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  1. could be great yes, but I've always seen RJs as battlefield places, that means it becomes highly complicated to decorate such a place. Why not headquarters maybe :)
  2. A great Thanks buddy, u just put stars in my eyes ! fck YES, that's what I want in a space MMO. That would be awesome and I totally agree, despite I'm pretty sure we won't have such an upgrade anytime soon ^^''
  3. Hello hello, I'm only bringing a little suggestion : as RJ is designed to be mainly cooperative, it could be a great improvement to be able to have several loadout since equiped avionics are far more numerous per build than a warframe for instance. I have a very different way to play or speedrun my RJ missions while solo than playing with a crew of friend. That joins the other opinions I've seen here for RJ, to let mates be more useful in their turret than the pilot, 'cause there are a lot of mods made for it. (in solo, I mainly use Tactical and Battle Avionics combined with Artillery cann
  4. Hello there o/ Here's a little bug report to mention that the mod Expel Corpus (Expulse-Corpus) in the french version, at least, isn't referenced in the Codex :/ unlike in the mods menu. Cya o/
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