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  1. My group of Public four finished the second fissure Iso Vault and then afterwards the Escape Key stopped working which meant I could not enter the Menu. It also stopped me from Leaving the Squad to get back into the Necrolisk because of it.
  2. Yep, now whites are washed out grey.
  3. Word. Cyberpunk 2077 next month, Warhammer 2 getting one in 2 weeks. Going to be busy with new games.
  4. On Uranus when I used the Agkuza underwater I sometimes experienced a strange grinding noise while using melee in Sharkwing. This might also apply to other arch-melee in Sharkwing mode but I have only used the Agkuza when I experienced it the one time.
  5. Please please take another look at knockback for some weapons DE. Example 1: Zakti Prime - You release a weapon where the gas clouds open up finishers yet the gas clouds stagger you when you get close enough to perform a finisher. Example 2 - Astilla - A rapid fire explosive shotgun that I used to enjoy yet now whenever an enemy gets close or I fire at a close bit of terrain while I shoot it staggers me. Why use it over another rapid fire weapon that I can use at close-range like Stradavar Prime? Knockback for rockets/grenade launchers, OK sure that seems thematic. Knockback for
  6. I'll stick up for them when they are being attacked needlessly.
  7. Its clear you do not understand what the word 'detail' means in this regard. Let me give you a clue, in this instance it doesn't mean a technical term. OK? Think of it like a painting. There is no sharpening in paintings. Now i'll ask again which one has more detail?
  8. Somehow you believe the people responsible for download sizes are the same ones responsible for fixing bugs. How cute.
  9. Another person who didn't read the patchnotes.
  10. I was using the Cryotra on Dethcube Prime on Hydron.
  11. Some skins take a long time to get accepted, Zephyr Blade of the Lotus skin has been through several iterations since 2018 for example.
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