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  1. Z-Sync

    The Face Behind The Name! V2

    well i guess i will hope for the best XD, and yea saryns immortal is one of the best DE has done, i love that girl she is my fav Semi tank/Nucker Ingame
  2. Z-Sync

    The Face Behind The Name! V2

    First post, and I'm already giving myself away. Well considering that one of my favorite, and probably most used frames is Valkyr with the Bastet helmet this is awkward. XD, ik the feel im a big old black man and my favorite and most used frame is saryn chlora helm XD. Also Awesome beard btw.. no matter how much i try, i cant grow one lol
  3. Z-Sync

    The Face Behind The Name! V2

    *comes out from behind rock*... hmm why thank you
  4. Z-Sync

    The Face Behind The Name! V2

    Haven't posted here in awhile, its good to see alot of open tenno willing to let the world see them. im sure its fine, I doubt there are stalkers here that will forever more follow ever single post you put up.. >.>. Anyway here is a pic with me and some of my clan mates. Im the one in the vest. And then there is one of me being a creep XD.. or i could be saying dat Arse. which ever one works but yea... thats me.. im gonna go back into my hiddy hole
  5. His helm is the only thing that bothered me but knowing DE they will put out a bad &#! alt helm for it