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  1. For fun? You know, like why you're playing a game in the first place?
  2. Oooorrrr, get this. You use a combination of all your weapons. Strike a few times on the smaller enemies with melee, then shoot them, boom there's your gun buffs, while you're doing that you've CCed the other enemies with Vauban, Volt, Excalibur, etc and then go after the harder enemies. You also before the mission took the time to mod your weapons according to the enemies you are fighting to debut them as well. Shocking I know. Again, you're looking too much into it. Wait until you've given the update a try before you freak out over something this small.
  3. I did, and you guys are reading waaaay too much into this.
  4. Yet we don't have a way to simulate it right now so I guess we'll have to wait and see.
  5. There are spiders that don't look menacing either but prove to be quite deadly.
  6. Lol Dude, we're so powerful as it is that half the time I forget that I have squad mates with me when I play multi-player. This isn't going to change anything, and when the update comes out you'll see it first hand.
  7. But who cares, the enemies will be dead. I don't care who kills them.
  8. I'm so glad that you somehow know how everything is going to work before you even try it out. 10/10 would welcome your psychic experience again.
  9. Yo, be patient my dude. Go outside or something.
  10. I don't see how this is a thing. The goal is to kill the enemies. Who cares who does it.
  11. I'm kinda thinking you are off point here. If my railjack is boarded I have my crew, my cat, my warframe, my primary and melee weapon to help take them down. Obviously higher level enemies are going to be more difficult to kill, but thats why you build for what you are fighting. If I'm doing an exterminate mission, I may bring a stealth frame with a dagger to take them out. Point is, you're going to be able to take these enemies out easier than you think you are, these changes aren't as bad as you're making them out to be. Wait to give it a try before you complain about it.
  12. If there's not that many enemies to keep your combo then why do you need to worry about keeping the combo? Lol
  13. Negative Ghost Rider. The money was legit. But then the charge back happened. So the plat goes away. Because the plat associated with the charge is gone. Yes it sucks that the plat was traded away and then removed, but thats why I don't trade for large amounts of plat at a time. I suppose they could have a waiting period for when you could use the bought plat in a trade. That'd really be the only solution.
  14. Lol Except there was no mistake on DE's part. It's the people that do charge backs on their card's fault. All DE does is remove the plat that was charged back. The best thing to do is 1. Not trade for large amounts of plat at a time or 2. Don't spend said platinum right away
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