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  1. People are not thinking about this, while yea this might be a way to get platinum, the question is how will contracts work. Will you even be able to hold more than one contract whether by killing or trading? If not that means the grind still will be killing the lich till you get a good one because people will not want to buy weapons below 50% unless they are going for mastery fodder for like 20 plat. Not a hate, I will be farming them all myself because I enjoy doing something not Hydron. Just a curious thing to think of while we do not know how it works.
  2. I love playing with friends, we usually just chat about random stuff as we grind out the game and it is always fun for me. I also love Nezha, Daikyu, Guandao, and Hystrix. :D Corinth is a fun weapon for me, and I have been enjoying Vauban's vortex. Nothing makes me enjoy a game more than being able to play with my food, and even more so when they are ragdolled. thanks Booben, you are my lord and savior in this department. I love how this game is free and I can do basically anything I want, I loved how even when Nezha was one of the worst frames in the game I was still able to main him just fine since his release. Thanks DE :D
  3. thanks for the suggestion, I am going to try this next time I have to level a batch of weapons. Which is probably when I get the forma to forma my kuva weapons XD
  4. This might have been a joke, but they have always been able to do this. Nullifiers are really strong
  5. Oh no I did not make this for any specific reason because the game does a pretty good job at tracking anyways, the probability calculator is probably where most of it's use is at, It's just nice seeing what stuff you mods you can use to get the most results maybe
  6. I am sorry to all those who tried to catch my attention by asking for permissions >.< you know who you were and yea apparently Google turned off public access for no reason. It should be back up now
  7. I mean, not entirely. They are about half an half, they fix important bugs, and on release of stuff they usually spend a week to refine it if not two if it really had a bumpy start. Yet they have a track record of going back to fix stuff, but when they do it usually is because they are adding more stuff to it as well. I recon it's because the people asking for new content is generally louder than the people asking for stuff like that to be fixed, and so this happened. new content. made to be played for a couple of months and not a week. They are polishing it, there will probably be a patch later today with some fixes as well.
  8. I will go through each one and basically tell what I thought of each of them while reading 1.1. Fair, lichs are a bit of a time commitment so I some people might not have the time to hard grind it. Though a lich a week for a year is probably good enough as is, and a much more passive way of dealing with em. 1.2 This one actually is not a bug but a quirk! which they actually tell you (though it could explain a little better what each quirk actually means so if you were to counter argument this with that, don't bother I already understand that). That reddit post if you read the comments proves that you are wrong. The quirk is paranoia and on the wiki is says it kills fellow Grineer, but there is a good chance as it basically makes him a neutral unit and kills any allies or enemies. 2. I mean fair, normally I would say just forma your favorite but it does have mastery on it. so I'll just leave this one. 3. I am just going to quote my reaction to this 1:1, "Oh no, 10 minutes." 4. for the most part I do not care about the stealing mechanic, I get everything back anyways. so go ahead, steal 750k creds from me. Though I guess I am in the minority that plans on letting them tax me for a couple of months to a year just to see the reward list afterword. Also he is a villain, he should be ticking you off. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 5. Honestly of all complaints I have seen from this update from all of the forums I have seen, this is the most true one of them all. Most of them do not even look to far different. I hope the split the rewards and remove the Requim mods from the market in general. 6. Bugframe ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Extra: Look, I've never had fun with Vauban beforehand. This could be that in general his kit was just boring and I did not take a chance with him, now they added new stuff, specifically the orbital strike, I took another look at him. Which I guess is something to think about, sometimes pulling in a person in interest of one ability to learn he likes another ability sooo much better is not a bad thing. Orbital strike, fun gimmick of flying in the sky as an habachi attack helicopter. However, thanks to orbital strike (for how bad it is for damage), I got to mess with Vortex a bunch more and man. I love vortex. So I guess simply put, because of the rework I am more willing to play him? Fun is my main thing, Meta is not really in my dictionary as a person who mained Nezha on release. Though this part is just opinionated so I don't expect you to agree with any of it.
  9. Nah, people hate grinding the same thing over and over again. They would rather go to Hydron and level a bunch of weapons.
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