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  1. 1. If you finish a mission and the exit leaves you in your dojo the games FPS turns into a snail. 2. Clan Sigils if added to the operator do not show up at all. 3. Vasca Kavats show up as invisible if you link them in chat. 4. Cannot get off K-Drive, the only way to get off is to ram my head into the ground. 5. If you play the same spy mission in Fortuna the console will become unhackable the second time. 6. Cannot complete 5 missions in Fortuna in 60 minutes, they simply do not count. Not all of the bugs I know about but the most annoying ones right now for
  2. It has been 777 days since the last event for this research. Was this meant to be a one time only thing? What is taking so long?☠️
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