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  1. This, and anything of a similar vein of thought of teamwork options, I heavily support. It'll be tricky to implement and use, but more options like these will really put the 'Co-op' in this game.
  2. I think I'd add wall-sliding. Like mag-lev sliding that warframes do, but since you're hooked up to an Archwing it'd be turned up to 13 and you could just glide along surfaces instead of smashing headlong into them. And maybe some better integration with the rest of the game so it's less of a gimmick, like you could land on surfaces and stick to them like false gravity, and have a variant of regular boots-on-the-ground gameplay interspersed with rocket propulsion and weaving between space. Kinda so you can Archwing and Warframe interchangeably with almost zero transition. Running around with an archwing strapped to your back might inhibit certain options, make a bit clumsier, so people don't just use 'em all the time.
  3. Been having some 'What if' thoughts and felt some worth sharing. What If: Return to Dedicated Melee as a Weapon-Switch mode. Melee Button does Light Attacks, Reload button does Heavy Attacks. Channeling used as 'Charge Attacks'; e.g. you hold down either attack button and that particular attack gets Channeled. Glaives might need some 'Hold Melee then press Shoot' to Throw them or something. Right Click is still Block and AimGlide Block. Left Click is Quick Shoot, like Quick Melee when in Gun Mode, where you immediately put the gun away after you stop shooting. And you know how in computer settings, you can adjust your 'Double-Click' interval time, is there something like that you can add as a setting in Options to fine-tune stuff like how long you have to hold the button for, before it registers as a Switch-to-Melee-Mode or Charge-Attack?
  4. Progress on Damage 3.0? Any plans to update/enhance matchmaking?
  5. After spending a bit more time with the melee system, I think I've come to the conclusion that I feel like I've lost control over my melee. Like melee has become just an auxiliary system plugged onto the side of gunplay, like Quick Melee, except now all we've got is quick melee. Autoblocking: - Something about it feels right, even its lack of reliability in some situations, if I'm getting it for free then I don't mind it being unreliable, as long as it doesn't get in the way of what I'm trying to do, animation locking or whatnot. But I think I need that block button back, something reliable, something I can interact with, give me some semblance of control over my actions in melee. And I don't want to sacrifice the flexibility of carrying guns with me, just to get this control back. Weapon-Switching: - Something about it feels magical, almost reminds me of Nier Automata, weapons teleporting out of your hands and back into their holsters with subtle ghostly effects, creating this surreal flow -but it also doesn't quite feel natural; maybe this is an animation problem or maybe I need to get used to it. This also ties into blocking somewhat, as accidentally switching to guns while you're trying to protect yourself and reposition is rather vexing; I kind of appreciated the soft-lock of equipping melee in the past, but I do like the versatility of being able to weave gunfire; maybe a Quick Shot button adding onto/replacing the Reload button while in Melee mode?. I think too many people are going to prefer too many different setups for these two systems to get fused/homogenized together. Channeling: - Like blocking, having this extra option to change up melee combat sort of gave me something else I could commit my attention to; momentary spikes of channeling interspersed with regular attacks when you feel a little extra power is needed in specific moments, like maybe boost your spin attack to weaken the group then hack each one down normally, or Channel a Finisher to Life Strike your health back to full. I kind of liked it being on the left click, l personally hate using the mouse wheel as a third button and any weapon that uses it kind of gets ignored -part of why Panthera is no longer my favourite weapon. However, this is probably going to be fixed in later phases where Channeling either gets removed or replaced entirely, I was mainly focusing on the tactics and control being muddled up.
  6. Melee feels meatier, like I'm actually slugging these poor fools, which is kinda awesome, and the effects look likewise awesome. Lack of a block button is kind of irking me, as much as I'm adoring the auto-block, I really did appreciate having some method of actively trying to protect myself, and most importantly, I'm sorely missing AimGlide with melee equipped. Soaring in with your guard up, and not having yourself super-zoomed in because you didn't have a gun out, lets you survey the battlefield better to help aim your slam attacks, and also lets you keep your guard up while flying. Also, I don't know if I'm hallucinating or remembering something incorrectly, but I feel like aerial attacks used to have more 'direction' to them, because I seem to recall bulletjumping at ceiling grates and meleeing through them, which I was not able to do. Now that slam attacks are getting some aiming and distance to them, a HUD indicator for when your attack is going to be a slam attack or an aerial attack would be nice. And Tatsu's stealth kill animations look odd, like a giant 2-handed katana is suddenly as light as a dagger.
  7. Is anything being done towards Damage 3.0? Weapons being made to be a little bit less Mastery-Fodder without needing a Riven to make them relevant again, combat difficulty being less about twitch reflexes with One-Hit-Kills running rampant, less necessity of invulnerability frames and outright immunity to mechanics? I do recall a distant devstream where it was vaguely mentioned, mostly about it being an intimidating venture that keeps getting put off, except I only see it getting more difficult the longer its avoided.
  8. Any news on Damage 3.0? All these updates are amazing, but the game inevitable boils back down to tripping over the same problems it's had for years, which inevitably push me away from the game again. And is there any plans for expanding upon the Tennogen concept, letting players build other things like missions and mods and damage systems and what have you? Maybe something like a Dojo upgrade, akin to the Obstacle Course, but you make your own missions for fun? Kind of like how they make those crazy sculptures of giant mechs and such.
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