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  1. Please let us host on our own Railjacks again! It´s really frustrating to get tossed into some random dudes Mk1 ship while my fully kitted out one rusts in the Dry Dock,,, Also let AI pilots or gunners shoot radiators on mission targets. What´s the use of a crew when you still have to get in and out of that pulse turbine 3 times while playing solo.
  2. The event in itself feels pretty good imo and stomping around regular tilesets in the mechs is fun, but the economy just seems to be highly screwed and needs some adjustments. In that aspect it feels like early Scarlet Spear all over again. Random drops during the runs are a step in the right direction though!
  3. Is it just me or do enemy Necramechs Gravemines deal absurd amounts of damage now? Like insta killing my mech in a splitsecond? Never ran into this problem prior to this patch.
  4. Vaults randomly don´t count as completed. Did T2, headed back to the Necralisk just to find the T3 bounty locked because apparently i haven´t completed a T2 bounty.
  5. Whenever i sign up for a T1 Iso Vault i get dumped into T2 or T3 instances that do nothing for my unlock progress... Also host migration still makes Necramech Archguns lose all mods which basically renders the mech unusable for the remainder of the run.
  6. Looks really good so far. The only concern i have are the 3h time gated drop tables. They always felt bad to me on regular bounties because most of the time the wrong one was active when i had time to play... Also, is there any particular reason why Tier 2 and 3 switched locations?
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