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  1. Flameduel

    So...the Fomorian event?

    It would be amazing if fomorian goes for the newly built relay the day of the removal of the event and it open up to all other players. even better if it were to be destroyed too XD
  2. Here is a better idea, and this is an actual legit thing that works in regular games. You guys remember that laser people always says to NEVER USE in the void defence tileset? https://imgur.com/a/GeOrmbq USE IT!!
  3. https://imgur.com/a/yTZydRL need I say more? So jokes aside, that is a situation that (hopefully) never happens. But I have got it up to 50k with more logical testing. After playing a few games with it, I absolutely love it. That health boost makes me want to use vitality because the health after is nearly as much as Nidus, (925). The animations are so smooth, but still have the feeling of the old summoning jutsu dance animations from before. The abilities feel playable, and I love the duration based (and recast-able) fire walker ability. I love how the Chakram has a aim on enemies, while it is not perfect though. I also love my energy never feels like it is running out because of the stack that it can place, as well as the tankiness of Nekros with the amount of health drops. I could complain about his 3 got nerfed with the 90%, but it was one of those things where it sounds bad on paper, but it practice what it gained beats it by a lot. 1. we can actually see the amount we have (thanks pablo). 2. we have an instant invincibility before and after the halo is added AND removed. and it has a damage multiplier scaling with ability strength. and his 4, it is basically the same as before but just instant now. Also no hard stop after it ends. All and all, 100% pleased, I wanted nezha to get a buff because with me being unbiased, I knew he wasn't that strong before. Still being unbiased, I personally thing he went from unplayable to playable. biased opinion though, he went from a really fun frame, to a REALLY fun frame.
  4. Flameduel

    Which warframes have your favorite themes/personalities?

    https://imgur.com/a/pPsIKtN Nezha is my most favorite, I like his agility and I like his real life of lore of Nezha. I find him cool and he is a lot of fun to play. Ivara is my second favorite, my favorite class in any game is the archer ones, I love bows and if I had to pick my favorite it would be a traditional long bow (*cough* *cough* Daikyu) my third favorite is Frost. I got his prime from the twitch prime thing, and I have not heard of the PoE at this point, even though I have played the game before. Like a lot of people, I picked up the game, thought it was interesting but not my style, and put the game down. He was so much to play, I kinda wish Frost was a starter frame instead of either mag or volt because he is a very good frame to have and fun. You could say that he got me addicted to Warframe, so my love is sentimental value.
  5. Flameduel

    fashion frame

    I am quoting your name. When I took a second look at the photo you posted, I saw you name and profile pic. Perfect
  6. Flameduel

    fashion frame

    While we are talking about fashion Frame, here is my Nezha. (Personally it looks better in game.)
  7. Flameduel

    fashion frame

    I recommend adding a Spoiler tab to this
  8. https://imgur.com/a/uXMQr9r You can see at the top the umbral chestpeice attachment, all the wavy stuff is the rift but in the wavy there is a clear pattern in it that is not like the rest. Edit: I should note this is a pattern that appears all over,
  9. I'll see what I can do
  10. yea, I tested, and from what I saw his back also has stuff on it
  11. When you mix the two, the rift sigil lights up some kind of symbol on umbra that I don't see when I put rift on others. Is this anything or am I thinking too much into it?
  12. That's deep. I do agree that doing radshares would have been better, though since I had a lot, and I was having troubles getting to join me. I just thought, "The chances that with 10% that 1/13 will be one is pretty good." I just forgot that this is the one game RNGesus wants to play with me on.
  13. guess I can't beat that lol
  14. That totaled 20, idk why you said 7 and this was all my relics
  15. I just expirienced the definition of "Spiraling into a state of just going mad." today laughing while crying, head lying on my hand in awe while my mouth is just smiling, all along with just taking a realization of what just happened with, why did this happen to me I had 13 radiant relics for vauban chassis, I ran them in a row, not a single one was the chassis. I follow it with running one mission immediately after with this complete random relic that came as an exceptional relic, not expecting relic, immediately after that 13 radiant relics I get a rare... mirage blueprint, and that is when my mind snapped... I think I am dead inside not to mention I ran 7 radiant relics for the systems and also didn't get that either I now have no relics for either of them now and out of luck, thoughts?