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  1. Such Amazing Work! I hope DE brings you to Tennocon!
  2. Nobody installed Warframe for PvP, we are here for the grind of PvE xD I personally don't like PvP and I think most of the community feels that way too.
  3. Face it, Warframe is too niche to die. It's a glorious looking game that's for free, and a lot of us just like causually playing. So no, Warframe isn't going away, it may not be top of charts, but the game will always be playable to new players and returning.
  4. As an Ivara player, I can appreciate more energy. Longer cloak time. Good enough for me to get the jelly
  5. Glad it was still showing, just in case I doubled check the public setting on my google photos, ❤️
  6. oh darn, I'll try to fix that. I'm using google photos and posting the link in the "insert image from url" button.
  7. Just a celebratory post from two Fans. We just bought our first home and we wanted our "Keys" photo to be in our Warframe hoodies. We had been dating for years and when I moved away we would play Warframe together. Career moves brought me back and now we have a home together. Thanks DE for giving us such a fun game to bond over.
  8. Been here for a number of years and still plan to play for more years. I don't play too everyday but Warframe is that game I can always come back to and it's been that way for the entire player base. I don't think DE strives to be number 1 on steam lists, but try to always be that game we can come back too. Everyone on the Dev team is super open about "taking breaks, we'll be here when you come back" they don't try to be something they are not. I can respect that and is why I will always come back and run misisons.
  9. Wow that escalated quickly to "it'll end the world" lol get real man, Warframe has survived every content release. No, the game will not die cause its actually still a good game at the core and DE changes direction relatively fast. There are still sooooo many long time players still in the game, its fine mate, the sky aint falling.
  10. Anyone who rushes to TWW deserves to feel they went too fast, I like the idea of Kuva Liches taking them for a ride.
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