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  1. There's a plain version of a Lancer and then upgraded and/or variant versions. They all count as a different type and the plain ones only show up for a short while in lower leveled nodes. You've simply never finished the scans.
  2. I love the fact that random colors have now been changed to pull from every single color you have available instead of just one palette at a time. However, I feel like Operators have been overlooked. Suits and Amps should be allowed to have randomized colors, as well. Furthermore, as an aside, having an amp copy colors from a default colored suit pulls nothing but gray and I'm not sure exactly why. Other areas of the game don't do this when you copy colors from a default colored piece of equipment (frame armor/syandana, weapons pulling from frame colors, sentinel attachments, pet armors). If randomized colors aren't possible then amps being able to pull actual default colors would be a good compromise.
  3. What you mean to say is that, yet again, someone has told you how the mechanics of the game actually work and that you're either mistaken or lying and, when pressed for proof, you don't want to provide (because, as usual, you're either mistaken or lying). At the very least you can type up the bug report and tell them the exact steps it would take to reproduce it. Anything is better than tossing your hands in the air and going, "WELP, I'M SCREWED."
  4. Large clans are just an amalgamation of all of the chats put together. Large alliances are the same but on a much, much larger scale. This is inevitable due to what happens when you put hundreds (thousands?) of people in the same room together. These also tend to form their own cliques, for good or bad. Smaller clans are usually just friend groups, solo players who work together on research projects, or small groups of like-minded players who just like to have someone to run with now and again that they're familiar with. You want one of those if you're looking for some form of actual intimacy within your clan. It's the nature of the beast that as a clan gets larger each individual member starts to blend into the scenery. You either do something to stand out or you just don't.
  5. You act like the entirety of the DE office had to drop what they were doing to design a single floof. People who have no idea what goes into the various facets of game design should really not comment on them.
  6. Any other game bans people that heavily exploit an unintended feature. Yes, even if they didn't outright take a stance against it right away. These people are actually lucky because a short suspension is a lot more leeway than other companies would have given them. The people exploiting this bug weren't doing it ignorantly. They knew exactly what they were doing.
  7. I've checked them. I see more people saying, "this isn't an exploit, DE you're dumb," or, "I like that you removed the exploit but why are you suspending people," than I do people doing what you're saying. You're not going to magic something that isn't happening into existence.
  8. You've yet to even prove there's any sort of bandwagon or lynch mob so, no, you need to actually prove your point before you demand others prove some false notion wrong.
  9. That's definitely what's happening. There's a confirmed exploit that was used by many people pushing for higher scores. Of course there's going to be suspicion, now. There's absolutely no evidence of, "lynch mobbing," as you're implying, however, and it's silly to push this mentality out there as a legitimate issue. Some of the same people that agree with DE's actions, here, are telling another person that high scores are not automatically illegitimate, even.
  10. So your solution is to just remove options, entirely? Demolysts aren't a normal boss. Moving them away so you can buy a bit more time to kill them is a legitimate strategy. Finding holes in the... holes of the level in order to instantly kill them isn't.
  11. It's laughable the amount of people that are outraged over the Loki bug being punished despite not even understanding what was actually happening with it. I'm glad I'm not seeing as many complaints about negative value rivens.
  12. There's been plenty of suggestion to open one up. Everything from, "allow it to be open to the Design Council," to, "allow it to be open to anyone who is at the current MR cap," to, "randomly select players for it." They just don't seem to want to and I don't understand why. Some people seem to think it's because of spoilers but a simple NDA and punishment to anyone's main account who breaks it should be enough incentive to keep someone's mouth shut.
  13. Just like The War Wait Within. They teased it, talked about it, took forever on it and then, when it was finally released, everyone ooo'd and aaahhh'd at the quest for a short while and then... the reality hit.
  14. It shows up in the chat windows while in-game. It's also accompanied by a pop up in the bottom-right corner of the screen that says something about an update incoming in a number of minutes.
  15. Hey. Chill. I'm aware. I've been here for years. But the wording is the problem. Bringing things to the finish line means you're preparing to cross it not spend an entire extra work day not communicating the status of the update only to give another, "eh, maybe tomorrow or Thursday," response. They'll ship when they're ready but they need to watch how they word things because it's unacceptable to keep changing the projected date like this and until you start holding them accountable they'll keep doing it.
  16. I'm aware. But don't tell people you'll, "bring everything to the finish line," if that's the case. Also, a simple, "May 21st Update: We're hard at work and expect the update to come [tonight/tomorrow]." is really all that's needed to quell these types of topics.
  17. He... didn't announce a card game and say it would release last week, though. The problem is with the wording here. >bring everything to the finish line Friday >come out swinging next week >hear from us Tuesday >4:30pm Tuesday, radio silence
  18. You're not being a cynic. You're being a jerk. There's a difference.
  19. They're not saying their life revolves around it. They're just wanting to know if it's happening today so they know if they can leave the launcher open overnight to download the update whenever it comes.
  20. The entire work day before lunch, genius.
  21. They've had the entire work day before that and an hour after their lunch period. All it takes is, "hey, we're on pace to release today," or, "not today, we'll update later," and I'm good. That's all I need to know. This waiting until 6pm, their time, to say anything is getting really old.
  22. >hear from us Tuesday >come out swinging next week It implies either today or tomorrow. Most of us are just waiting for news.
  23. Actually, the thought process is this: "We will bring everything to the finish line Friday, take the weekend, and come out swinging next week." This implies both that they should have been finished with the update on Friday and that they were going to ship it ASAP this week. At the very least we were told they'd keep us up to date. It's now 3pm at their offices and not even so much as a, "we're working on it." Steve's tweet barely counts because he has to say, "this week," even if it's today or he'll get crucified if it doesn't release at the exact micro-second he said would.
  24. They're not useless for people that don't necessarily need to be at 100% power at all times. Which in the game's current content basically nobody needs to.
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