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  1. There have been SO many suggestions for updates and changes and reworks to the energy/ability system, from tiny easy-to-implement ones to complete overhauls, and I don't recall DE even commenting about the discussions on any Devstreams or Primetimes. For some bizarre reason it seems they must want people to use Arcanes/Mods/Focus/Consumables to make the energy system even remotely manageable. Even on Primetimes, their own staff are seen furiously chugging Energy Restore consumables just so they can even cast abilities. It's not like they don't record statistics like power usage and mod usage and stuff, and it's not like they haven't been able to see patterns and correlations in the data. Ideally, in order for Warframe to be fun and playable, it shouldn't REQUIRE anything. Mods and stuff should just be a difficulty-modifier, not a gameplay-enabler. If I have to put Hunter's Adrenaline and Rejuvenation and Lifestrike on EVERY WARFRAME AND MELEE WEAPON, just to have CONSISTENT power usage, is that supposed to be considered normal? I essentially have to use Mods to avoid the entire energy system. Just so I can use powers somewhat frequently. And that setup only works when you're either tanky enough to take the hits, or the enemies aren't one-shotting you anyways. In which case you're stuck with Energy Restores. Grinding resources, to Craft Energy Restores, just so that you can use abilities. And then they flood the place with Nullifiers and Arcane Disruptors anyway.
  2. The energy economy's been broken since forever, and they just keep coming up with new ways to avoid fixing the problem. Either you have no energy, or you have infinite energy. There is no real grey area here. When you have no energy, the game is a relatively boring slog of a third-person shooter that has nifty parkour. When you have infinite energy, the game is an absolute cakewalk and you're constantly getting annoyed about all the stuff they keep trying to trip you up with on your way to the shiny carrot they offer at the end of the mission. This has been a problem for years. And will continue being a problem, until it gets to the point where not fixing it is going to take more effort than fixing it. Thus is human nature.
  3. I do wonder if they should just do away with Energy and attempt to moderate power usage within the individual Warframe's kit, kinda like how Nidus uses mutation stacks for two of his abilities, and just build incentives into everything they want players to be doing, like party buffs that boost you the more people the buff hits and stuff. Like if Ember and Frost had to maintain their Warframe's heat level in order to continue operating at peak efficiency, and various stuff boosted or reduced the heat level; sort of like their ability use is never prevented, it's just more efficient/effective to use them in certain ways. Or Valkyr had a Rage meter, could either use it as a resource or as a damage/damage reduction modifier, like if she gets too angry she becomes immune to damage and hits like a truck, but her health rapidly degenerates, fun stuff like that. Limbo get a Rift Stability thing? I unno, I'm sure there's all kinds of more creative gimmicks to moderate power use that fit Warframe themes. I feel like powers are too fun to be hard-limited by if you've got energy available or not, I reckon we need something that lets us go ham on abilities without having to jump through hoops first. Warframe without abilities is kinda not Warframe at all.
  4. Only real thing I'd be concerned about is how much these changes will actually provide in terms of content, compared to the amount of work to implement them. Warframe's very heavy on the horde-killing element, which makes individual units less important, so adding a bunch of features to these units might not really change enough to be worth it, by virtue of there being like 30 of them all attacking you from every direction. Kind of what happened with Fortuna, how they had so many unique units with abilities and whatnot, except they were catapulted at you from every direction and you took so much damage so quickly you didn't get much chance to register what was going on or what specifically you had to do to survive. Assuming Enemy and Player Time-To-Kill variables get stabilized with a Damage 3.0, where players have a solid amount of time to save themselves instead of panicking because they'll die in 0.5 seconds if they don't immediately jump into the next zipcode or spam invulnerability; depth of ability interaction might offer something interesting. Would probably be a thing for Bosses or Assassins to take advantage of, given more time is supposed to be spent dealing with them.
  5. I think Warframe just needs the right algorithm to control its difficulty, and then you can comfortably tie rewards to it so that challenge is appropriately rewarded and people can play at their own pace without -theoretically- anyone getting upset. Like if you were to halve the amount of time between rewards in Survival, but double the number of mobs being thrown at your, which would work if it weren't for the fact Warframe's difficulty is broke.
  6. I mean it's interesting, but it's also a volatile subject if you get into the psychology of it, because people don't want to feel like their achievement is 'cheapened' by someone else taking an easy route to get to the same point. Like the difference between someone earning a million dollars and someone winning the lottery, or inheriting money. Some people play videogames to achieve something, some play to have fun, sometimes both, but not always. It's curious that people are against the very concept of choice, like that'll cheapen their experience somehow. Choosing Easy Mode is a choice. Choosing to continue playing the game is a choice. If Easy Mode does not exist, forcing you to persevere on 'Medium Difficulty', is it considered an 'achievement' to finish the game then? If Easy Mode does exist, and you wish to beat the game on 'Medium Difficulty', you have to make the conscious choice to remain on Medium Difficulty until the end, is that an achievement? Resisting the temptation to switch to Easy Mode, is that not an achievement? Are people not confident in their own ability to stay the course? If they are not, is that truly the game's problem? If you want to bring this to Warframe, one could consider using the meta frames like Nova the 'Easy Mode', or using Spore Saryn in Sanctuary as Easy Mode. People don't seem all that upset about such things, considering how common they've become.
  7. A type of Quick Play would be much appreciated, I know I keep harping on about this game's core gameplay loop, but when you've got other people around to distract you it can return to being a lot of fun. I'd probably be more inclined to suggest Quick Play as a variant or accessory of a bigger and more robust Matchmaker, where you can set filters and tags to quickly sort available groups into the most relevant or appropriate, and then Quick Play is just a button to click to toss your butt into any old mission before your Warframe can sit down at the nav console. I imagine it'd help with the randomness while also helping people with their own tasks.
