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  1. You also have to realize that not all of your ideas are good or goes towards where they want their game to go. They listen a lot more than what you think but because you are only looking at things they aren't doing you think otherwise.
  2. You have all week to do the challenge. Then do them solo?
  3. Simple solution, play solo. You can expect a PUB match to play how you want to play. Make a pre-made group if it bothers you that much.
  4. Remember it's not "MR31" It's "Legendary Rank 1". We do not get any more mod points after MR30.
  5. The update came out less than a month ago and I just need a few thousand more points to hit max rank on helping. Didn't yaje long at all.
  6. You had over six months to do it. I finished it in about two.
  7. Or maybe just roll with what you get and try not to think so hard about it?
  8. Posting as well to bring awareness, I too cannot seem to unbound focus skills.
  9. Try re-linking your Twitch and your Warframe account. That's been working for a lot of people.
  10. Did you claim the drops on Twitch? Did you relink your Warframe account to your Twitch after drops 2.0 happened?
  11. Not really, it's supposed to be a test of skill. Practice practice practice. Try out different weapons and warframes. See if it helps any better.
  12. Valkyr doesn't have heavy landings. And as has been said before, rolling negates heavy landings.
  13. Just because they said they're not doing it now doesn't mean they'll never do it again.
  14. Thank you! Best of luck in Tennocon today. :)
  15. Must have missed the message since I just pressed the B button to instantly close it.
  16. Yeah I was wondering what OP was talking about cause 50,000 credits is not on the reward table. Lol
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