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  1. Flameduel

    The New Sword Crafting Cost

    You are forgetting a point though, we already spend ducats to get weapons, I believe there is one that takes 500 ducats. fine, maybe having it 1000 is a bit much and 500 would be all it needed. But saying ducats should never be in the crafting because it is currency is basically saying we should not have baro, or removing the... well... credit cost on EVERY SINGLE THING YOU CRAFT because it is also a currency with value.
  2. Flameduel

    I call for a boycott on the fomorian!

    OR, maybe that is the exact logic that makes us think, maybe DE delayed fomorian to finish already planned events and then send it at stratos. Like this is it's testament that decides if it get's it's immunity (if there truly is one), but this one time it does not have it.
  3. Flameduel

    I call for a boycott on the fomorian!

    I don't know if anyone else will join me, but I will fall with this ship! the SS Titanic Project!
  4. Flameduel

    I call for a boycott on the fomorian!

    I have a feeling that if we actually tried not trying to beat it, that it would actually destroy it. there has been times where it barely going down and at the last day lose more health than almost all the other days combines. I think that happenes when people are like, "Whelp, time to stop being lazy and get my free reward." I like to take this guy's attitude about it.
  5. It is a simple explanation, we worked hard to rebuild the relay, we got the rewards for doing it, is there any other point to having it? Let us have the fomorians destroy the relay!
  6. Flameduel

    So...the Fomorian event?

    It would be amazing if fomorian goes for the newly built relay the day of the removal of the event and it open up to all other players. even better if it were to be destroyed too XD
  7. Flameduel

    We All Lift Together

    Steve says they owe us everything, but for what kind a paywall they put down for warframe, or lack of, where I as a player am mastery 21 almost 22 and The one time I payed 50$ into the game, I couldn't help myself and used all of it on cosmetics. They strike a balance where you never feel like they are cash grabbing you. Though the opportunity is there if you need that little nudge, as the only time I bought ever that was not cosmetic with MY money was Nidus, because he looked so cool and I didn't like to farm him.
  8. Flameduel

    We All Lift Together

    I loved it. Reminds me of the old "Diggy Diggy Hole" from the yogcast, whether or not you guys know it. By that it reminds me of some kind of dwarvish theme.