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  1. oh and last question. how do I turn it off? just click big red X?
  2. question. once I do whats on the first page and I get my black box with text do I have to log into the game or can I just leave it right there and walk away?
  3. Siralextraffo is 100% correct. NO this is NOT an opinion, this is a FACT. This event is the same when it comes to: 2 teams to choose from and 2 rewards to be given if your team wins. During Gradivus the same thing you and many others are complaining about , is once again coming back to the surface with this event. I personally do not like it. I can not understand DE's reasoning for this. like it or not, we all might as well team up with Alad , get the weapon and just wait for the release of the other one later on. just like Detron. I suggest the best way to go about this is to perhaps make some sort of petition and ask the community to support your idea, that will replace these types of events. no need to be nasty claiming you will delete the weapon as if that will hurt DE's feelings.
  4. https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/user/663477-divisionbyzero/ Skim some of the OP's another posts
  5. so anyone else catch the reference here?
  6. I have seen a few bugs I've encountered posted already. I would just like to add I too have encountered these following bugs while playing The Law of Retribution. *When I start inviting players to the LoR Raid, as they join someone else is removed from the group. so it turns into an impossible task of trying to get all 8 into the group to ready up and go in together. to beat this, I simply started the raid and once inside I invited the others. *when inviting some players to my the LoR raid , I would get "player ABC is not able to receive your invitation". that player would have to re-log 1,2, or 3 times before he was able to receive and accept my invite. *at times even while standing on the pads. the doors would not open. *at times, even with the door showing as open, players could not cross. *unsure if this is intended. but it seemed like a bug to me. randomly players would be unable to move or swap weapons. it was if they had frozen. perhaps a raid mechanic we didn't spot? this would happen while our group was at the injector waiting for our bomb group.
  7. I don't know when it will come. but i really hope its 3/18
  8. As for the AFK system, I think a vote system is nice however. I foresee an issue with that idea. I foresee everyone fighting, everyone focusing, then all of a sudden on a crucial moment your screen has a huge "would you like to vote this player AFK?" And everyone dies because everyone is trying to click the damn screen button.
  9. The question " how do sniper rifles compare to other weapon types, overall" is poorly worded. Sniper weapons should be weapons that deliver one massive blow to the enemy. And should not be compared to weapons that deliver multiple rounds with lower damage. This question forces us to compare apples and oranges.
  10. nice list. could you please look at this? EDIT 2/25/2015 10:09 pm EST time. Ok so just incase it this bug is from client / host issues,I ran another mission. this time I hit "play now" so that I could ensure I would be the host. once again I was not able to get 8 seconds from this mod. so I made another video. And to ensure 100% I'm host I ran it in SOLO mode. here is yet another video of my results. Also. the Augment reads "bladestorm Augment - melee multiplier last 100% longer before reset" that is the description word for word found on the new Augment. it does not read: "must start up the combo before using bladestrom" or "must hit something before your 4 seconds are up with melee to get 100% more duration from melee multiplier" simply says "... melee multiplier last 100% longer......" and being that its a bladestorm augment, its obviously implied this 100% longer lasting multiplier is granted from using bladestorm.
  11. I see very little parkour space available in comparison to Europa conclave map or even Pluto conclave map.
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