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  1. I had less of a problem with the timegating and more the issue I wasn't allowed to collect ALL the pieces of the Railjack and just construct it all at once, so all my timegates were consolidated. I'm fine waiting 3 days for a Warframe to be forged, I can just set and forget, but if they keep asking me to come back and press the go button every 6 hours I'm gonna get irritated. Pretty sure there was like, 3 warframe quests that did this bullS#&$, bringing things to screeching halt while you waited for one piece to be forged, then a quest, then the next piece. This
  2. Enceladus is in a unique situation where it possesses enough water on its surface, and in a close enough orbit to a giant like Saturn that the sheer pull of gravity from Saturn actually shifts some of Enceladus's mass around, causing friction and ultimately heat. Enough heat that it can melt ice under the right amount of pressure, allowing water to exist in a liquid state underneath a thick layer of ice, enabling the evolution of single-cell organisms and ultimately life. Normally, liquid water is only found in the Goldilocks Zone around stars like the Sun, where the planet is close
  3. Well, the only real limitation for Riven slots is database space in Warframe servers, so unless you can come up with some fancy and innovative ways to compress or store data in less space, there really isn't all that much to say on this topic; you'll get as many Riven slots as DE thinks they can spare. Personally, I'm a little baffled DE decided to add a thing that could eat up so much data storage when it's just an extra thing glued onto the side of the game rather than a core mechanic.
  4. Hordes factor into the equation pretty easily though, considering you can group them into their own entities, TTK to a group, rather than 1 enemy, is not too different. Armour rework would be welcome, since currently it's not very useful for balancing things and it isn't very interesting or dynamic; making it something akin to a health bar could provide more options for moderating damage, because currently all armour really does is make people bring corrosive, and it improves effective healing. Otherwise it's basically just more health. Which scales funny. Seeing if I can't math so
  5. I think Damage 3.0 is gonna need a bit more of a fundamental shake-down than a touch-up to some elements, in its essence, Damage boils down to a Time-To-Kill variable. You're basically trying to adjust how fast enemies and players die, and then giving both sides options to fight the death timer. Which means you going to have to adjust healing methods, crowd control, damage types and resistances, damage and defenses, mechanics and counter-mechanics, accuracy, fire rate, target prioritization. And then by extension, the energy system, since that governs the frequency of power use. H
  6. The topic of compensation probably needs to be added here, as DE appears to be terrified of violating the amount of time and energy players have invested in the game, and mods are a MASSIVE time and energy sink. Corrupted Mods are an RNG grindfarm that you need a full group for or risk not getting a drop at all, Nightmare Mods are even more annoying to acquire, then you've got the Primed Mods that consume a sizeable quantity of ducats which translates to a lot of prime farming, but then mountains and mountains of Endo to max it out. I don't think DE is going to be willing to change mods
  7. Damage can't really be examined in a vacuum though, you kind of need to look at the recovery and defense methods we have available. If we can go from 1% hp to 100% hp in one or two seconds, that basically sets the threshold at which enemies need to meet in order to even threaten your existence in the slightest; in other words, they have to kill you in under two seconds or they can't kill you ever, which is where all the one-hit-kills are actually originating from. If it takes you ten seconds to go from 1% hp to 100% hp, then you can drastically reduce the damage and turn it into a pr
  8. I reckon you should just give all infested the ability to walk on walls and ceilings. Imagine standing on some giant pillar and armies of chargers just pouring up the sides
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