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  1. Z-Sync

    The Face Behind The Name! V2

    well i guess i will hope for the best XD, and yea saryns immortal is one of the best DE has done, i love that girl she is my fav Semi tank/Nucker Ingame
  2. Z-Sync

    The Face Behind The Name! V2

    First post, and I'm already giving myself away. Well considering that one of my favorite, and probably most used frames is Valkyr with the Bastet helmet this is awkward. XD, ik the feel im a big old black man and my favorite and most used frame is saryn chlora helm XD. Also Awesome beard btw.. no matter how much i try, i cant grow one lol
  3. Z-Sync

    The Face Behind The Name! V2

    *comes out from behind rock*... hmm why thank you
  4. Z-Sync

    The Face Behind The Name! V2

    Haven't posted here in awhile, its good to see alot of open tenno willing to let the world see them. im sure its fine, I doubt there are stalkers here that will forever more follow ever single post you put up.. >.>. Anyway here is a pic with me and some of my clan mates. Im the one in the vest. And then there is one of me being a creep XD.. or i could be saying dat Arse. which ever one works but yea... thats me.. im gonna go back into my hiddy hole
  5. His helm is the only thing that bothered me but knowing DE they will put out a bad &#! alt helm for it
  6. Z-Sync

    New Contest: Warframe Doppelganger!

    Saryn as Batonetta
  7. Name Suggestion: Heavy Suppressor {Corpus Heavy Suppressor} Behavior: The suppressor a vile and unmovable object, she devoted her life and her body to protecting her own, even if that meant sacrificing her own arm to adorn the proto shield crafted from stolen tenno tec. The Corpus Suppressor is a 2 part defense system, she helps her troops to move up my providing a small amount of cover for troops directly behind her. her robotic arm allows her to withstand the pressure created by the protons shield gravitational rifts while it repels all incoming objects. She pushes her way forward into melee range and using her proto shield sends out a frontal burst of energy , that delivers high electrical shocks and incapacitating whoever it touches. Though she moves slower than her counter parts she can deploy an automatic suppressor turret that sprays a continuous volly of proton shock energy to keep her foes at range which in turn allows her to advance and push closer to her foes. The turret can move at its own will and stick/navigate onto or around anything Attacks: 1. FDS (frontal denial system) -Once Alerted she deploys a large shield that protects her and those directly behind her. Her shield deflects all forms of damage and projectiles, but can be broken after enough damage is sustained, if given enough time to recharge she can redeploy her shield. 2. CSS (Conal Shock System) - A direct impact shock wave that is deployed from her energy shield once near to her target that hits any one in its 5-10 meter range doing Magnetic damage and disrupting all who is hit by it disabling HUD for a short time. 3. Suppressor Turret- A turret that is deployed to allow her to push up, it can move freely at its own will, it has the ability to stick to all forms and types of objects, walls and roof tops. Fires a constant stream of plasma dealing electrical damage with a high proc chance. It must stop to reload after prolonged or sustained fire. It also focuses fire on whoever is dealing the most damage to its Commander Environment restrictions: Like Regular Heavies, she can mobilize in any area, can jump up on most objects but does it much slower than other allies. Her turret is small enough to fit into most areas, walls and ceilings, but is too big to fit through vents. Art or Reference Images: I apologize for the bad drawings I am not the best artist Corpus Suppressor Suppressor Osprey/turret
  8. She Waited the right moment, the right time, her trusted blades reflected light as they danced in her hands. Slowly they filled with posion as Contagion cursed through her blade. the Ethers, clean precise and sharp, her one tool, her perfect fit. It was already to late for the unaware Grineer, all he felt was a gush of wind and a whisper, "if my toxic doesn't kill you my blade will". The Grineer troops body crumbled upon itself, blood gushing, body degrading, but by the time Security was alerted she was gone, she had done her job the VIP was dead, and Lotus was pleased ~ Z-Sync of the Shadow Runners
  9. you made it look like borderlands
  10. Z-Sync

    The Face Behind The Name! V2

    Dude plz add me ingame, I would love to play with a Real Samurai, sometime :) ign: Z-Sync
  11. Z-Sync

    The Face Behind The Name! V2

    Yes... I'm a real samurai! d(^-^)b Dude, your so f**** Awesome
  12. Z-Sync

    Coming Soon: Devstream #25

    Questions 1- Saryn is classed as one of the under rate, is there any plan to major buff her. 2- Melee 2.0 when?
  13. Z-Sync

    The Face Behind The Name! V2

    Decided to goto a hotel, with the family Some Pic's With The_Lady_Paradox
  14. Z-Sync

    The Face Behind The Name! V2

    Looking Good old pal, looking good
  15. Z-Sync

    The Face Behind The Name! V2

    WOW the girls that play this game are simply stunning. *sip*