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  1. Flameduel

    TennoBaum WishList repository

    Merry Tennobaum Flameduel's very special Tennobaum wishlist! (pc Flameduel): ~Ikea Frame!!! I will take any decorations you can throw at me, AND I will place it down in a visible spot for everyone to see. TRY ME~ ~Warframe Articulas, Noggles, and planters. ~ You can use /profile Flameduel allows you to see my wishlist for more specific Items ~ Just like everyone else, I have a very special gift they want but don't expect to get. Garuda collection, I don't own Garuda, I want that sigil and weapons and syandana, and I want those specific boosters because of all the things I need to level, and who hates getting a credit booster. once again, Try my ikea powers :b
  2. Flameduel

    TennoBaum WishList repository

    @Leyvonne Thank you SO much for this!!
  3. but you COULD get the platinum from other players by trading, that is what I am getting at. your Tennogen is F2P friendly since you can get platinum by putting some effort into the game and trading. We can't trade for plat and buy the tennogen, of course if you use 60$ to get the plat and then tennogen we can do the same, we just skip the plat part. What I am saying is you have that option, if a F2P only player played the game on PC, they have absolutely no way of getting tennogen unlike consoles.
  4. The difference is, we can't pay plat for our tennogen. so we have to use real money that we put into steam to get it, meaning we can't F2P the tennogen stuff. Which is fine because it is cosmetic, but you do have that advantage.
  5. He is on PS4 where it does not cost real money on steam, it cost plat for console players and so they can gift tennogen. That is the one downside for us PC players.
  6. Flameduel

    TennoBaum WishList repository

    PC Flameduel's wishlist: I honestly don't care, I just love Ikea frame so if you were to send me something from articula and Noggles, to argon crystal decor and polymer bundle decor is an easy choice to send. Feed my addiction lol. -My wishlist in warframe has specific decorations I want, but to save your time my favorite frames are Nezha and Ivara when it comes to Noggles. -A reactor would be amazing since I need one for my pet moa. -Garuda Collection (though this is something I don't expect to get) -if your willing to send slots, I just have to ask not warframe slots please, I have plenty
  7. Flameduel

    The New Sword Crafting Cost

    You are forgetting a point though, we already spend ducats to get weapons, I believe there is one that takes 500 ducats. fine, maybe having it 1000 is a bit much and 500 would be all it needed. But saying ducats should never be in the crafting because it is currency is basically saying we should not have baro, or removing the... well... credit cost on EVERY SINGLE THING YOU CRAFT because it is also a currency with value.