mix you want a status proc that benefits being proced multiple times in a short amount and not just a timer refresh, so things like toxin, slash, or corrosive would be the best here. Viral shines with a short burst of aoe damage and good news it's attached to Saryn's miasma which is exactly that.

    Her strength in fighting corpus is unchanged... Wait actually it's not.. it's buffed because that actually came from saryn's abillity to deal toxin damage through molt or toxic lash (which apparently you dinguses don't use a lot, seriously what the hekk!?) and toxic lash is getting its effect doubled for melee and can now be applied to you guns, if you have any trouble killing the corpus before or especially after this rework you are...


    Don't play video games anymore...

    The infested are actually interesting to this equation since they pretty much die quickly no matter what but spore will be just as effective against them, if not more effective, than before because while they get 50% less max hp they also have a 50% damage resistance to viral, but their fossilized units take a 75% damage bonus from corrosive.

    So not only do the factions she fights get just as much if not more damage from this rework she actually gets considerably more utility against them, She also gets 1 more status proc, a better molt (which was good before you dorks), a toxic lash that can be applied to your guns (and is even better for melee now), and a miasma that does something useful.

    But no, you have to go with the standard fair warframe community knee jerking bs and call it, of all things, a "nerf". You should be ashamed of yourself.

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