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  1. Gaze with Pax Charge has reload sound on repeat it's charged to full magazine
  2. This health bar is the one that hovers above allied Warframes' heads when they're in the center of your cross hair. Their health bars are red (no armor) instead of yellow (armor). Their companions (sentinels and pets), however, have yellow health bars like every other armored units.
  3. Basically if you void blast an enemy as maxed out Unairu, or use status Amp, it'll be under a bullet attractor effect for 12 seconds or 3 seconds, respectively. Shooting inside the said field will kill you (tested with Rubico Prime and Rattleguts Kitgun). Tested with a clan mate and this killed both me and him per our turns, so probably not a host only thing.
  4. Not sure if it counts as "bug", but you can't melee block the Ropalolyst's beam of death.
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