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  1. Any plans for more test clusters? For say, testing a new damage system? Overhauling the damage system is understandably intimidating, but with some clever programming you could get your legion of 'beta testers' to overhaul it for you instead of grinding away at it the old-fashioned way. It's just the foundations of this game depend entirely on its core gameplay loop, no matter what fancy new content you add, it's always going to boil back down to the core gameplay, and the core gameplay is unstable as heck. Was away from the game for about two years, came back and within the first
  2. Sorry, ignore my post, it was an accident; had a storm, was about to lose power due to a storm and hit submit by accident. T'was a moment of weakness before I remembered the pointlessness of trying to offer suggestions for a game where the developers don't know what they want, can't decide what they want, and don't listen to anyone.
  3. I was always a fan of status effects adding to gameplay like how often Burning gets dealt with by dodge-rolling in games, or how Monster Hunter World handled bleeding, where the DoT wasn't that bad, but if you tried any strenuous movements it'd chunk some of your health off, and holding still sped up recovery time. So you kind of had strategies and counter-strategies, given agency when you get hit with something. Like getting rid of an electricity proc would be all about grounding yourself, rolling, running into walls/enemies/friends, not jumping, running into puddles etc. Or bleed procs
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