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  1. Proof that the game is not tested at all, such an issue repeatable every time is glaringly obvious to detect. This third failjack iteration is the utmost disaster, i used to like the pure space gameplay, and hate the on-foot parts just to get force throated with more main game i dislike most. Yeah, clearing the nodes and forget about failjack forever now.
  2. According to the twitch drop page, currently no live stream to provide the drop, so yeah it's screwed up. Not worth watching.
  3. My Vauban is ruined as well, but knowing DE, im more inclined to call a silent nerf rather than a bug. Rip Vauban.
  4. yay very good idea to close the campaign the MINUTE after the stream ends, like i have always in mind to go click "Claim" button during the stream. Why can"t it be left open for an extra hour to claim it !
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