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  1. (XB1)a0moura

    Clã Team G4 - Recrutamos

    Legal DhjoMad, Obrigado pelo reconhecimento e preferência! Nossa platafoma é XBOX 1! Vamos entrar em contato contigo, pela live, e enviar o convite! Peço que me envie uma mensagem, se tiver problemas para receber o cvt, ou demorarmos para enviá-lo. Bom jogo e divirta-se!! a0moura TEAM G4
  2. (XB1)a0moura


    Fiiiinallyyyy!!! Good job DEVS!!
  3. Hello tenno! Payment done!! A wait your confirmation. Enjoy the game...
  4. Hello tenno! Do you can get me your pay-pal link to payment? Tks!
  5. Ok tenno, I'll make the payment via paypal...
  6. Good! I liked this sketch !! For your expertise, the visibility in the game will be good? Thankful!
  7. Its a beautiful work !! I would like to see a sketch with the shield in the foreground, the medal at the top replaced by the master symbol, since the guns may be in the background on the side ... is this possible? The alliance name can even be abbreviated if it gets more stylish (GDL) ... Thank you and good work !!!
  8. Hello Tenno! Any news?
  9. Of course, how much do I have to pay on paypal? a0moura\ TEAM G4
  10. Hello tenno! Well, we are latin american alliance then sorry about my english!! Alliance Name: Guerreiros da Lotus (translated to the English "Lotus Warriors") Preferred Payment Type: Platinum (Platform XB1/ donation /pay-pal Design Details: Font/Color: Orokin colors and fonts / Shape: Basic shape (link.1) with datails (link 2 - 7)), but we are open to your suggestion and creativity! Style: shield, or escutcheon / helmet (medalion) / weapons, wings, lotus and alliance name Links to reference images: Link 1: https://i.pinimg.com/564x/24/25/a4/2425a4f8e8c5ab50bf7d23ca4268de17.jpg Link 2: http://vignette3.wikia.nocookie.net/warframe/images/f/f2/GrandMasterBadge.png/revision/latest?cb=20130711224519 Link 3: https://i.pinimg.com/originals/c1/2f/b5/c12fb5e9c258818941082901b259f98a.jpg Link 4: https://i.pinimg.com/originals/1d/b4/a7/1db4a7f2cb87028a75d03118ce895ab6.jpg Link 5: https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/wowwiki/images/2/29/Human_Crest.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20050804060401 Link 6: https://pbs.twimg.com/profile_images/1006544440712785920/OvEDdaqI_400x400.jpg Link 7: http://i.imgur.com/eVFxjmc.png Additional Comments: The images are just some ideals, which in our opinion capture part of the visual identity and name of the alliance "Lotus Warriors", we rely on your experience to help us convey what it means to be a "Lotus Warrior". Thanks. a0moura TEAM G4 XB1
  11. Hello tenno! We are working on a new concept for our alliance logo. We would like to count on your expertise and creativity to develop this new visual identity of our alliance. Can you help us? How can we start this project as soon as possible? Thank you and we look forward to your return. a0moura TEAM G4
  12. (XB1)a0moura

    Clã Team G4 - Recrutamos

    Olá miguellopes89 , Grato contato! Vamos entrar em contato contigo, pela live, e enviar o convite! Peço que me envie uma mensagem, se tiver problemas para receber o cvt, ou demorarmos para enviar; a0moura TEAM G4
  13. (XB1)a0moura

    Live on PS4 & XB1: THE PYRUS PROJECT!

    Hello tenno! Hello Dev`s! Very cool event! No major difficulties for the new tenno and an unexpected architecture in the Strata (XB1) relay! Cool... Ostron and Solaris citizens together in the relay. Are they going to help the tenno in the New War? Congratulations!
  14. (XB1)a0moura

    Dev Workshop: Nezha Revisited

    Good point... but the choice of a warframe is made according to the tenno strategy (individual or team)! The basic strategy I use in Nezha is defense against damage (by the way, the description of the warframe say: "Nezha... insure himself from damage"). And from this support team members ... With these 10% reduction means that damage over 6000 can be deadly!. I think the discussion is about maintaining the fundamental features of Nezha, with 100% Halo. Anything other than that changes the essential Nezha frame !!