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    Problem solved
  2. I agree, this is just amateurish design when left like this.
  3. Passive - Adaptation, [becomes more resistant to damage types inflicted on them], taken from @fellow1, its a good idea. 1. - Purification - Creates an expanding pulse of void energy. 2. - Curse - Enemies take more damage from damage types they are resistant to. 3. - Incorporeal - Just like the operator void mode, this Warframe is able to become invisible to enemies and sensors as well as resistant to all damage for a period. 4. - Combine - Become unbroken as one. Void tendrils lash out as this Warframe gains armour and shields in its final form while any weapons it holds become wreathed in void energy.
  4. Whats better than Scarlet Spear game-wise? Most things.
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