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  1. Not really. Concepts that are not being worked on to be an in-game asset [AKA modelling] go in the Fan Zone part of the forum.
  2. i like it, unfortunately Vlada is well-known as a back-seat designer that constantly wheedles for people to change something to his/her preferred way.
  3. I believe a lot of people are advocating for more depth, finish and bugfixes for the systems and gameplay in the game atm and I will put my voice to that. We already know new content in the form of Plains of Duvirii are coming so there is no excuse not to strengthen the foundations this year. Speaking of things already in game could we see the Cadus from China Warframe be available to use since the Trinity Spectre at the junction already wields it? The replacement for channeling that was being worked upon is something I am eager to find more about. For Dojo's there was a mention of a Dojo somachord in 2018. Why can we only build one of every hall in a dojo? A Dojo minmap that can show upper and lower levels would be nice. Could we add buildable Dojo warframe statues like the Loki statue in the Temple of Honour [would be nice to be able to choose the statue or not] or ones from the Relays. The rooms need to be able to have tighter building as sometimes there is room but it won't let you build. More Dojo npcs? Could we have a choice to have doors in our dojo? Id like to be able to see a great big corridor that stretches into the distance. Dojo Duel Room could be better. Regarding Warframes, Vaubans Bastille was apparently still broken. Mirage's Hall of Mirrors and Eclipse are mis-tagged as damaging abilities, so that she won't turn invulnerable upon switching to Operator. Warframe articulas can not longer show exalted weapons since they were made separately moddable [Id include Garuda in this possibly]. Could Garuda have riven mods for her talons? Operators scaffold meshes are still broke. How about a aesthetic option for bald operators? Also why can I no longer use a mouse melee button to activate finishers and stealth attacks? I have to use my 'Use' key everytime now. For pets I believe sentinels should be revivable like other companions as currently they are no real use for endless/high level missions.
  4. There are a lot of unresolved bugs at the moment relating to newer content [Ropalolyst fight, melee mouse button not activating finishers, Bastille still letting enemies through, ], can we expect more emphasis next year for bug fixing and iteration of existing content? New content is nice but bug build up affects the whole game. Will Chimera Prologue be made replayable? Helminth/Helminth cyst still has little point but alongside that can we expect a Helminth Kavat in the future? Can we expect a proper matchmaking and trade system that do not rely on chat text? Its nice to have the option but when looking for people with vaulted relics you cannot set up a match very easily without resorting to out of game options. Also will the Moral Alignment have a point? Id like to see universal medallions added to arbitration's because I want to avoid adding more relics to my inventory while also diluting my ayatan sculpture pool. Is this possible?
  5. Cannot perform finishers/stealth kills with mouse button when the option 'Melee With Fire Weapon Input' is selected. Might also apply to other fire weapon inputs.
  6. Currently the Cadus is only available in China Warframe much like Excalibur Umbra used to be and the Trinity Specter in a junction wields it. Is there any chance we will see it released in Global Warframe? On another note, since the last update Heists in Orb Vallis have been broken including Exploiter Orb and Phase 3 of Profit-Taker. Any ETA on that fix? On a related note on Phase 3 of Profit-Taker is there a chance we could not be stuck in the lift listening to the monotonous dialogue when we are trying to farm Phase 3 only to find that after we have left it the other players have completed it and are back at the lift so we get no rewards and so have to go through the same process again? In comparison Bounties let you leave the lift. On the subject of melee could the old Stamina mods be repurposed into upcoming Rage Mode mods? We can use arch-guns on normal missions but what about arch-melee? Could we pick between an arch-gun and an arch-melee for use on a mission in the future? Will the dual wield of a glaive and gun be extended to other melee weapons so you could have a Ninkondi + Gun, Dual Skana and Gun would let you use just one skana etc on those lines. Could all stances be gold mods so that people have a feeling they are not being penalised for using non-gold stances while also giving non-gold stances a equal chance of use? Same kind of thing with auras, Steel Charage gives the most mod points so imo all auras should be up to Steel Charge level. Could we add universal medallions to Arbitrations? I got too many relics already so I don't want more from disruptions and I need to thin out the ayatan treasure hoard I get from Arbitrations. The new content has also exposed imo how the chat trade and matchmaking system isn't really up to scratch for getting a game you want or an item to buy and sell. Its nice as an option but if you want to find certain people with a certain rare relic it is generally very difficult to find someone with new Requiem relic spam and so forth. Could there be a system for you to maybe create a match and then people can see it and save it and are informed when other people who want that match are online? Likewise Maroo's selling system could be extended to Fortuna and the other relays? Likewise putting up a sale in an proper trade window as an auction or whatever. Finally do you think you have bitten off more than you can chew with having Lich's, Empyrean and New War trying to come out in less than a quarter of a year?
  7. Doesn't look too bad to be honest, will have to see the first model for any decent critique.
  8. One of the problem with Lich's imo is that they are not as permanent as they should be. The Turtles have Shredder, Tom has Jerry, Rick has Morty. Stalker is a good example of what a Lich should be more like imo except less emo. A pop-up cartoon villain that stays with you for a long time until the day of reckoning many moons later where still you can let them live after a final battle so you can continue to fight them again for other rewards and to build up your own personal storyline, a lich that could even take part in other quests
  9. You mean to tell me that other games come out and people want to play them too! Say it ain't so!
  10. Right-click mouse button to remove mods in a config does not always work. In fact it is fairly consistent that it does not work, you can sometimes remove say the first 4 but the rest will not move [tried to remove mods on a Nidus] on config A and B. Tried again [after exiting upgrade screen] and right-clicking worked properly the next time around. Same session.
  11. Arc traps no longer leave damaged models when you destroy them or when they are used up.
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