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  1. I've been linked with twitch for about two years now, watched every devstream and prime time in that timespan and never had any problems with twicth drops. Yesterday, I wasn't home and so I watched the whole livestream (from 12 to 7:30 pm) on mobile. got nothing this morning when I logged in and when I checked my account settings, apparently my twitch had a problem being linked. why the hell was it desynced??? I'm just pissed at whatever happened
  2. yeah I watched the stream the whole day too but got nothing when I logged in this morning. I decided to look into it a bit deeper to make sure I was properly linked and oh boi what do I see in my account settings ? "twitch sync: couldn't sync properly with your twitch account" . I've been synced with my twitch for about two years now, I watch every prime time and dev stream and never had any problem with twitch drops but somehow, on the big day, "Uh oW We HaD a PRobLem LiNkInG YouR TwItCh AcCoUnt". I'm just disgusted and honnestly, #*!% whatever happened that cause a problem with my sync, be it twitch or DE
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