  8. Is actually really clever when you think about it. Beating someone to death with your weapon might be a strategy, but more often than not, when you have a pointy weapon, you're trying to stick that somewhere lethal and the best opportunity is when your opponent is off-balance or on their behinds. You don't target their armour intentionally, you aim to break their guard so you can find the gap and kill them instantly. This sort of gives melee an interesting advantage over guns, if you have the ability to instantly kill them regardless of their Effective Hit Points, it gives you a reason to want to get in close and rewards you for the risk you take, by being able to end the fight much quicker -theoretically, at least, powercreep has broken Warframe but that's a different topic. What that also does, is mean you can balance melee differently from guns so you're not directly competing or comparing them stats-wise, as they're both very different strategies. Does mean Finishers will need speeding up and streamlining so they don't interrupt the flow in the middle of combat, but then you could take inspiration from Assassin's Creed Revelations and activate a Kill-Chain, where you can chain a Finisher from one target to the next as long as they're in range, which keeps melee relevant in the horde-killing market. This isn't even touching on the idea of the Channeling/Rage-Of-The-Gods-Mode where you might practically auto-kill everything you run into. I do realize this is going to require quite the overhaul and thus likely isn't going to be implemented, but I thought it an interesting topic regardless.
  9. I'd certainly appreciate a group finder, and there's likely many others who would. Not only would it streamline things, but there are people out there whom struggle with social contact who would appreciate having an intermediary managing the minutia of grouping up. The core gameplay lacks the necessary polish and stability to hold the game up on its own, which is why Warframe constantly needs new updates to keep its players interested, or relies on people grouping up and having that social element to distract them from the tedium of the grind.
  10. I felt like this needed some extra emphasis. Sometimes it's the situation that needs work, rather than the tool that's being over-used. Snipers weren't that popular, until Plains of Eidolon hit the metaphorical shelves. Not because Snipers weren't powerful enough, but because they finally had a situation to shine in. Not that I'm opposed to Archwing reworks, I just want to encourage people to think outside the box.
  11. Mogamu has an interview on youtube that touches on this, where they essentially summarized the potential customers into three groups: The "DE take my money." Crowd who are happy to have a reasonable excuse to throw money at DE and support Warframe. The "I got lots of money and little time for this." Crowd who are enjoying the game enough to throw money at DE to make the grind go away. and The "I could buy Spiderman instead and get an ENTIRE GAME for this price." Crowd, who really aren't wrong, when you think about it. I dunno if there's anything you could do to make Prime Access more appealing to the third group. It's often difficult to think about the bigger picture when you're living day-to-day life and always weighing your options, but the $60 you give DE today might end up being a Spiderman's worth of content in the future, you just don't get to enjoy it right away. I think the only way to appeal to Free-To-Players is to remember they're the crowd who have time to spend, so only purchases that are going to augment the time they spend are going to mean anything. Boosters are a pretty good example, but they're not specifically 'content' and they're rather niche in their usages.
  12. The sheer level of shenanigans this would enable gets my automatic vote, despite all the "useful" and "practical" stuff you could use a Coildrive for. Things to do with your shiny new Coildrive: Smash them into one another Smash them into enemy bases Smash them into enemy aircraft Run over your enemies! Run over your friends. Goddamnit. Run over yourself. It happens. Sonicor it into the next zipcode Drift. Dynamic entry into an Orb Fight Car chases Run it off a cliff Immediately sink it in a lake Austin Powers it in a tight corridor Block Traffic Run over Kubrodons -wait... Glitch through the terrain with the physics engine. Immediately explode because they're probably made of papermache in the Warframe world. Accidentally boot your friend out of the driver seat. Accidentally bin it into a ravine because you were trying to reload your gun. Park it on top of a Weeping Tower and listen to the Corpus talk about it on the radio. Let Clem ride shotgun and Hit'n'Run the ENTIRE ORB VALLIS. Let Clem drive. Let Clem. Find the Coildrive garage and park all their Coildrives in backwards. Vauban Bounce Pad. Vauban. Bounce. Pad.
  13. Been having some 'What if' thoughts and felt some worth sharing. What If: Return to Dedicated Melee as a Weapon-Switch mode. Melee Button does Light Attacks, Reload button does Heavy Attacks. Channeling used as 'Charge Attacks'; e.g. you hold down either attack button and that particular attack gets Channeled. Glaives might need some 'Hold Melee then press Shoot' to Throw them or something. Right Click is still Block and AimGlide Block. Left Click is Quick Shoot, like Quick Melee when in Gun Mode, where you immediately put the gun away after you stop shooting. And you know how in computer settings, you can adjust your 'Double-Click' interval time, is there something like that you can add as a setting in Options to fine-tune stuff like how long you have to hold the button for, before it registers as a Switch-to-Melee-Mode or Charge-Attack?
  14. I will say, I've left my Nidus infected on the offchance I want more Helminth Chargers, but I feel bad going into public missions with him and potentially infecting people with this situation. I essentially can't use Nidus any more, which is kind of bumming me out. A small QoL update would be much appreciated.
  15. Yeah I just discovered Steam 'deleted' my Warframe too; happened after the game crashed my computer, which I think was due to one of the things they fixed in a recent patch, where low-end PCs had a hardware problem or something. Dunno, it was all there in the steam folders when I checked it, Steam just apparently was unable to recognize it, and now I'm re-downloading the sucker and I think it just ate another 30gig of my harddrive. It said it 'discovered' existing files, and then proceeded to delete them, apparently, because I'm still downloading 23gig from Steam...
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