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  1. Once again we have a new mechanic or situation being shown to us in a DevStream with Rebecca behind the wheel. Once again she struggles with it. Last time it was due to lack of ability to aim at a few weakspots (opinions on this mechanic aren't the point of this thread. Don't). This time it was due to being bad at playing against a group of enemies as a result of playing with a controller and not using obvious survival mechanics, like parkour and cover. Last time the mechanic was completely scrapped due to unfavorable gameplay coverage. Whether for good or bad we will never see eximus enemies with weakspots because Rebecca had a hard time aiming at them and this painted developer and player perception of the mechanic in an unfavorable light. This time the spawn rates were mentioned directly by a developer sitting on the couch due to Rebecca clearly using a control method she's not as comfortable with and clearly not playing well. Do not adjust the spawn rates before release simply because Rebecca struggled. She's not the pinnacle of skill and she shouldn't decide the difficulty. Leave them as is and let the players that enjoy playing solo have an actual chance to utilize their full kit on actual groups of enemies, for once, instead of being stuck with a tiny trickle. Release it as is and adjust it later based on player feedback. At the very least, if you are insistent upon changing it, let solo players set the amount of spawns to a 4-player squad's amount in the settings, or something. Yes, I know this is a co-op game but you don't always have the ability, time, or preference to run with a group. Sometimes you just want to enjoy a casual solo romp through a survival but you're cursed with far less spawns and are forced to deal with a much more stressful life support situation than you'd be if you had played in a group. Letting you set the amount of spawns would fix this problem-- 4 player spawn amounts and a single player having to pull the weight of a squad of 4. Perfectly fair.
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