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  1. Did I say anything about Policing? I told my opinion about something I believe to be a issue, I did not say what a "fix" is. Not only that I listen to and responded with respect to others who disagreed with me. What is your issue man? I asked very nicely, try to be respectful. If you are going to be that type of person at least read everything. Please note my reply. Please note, for some reason you reply. You replied a day later after I already said, I understand your point to other people who know how to respond to people. Leave it alone and move on with your life, I know wha
  2. I don't believe you understand the discussion, I understand I do not write the best but you could have attempted to read it. I refuse to reply or read anything else you write. The short version of what I was trying to talk about however, is how this group of clans which is all managed by the same person may be negatively affecting the game and how it may or may not be making Warframe a single clan game in the eyes of a lot of leaders/new players. For future replies try to be respectful, while I may have found it rude if you still brought up my clan for some reason. At least if you had a rea
  3. I was in two different alliances of the clans I am talking about now and I was also in another multi alliance before creating my own. The first two alliances I was in was from the same multi alliance group, the first one I noticed only my clan was talking and some random person. I was told because I wanted to be a Moon clan this was the only place they could fit me and so I requested a larger alliance within the same multi alliance group after stating I would stay small. The next, I noticed someone asked for advise 3 times, I waited 30 minutes, messaged him and asked if he got his answer yet,
  4. Two years of spending time in recruit chat every day. There is only a few ways to recruit for clans, one of which is recruit chat and the others don't really work that well. When I saw clans recruiting I would ask them what alliance they are in and I also talked alliances leaders which were recruiting, to get a idea of what alliances I had to compete with. I know every alliance leader there is in North Ameirca, which has active clans. There is 2 solo alliances who are mainly based in North America, there is also 3 Multi alliances who recruit in North America but are not based there, one of whi
  5. You wont accept someone if they ask you how do I leave a clan, which is really a pretty common question....? I am talking a new players, the same way we give them the S#&$ty intro quest is the same way they join there first clan. They think this is Warframe, this is the best. Which for about 10-20% of new players there first clan is one of the same clans I was talking about. No they don't leave and no they don't think they can get better. Clearly you are superior and from Playstation maybe? You see we need new players because we always lose old players, if we just say wow you
  6. What is a clone clan and clone alliance? A clone is when a single leader makes a new clan or alliance because he/she hit the max member limit and wants to keep adding people to his/her group. The current limit for a clan is 1,000 and a alliance is 4,000 people. The main issue right now is a group of Moon clans all called Gladiator, these clans claim to have 9 Moon clans all by the same person. So why is this a issue you may be asking? I want you to think about your first clan, your first good clan. Think about all the help, advise and leadership you got, now do you expect a clan which
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