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  1. Wow. The flawed arguments were one thing and the resultant banter was also fair game, but now I pity you. I hope you get help for that HPD some day.
  2. Hey if the ad ignorantiam helps you sleep better, carry on.
  3. Like i said, I am not even going to bother trying to respond to the many inconsistencies, inexactitudes and fallacies in your arguments.
  4. Yea some countries are trying to legislate this, albeit more for the more loot box type of things which this isn't quite; not yet. The primed chamber debacle was the point I was making about "catastrophically failing" one day. The conditions are right for a law suit over a $20000 riven if things continue in this way (and based on recent developments it looks like it will only continue); and i suspect they know that. They are likely just hoping it doesn't happen. The whales argument is one I have always made also, in fact I just finished a similar discussion in another thread. It would b
  5. I am not even going to bother trying to respond to the many inconsistencies, inexactitudes and fallacies in your arguments here. Let's just end by agreeing to disagree. Have a good day.
  6. Interesting concept OP, except having more and more people down this rabbit hole is profitable for DE and in the past they have shown to be averse to anything that has a chance of affecting their income in the short term. So I doubt this will ever happen. You are quite right that there is this sort of parallel asset economy among riven traders, when you look at pricing, there is riven trading and then there is trading everything else. I think it is a bit laughable because the price of a riven is correlated to rarity but not like art, as there is also a tied perception of effectiveness (al
  7. Well that's warframe in general. I actually can't think of any MR test I haven't cheesed, used Loki for most of em back when he was king. The tests are slowly gonna become like riven unlocks I reckon... do a weird combination of things that probably will never happen in game.
  8. I abhor spy missions. Especially the underwater ones. Literally the only spy mission I can close my eyes and do is the fortress thanks to the years it took for me for harrow.
  9. Git gud tenno lol It would be nice if it's optional at least, tbh I would pick this over SP any day.
  10. I agree that the difficulty level is not congruent with the effectiveness of Grendel, but I won't say the missions are stupid. I kinda enjoyed figuring out which was the most effective build for each mission. I used a tanky frame and ran around slamming everything and Khora for the defense. The feel was different from the usual high level enemies that 1 shot you in endless missions. It was challenging and time consuming to get the parts, but at least it wasn't repetitive and random like an RNG drop, you get the part at the end. I hope we get more modes like this tbh. I would suggest you
  11. Sure. A friend request will be waiting for whenever you log on!
  12. I think this is the real contentious point here. My view is that it is too easy to overpower high level mobs with any frame with the right build and strategy. Sure the gameplay may be more involved than others with some frames and weapons; but that's the beauty of warframe; You can find the fun and challenge where you want it. You can farm for hours and make it feel difficult if you want it or easy enough to type a conversation with someone if you want. And sure some items could use a rework to make it more effective, and I don't disagree if some are decided to be watered down a bit; BUT I sta
  13. I started off playing this game on an old laptop that eventually couldn't run it anymore. Didn't play for quite some time after that until I could afford a new computer, but my internet was crap so it was tough for a while still. Eventually my country got better internet and it's been good since. There is a good chance you will get through, and as the bonafide sandman around here, I hope you do.
  14. Wrong. It is, because many and possibly the majority of players craft vs buy. You argument is based on the whole premise that there is a small finite demand by an individual player and this is not true. Any "endgame" player will go through hundreds if not thousands of forma in their playing life. And with new content always being released this demand is endless. And that's the whole point. If the demand is endless and you would not have purchased the item at all, then encouraging you to make a purchase is money earned. This is absurd. Goods are traded for a to
  15. Well how is it fine if you are lobbying for it to be removed? And there is no clear guideline on what the "goal" of the game either. This is entirely subjective. You can rationalize with elaborate examples of what your idea of the game is supposed to be, but in the end that's simply your opinion of what will make your game experience better. And the opposing arguments are just the same. I feel like you are trying to say is that everyone craves the meta (this is simply not true) and because there are some winners in this department that means that almost everyone makes that cho
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