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  1. Alright, sorry, I missed that. I'll work with that then keeping the sounds as clear/identifiable as possible. Thanks!
  2. Hmm, really? This is what I saw on the OP: I don't see where that is mentioned.
  3. Question regarding entry guidelines: Are we allowed to create a song arrangement with effects/processing (such as filtering on invidual tracks, or time stretching/pitching samples), as long as every base sound/sample comes from Warframe itself? Similar to the Tenno Tunes contest, but every sound must come from Warframe and primarily feature the Shawzin?
  4. Same here. Submitted a ticket to support with all my logs attached, frame rate drops a lot no matter what, game is also using more CPU than before mainline update, although I only noticed it more after DE re-adjusted the lighting shaders with the hotfix a couple days ago. Attempted a full complete uninstall/removal and reinstall of GPU drivers, ensuring everything else is updated fully, it seems to be only Warframe is doing this.
  5. I just unlocked the suit, and the Helminth is giving me lines I haven't seen before when entering the infested room as Operator with it equipped (using Nidus outside to open the door.) Is this due to the Emissary Suit or just additional lines that were added unrelated?
  6. 1. At Tennocon 2019, [DE]Steve mentioned the graphical engine rework with lighting effects. Is this a complete rewrite of certain modules of the Game Engine, and if so, how much code approximately was added/removed/changed until this point? How is this going to impact players that currently have low spec systems running Warframe, as in those on integrated graphics that can barely get over 30FPS on low, and also high end systems, will there be a balance of sorts or more favored to a certain area on the scale of specs? 2. Is there ever going to be more of a push to revamp the netcode to move away from a P2P system and more towards DE maintained server node clusters? If not, will anything be done to try and store more data server side so a failed host migration doesn't result in loosing everything from a mission? 3. For Railjack construction, since you have said it's going to be a clan effort but every player will have their own railjack, how are resource requirements going to be deduced? Is it going to be challenging but more rewarding to obtain a 'optimal' railjack layout with modules, that isn't solely put behind a time and or P2W grindwall but involve skill from the player and not be locked behind progression, E.G. Hildryn?
  7. Here is my entry... Kind of rushed on this one since I didn't hear about the Vol. 4 of Tenno Tunes as a contest until 3 days ago, it's also melodic/power Trance.
  8. Used photoshop elements from Dartanyss's PSD. Thank you for the contest!
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