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Z-Sync, a.k.a Dominic- british/jamaican college students, artist and insane lover of games.

Long time player / Veteran of Warframe with 2000+ hours. I am the General of Precision of the Shadow Runners Clan, "what do you mean general of precision" well I have the highest accuracy of all the current clan members and really only use snipers, why? because I can, and cause I like 'Schooling' heavy grineer.
I am a light troll, you know cause running into your friends stug bullets then chasing them down is fun :) but I only troll friends not random's well I don't usually play with random's. I'm also an avid pvp'er but i only play fair and hate when people use cheap weapons. I take things very lightly, I don't give a crap basically, I am a soft spoken guy, but defensive and will do a lot to protect those I love or friends, this shows out in my mmorpg characters always being a tank and taking all the hits. well that's just me.

Favourite Warframe/s: Saryn, Ash, Frost, Chorma
Favourite Primary: Lanka, Lanka, Lanka and  Hek
Favourite Secondary: Wraith Twin Vipers, Brakk, Vaykour Marlock, Lanka
Favourite Melee: Dex Dakra, Scindo Prime

See you in the Shadows tenno


Shadow-Runners - https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/161581-shadow-runners-clan-recruiting-4-floor-dojo-all-research-complete-active-clan-full-of-fun-casual-people-use-razor-comms-voice-chat/



>Song Writer
>Story Writer
> anything that has to do with poems or songs

The Path of life isn't an easy one, your Goal stays in the same place, but you don't. whether you choose to accept your Destiny or to walk away is your choice. But when your time comes to be judged, my door will be closed to you, and i will not help you


p.s hit me up on steam: SaintFancy aka ZSync

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