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  1. If you don't log in to the main site first, before clicking Buy Now, you will be prompted to log in and lead to a 404 page. Logging in before going to the tennocon page, proper, fixes this.
  2. Nora is actually Lotus in incognito mode. Calling it now.
  3. Let's toss in a different perspective: "Gild a modular weapon? I guess I could try out a different combination for some fun or to see how it feels. I didn't like the last Rattleguts I tried. Hmm..." "Use 3 forma? I guess I could theorycraft some builds or just add a higher forma counter to my beloved Oberon Prime. Oh wait, I could always, finally, make room for Hyperion Thrusters on my archwings!"
  4. Radio silence on if it's coming today or not? Yeah, I get that. Getting upset that they're posting screenshots (which normal people would look at as progress for a release build) is hilarious, though. What you call, "trolling," and, "unprofessional," some of the rest of us call, "good information."
  5. There we go. Problem solved in its entirety. Someone give this human a cookie.
  6. This is the norm for Voltage. Anything that will get him reputation.
  7. I can't believe the amount of people who complain about content becoming obsolete on this forum. It's hilarious that just as many of them are now asking for Kuva Survival to make siphons and floods entirely obsolete as though offering alternatives that are comparatively effective is such a bad thing. DE didn't want you to drop siphons and floods and go purely into survival. They wanted to you to choose the method that you prefer.
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