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  1. Why can't we use archguns in archwing mode in the open world areas PoE, Orb Vallis but can on the ground? Any news on arch-melee being available everywhere just as archguns are?
  2. Awaiting the current replies of 'Why didn't X get in?' To answer, its up to the creators to A] Make their creations compatible with the rules and B] They have to do it in time for when their creations get picked. Its also possible that their creations will get overlooked so that new creators get a chance to showcase their work and the time available to make sure they get in game over working on Warframe and its many bugfixes and new features.
  3. Bad idea. Also not really the right place for such a discussion.
  4. Melee questions I believe automatic block was a mistake and that we still need to control when we block so that weapons like the Silva and Aegis Prime which get bonuses to blocking can reach the same potential as they did before and indeed blocking as a whole needs to be made more satisfying, so will there be some looking at blocking? We can currently wield a gun and glaive at the same time so is there any chance it will be extended to all weapons? We can currently use archwing guns on normal maps so will we get the chance to use archwing melee on normal maps? Coming back to archwing weapons why cannot we use them when in archwing mode on open world maps? This seems unintended. Also Warframe cloakroom in Dojo?
  5. Except Excalibur Umbra has different abilities and polarity layout.
  6. There was some talk in the last devstream about new Umbra Warframes. How they will be gained would present an opportunity. The Void, Lua and Kuva Fortress are currently underutilized. Could it be that we could open vaults in the Void/Derelict/Lua/Kuva Fortress with void keys from Orokin Vaults in order to gain said Umbra parts? Im not worried about Umbra weapons and think there really shouldn't be any [or they should be extremely rare like the Skiajati and only obtainable in quests/special events] but nonetheless Umbra frames have the opportunity to reinvigorate [for the most part imo] these over-looked areas after people have stopped farming argon crystals/farmed Kavat DNA/killed sentients/farmed Kuva.
  7. i like it as it follows the original design ethic of Warframe.
  8. When will the Cadus from China Warframe like the Zhuge make it into the global build? https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Cadus
  9. Currently Ceres has Vor and Kril together as bosses. I feel that maybe a Dr. Tengus boss for that planet might be a more imaginative option as well as giving more info about him. Also could we ever see the Cadus staff from Chinese Warframe make an appearance especially since the Trinity spectre for the junction wields it as a weapon in global Warframe?
  10. Could we get the Cadus staff from China warframe released onto global warframe like the Zhuge and Umbra already have? The Trinity spectre already wields one on her junction so it is disappointing not to be able to in turn in the same game. Also what happened to the Nemesis system?
  11. The Cadus staff is currently wielded by the Trinity spectre at a junction and was exclusive to China Warframe. Like the Zhuge can it finally make its way into the game available to players?
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