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  1. Energy Conversion for Reservoir please?
  2. the crowdfunding-way might not be a bad way of though but legally speaking it's very vague. You're not purchasing a product but help the development of this product. legally speaking you're not entering a purchase-contract but rather donating money for it. This on the other hand is a commercial offer. Many countries define a commercial contract very precise - Participant A (the buyer) buys for a set amount of money a set product. In this case the prime access. The product itself can not be modified. Linking a certain condition (2k packs bought = 1 additional item) is, in many countries against the law. It could work if it's an offer that is not limited and that the reward itself is added afterwards to the offer, but due to the nature of a limited offer, people have to buy a limited offer to get a goodie where the offer itself is not available anymore at the time of the arrival/delivery of the goodie.. basically excluding possible buyers that would've bought the offer if it was included but not giving them the opportunity to do so. And making a limited offer available again is a completely different story because legally speaking it wouldn't be limited after that but technically "recurring"... which gives a lot of different trouble. while the first one was a "simple" answer, this one is legally complicated 😛
  3. I don't get the big problem about it. DE is still a company that wants to sell stuff so that they can stay in business and pay their employees... Prime Access seems to be one of the biggest moneymakers. The Prime Accessories, a good seller because of it's limited availability, was gathering (rightfully) negative feedback and a lot of people mentioned that they're not going to buy it because of it. It's only logical and nothing immoral, that the company, that wants to sell stuff, adds something that makes it more attractive. Personally I'm not going to get it though - while the helm looks ok I absolutely adore the standard Mesa Prime helm. Waiting for Vault-Access to make that decision though
  4. Thank god this is over soon. As a streamer I noticed that the viewcount might've gone up during the event but after there event the directory was smaller than before. While it generates lots of new followers and views for the streamer themselves, those viewers are considered "dead" as they don't generate any activity for the channel, don't help the growth of the twitch community itself or the streamers community and just give a short boost in raw numbers which brings further problems if you're working with a sponsor or applying for them. Streamers burnout because they want to / have to stream for crazy hours because otherwise they would not be able to meet their quota. I heard other streamers after the first event complain, that a lot of their regulars left and watched other games just because of the sudden "grab for the viewers" that the streamers had to do to stay relevant. With the event gone, the "viewers" (because 80% of the Event-Viewers mute their tab an do whatever they want) are gone but the regulars won't come back because it was a negative experience for them when the streamers are not able to react to their regular viewerbase in a regular fashion. While it gives a few more players for Warframe, I highly doubt that it's helpful for the twitch community or current players because the really bad droprates only spread frustration rather than satisfaction.... I heard there was a Riven in the pool... but I never seen anyone even claim that they got a riven While the marketing might be happy with this event, communitymanagement should really have nightmares about it as it's not healthy for the community
  5. is that gara saturation on the glassbits intended? I really looks too bright
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