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  1. Nevermind. Turns out after you complete the first section, the urn UNEQUIPS ITSELF. Why you would EVER, EVER, EVER want that, is... well you wouldn't ever want that. Bad programming. Still counts as a bug.
  2. According to the wiki, the second targets Railgun MOA, Hyekka Master, and Brood Mother. I drew Hyekka master, and I have killed way more than 20. Today alone I've run 40+ waves of Hydron on Sedna, and by the 3rd wave, there's a Hyekka master in every wave. By 12 more than once per wave, and am hunting these things down at the spawn points, listening for them, to ensure I personally get the kill for them. I'm picking up 1-2 Hyekka Master kills per wave, so around 40 Hyekka Masters today alone, but I've had this urn filling for weeks. Through all of Nightwave the Emissary. So now what, do I abandon the quest? Can I start it again without losing the map I bought? How do I get this quest to work? Can you just gimme the damned Inaros and we can skip section 3, sincs I've killed probably 300 of the (20) goal kills by now? gdamn.
  3. Ping tests did not reveal high ping on my end. Issues persisted. I cannot just always be host in order to make sure levels progress and rewards are received. These issues need work.
  4. Jump into game, drop in at the moment the prelate is first defeated. Everyone moves through the door. It shuts and wont open for me. All the other doors in the area will open, not that one. I exit the area, hit Repeat Mission. Very Very long load time. Dropped into another group, doing final battle with prelate. Dealing heavy damage. Prelate dies. Item drops. Stand directly on item. Walk through it twice. Finally it vanishes. End level. Didn't get the drop. Standard thieving lag bullS#&$ affects Gauss more, because of his potential for outstripping the games capacity to load? Cannot attach Screenshot. Insert image from URL? You want I should sign up for a Photobucket account? Is this 1997?
  5. Middle of Rotation C, Group at point C was pathing to A, but after disconnect, pathed the longest possible route back to it's origin at point C. On disconnect from host (from host leaving at exit point), all other players disconnected from me. Group at B remained unharmed, but on escorting to ship, did not count, no reward given. During escort of Group from point B to A, announcement that a pet belonging to a disconnected player had died. New group at B, Faction spawned in, killed one of them, mission recorded as failed (previously showing 2/10 dead, the third of 10 counted as mission failed). Kicked out of mission, with only Rotation A reward.
  6. Ran Sanctuary Onslaught today and yesterday over a dozen times each. Here are the bugs I ran into: Being pulled into the portal although nowhere near it (operator/void mode bug) Round indicator not updating( A LOT ) Not receiving rewards (A LOT) My favorite case so far, Round was not updating starting at round 2. By round 4 (still showing round 2) half the players had quit. After several more rounds completed (Round 7 still showing 2), new (different) players were allowed to join mid game. 2 rounds later round updated to 9. Round ceased to update at this point. Received 3 rewards. Host Disconnect Effects of abilities not updating properly. Nightwave objectives starting over throughout the match ( 500 Kills ) Lag, enemies standing still, Saryn spores floating in the air everywhere. I saw a mirage, flanked by 4 headless dolls instead of duplicate images.
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