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  1. What you mean to say is that, yet again, someone has told you how the mechanics of the game actually work and that you're either mistaken or lying and, when pressed for proof, you don't want to provide (because, as usual, you're either mistaken or lying). At the very least you can type up the bug report and tell them the exact steps it would take to reproduce it. Anything is better than tossing your hands in the air and going, "WELP, I'M SCREWED."
  2. Large clans are just an amalgamation of all of the chats put together. Large alliances are the same but on a much, much larger scale. This is inevitable due to what happens when you put hundreds (thousands?) of people in the same room together. These also tend to form their own cliques, for good or bad. Smaller clans are usually just friend groups, solo players who work together on research projects, or small groups of like-minded players who just like to have someone to run with now and again that they're familiar with. You want one of those if you're looking for some form of actual intimacy within your clan. It's the nature of the beast that as a clan gets larger each individual member starts to blend into the scenery. You either do something to stand out or you just don't.
  3. You act like the entirety of the DE office had to drop what they were doing to design a single floof. People who have no idea what goes into the various facets of game design should really not comment on them.
  4. Untrue. Glen addressed this bit of misinformation in his latest stream, actually.
  5. This. Removing looting abilities, rather than making them synergize, is perfectly in line with this type of discussion. You don't have to like it but he's presenting an alternative solution.
  6. Dual energy effects on frames are hard to notice on smaller emissive zones. You can see it really well on Oberon Feyarch: Unfortunately the issue that you're seeing, here, is that you either barely notice it, the secondary color overtakes the first in a large way, or the secondary color simply mutes the primary color. The effect could have been accomplished by going through and normalizing every frame's emissives with a forced, "degrade," as @NightmareT12 put it. Decoupling power energy from emissive energy is a 100% step in the proper direction, though. It does ruin using full default colors on many frames, however, as there are many cases where the energy and emissives aren't the same colors. This is especially true if you run default deluxe skins. Oberon/Prime with Feyarch will have his emissives be orange and yellow but his projected energy be blue and green leading to many syandanas and attachments having mismatched colors.
  7. 6 reservoirs split among 3 buffs leaves you two, "checkpoints," for refreshing all of the buffs. It's a bit cumbersome, considering the fact that she's supposed to be an insanely mobile frame. I wouldn't be against having 9 reservoirs to have a third, "checkpoint," though having 6 works out fine as long as you place them far enough apart, have appropriate duration, and have teammates willing to work with you. I have a sick feeling this will be addressed with an augment, though.
  8. A Kuva Disruption mode would be a great addition to the game. The mode is well done enough that expanding on it would be welcome.
  9. I know you want it but I can tell you that the best way to get it is to just play the game until it happens to drop. Obsessing over a 5% drop on an assassin boss that requires either a lucky run or resources to spawn in isn't healthy. Especially when it's just a cosmetic.
  10. Any other game bans people that heavily exploit an unintended feature. Yes, even if they didn't outright take a stance against it right away. These people are actually lucky because a short suspension is a lot more leeway than other companies would have given them. The people exploiting this bug weren't doing it ignorantly. They knew exactly what they were doing.
  11. I've checked them. I see more people saying, "this isn't an exploit, DE you're dumb," or, "I like that you removed the exploit but why are you suspending people," than I do people doing what you're saying. You're not going to magic something that isn't happening into existence.
  12. You've yet to even prove there's any sort of bandwagon or lynch mob so, no, you need to actually prove your point before you demand others prove some false notion wrong.
  13. That's definitely what's happening. There's a confirmed exploit that was used by many people pushing for higher scores. Of course there's going to be suspicion, now. There's absolutely no evidence of, "lynch mobbing," as you're implying, however, and it's silly to push this mentality out there as a legitimate issue. Some of the same people that agree with DE's actions, here, are telling another person that high scores are not automatically illegitimate, even.
  14. So your solution is to just remove options, entirely? Demolysts aren't a normal boss. Moving them away so you can buy a bit more time to kill them is a legitimate strategy. Finding holes in the... holes of the level in order to instantly kill them isn't.
  15. It's laughable the amount of people that are outraged over the Loki bug being punished despite not even understanding what was actually happening with it. I'm glad I'm not seeing as many complaints about negative value rivens.
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