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  1. I think the name of the product of valence transfer should be the name of the weapon you take the damage bonus from, as the bonus is permanently tied to the kuva lich you got it from in the codex kuva lich history. Since the actual damage percentage is not displayed anywhere on the weapon you now need to remember what lich you took the bonus from in order to know if a new duplicate is better before you get it in your hands and can compare the numbers. While the current state of things may only be a small annoyance right now I fear it will only get worse the more liches I defeat and the more transfers I do. Thanks ❤️
  2. I think a potential future use for the defiled mods was mentioned at some point, so for now I don't want to juice them for endo. And no, you do not seem to be able to fuse them.
  3. Currently the defiled versions of requiem mods count towards the displayed number you have when picking rewards in a requiem fissure, making the number utterly useless for figuring out what mods you need more of. I don't know if it's possible, but it would be nice if the selection screen gave a number of available charges across all your mods of the same kind. In any case the defiled mods need to count as their own thing entirely. And it would be nice if they stacked in the mod inventory. Just a couple of thoughts. Thanks ❤️
  4. I have two Kuva Ayangas, the one I deem worse having a gravimag installed. I want to valence transfer but the option says "No compatible weapons for transfer". Fix please ❤️
  5. I have two weapons for you. 1: Kuva Ayanga Progenitor: Gauss, Rank: 5 Damage: Impact 147, Blast 149 %Bonus Element: 25% Impact 2: Kuva Brakk Progenitor: Valkyr Prime, Rank: 4 Damage: Impact 56.3, Puncture 31.3, Slash 37.6, Electricity 74.8 %Bonus Element: 60% Electricity I have tried doing the math and I just have no clue what is going on. I look forward to your results.
  6. The base stats of the Kuva version are taken from its codex entry. And the Ayanga does not have a base version.
  7. I got a Kuva Ayanga. It was supposed to have a 25% impact damage increase. The base weapon is supposed to have 87 Impact and 187 Blast. Mine, with the buff to impact has 147 Impact and 149 blast. This does not compute. The boost to impact SHOULD mathematically bring it up to 108,75. And why the heck is the blast damage lower than standard? Even if the impact damage somehow affects both the over all damage increase from standard is just 8%. I may have done some math wrong, but however you look at this it does not make sense. If anyone can explain this I would be eternally grateful.
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