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  1. When is the Wolf's spawn rate actually getting increased? I have seen the guy about 3 or 4 time in weeks of daily play and that was one right after the other about 3 weeks ago.
  2. So, uh, you guys really screwed the pooch by making Hildryn unobtainable for a long time based on the community not doing a super boring and tedious task. Hopefully you have learned from this and will not replicate it in the future because hot damn does it suck for those that didn't buy her with plat (but great for the devs)
  3. When in Warframe are you ever in a pickle? In my 1400+ hours I can't say I have ever been, except my very first Arbitration because I walked in there with no idea what the hell they were.
  4. As someone who loves Hammer type weapons, I care about the drop a lot. Hell, I believe Jat Kittag is my most used melee last I checked.
  5. I love her both in play style and design. Finally I can play a super tanky frame like Inaros without wanting to kill myself out of boredom. Immunity to status effects with unlimited shields means you can't be stopped if played properly. I have forma'd her 2 or 3 times now. High shields, Adaptation, and high ability strength/efficiency and nothing has yet to be able to kill me. Not even level 100+ enemies.
  6. I know his spawn rate increases each week, but I have played 4-6 hours almost every day since this started and have seen him once. Has there been any trick found to get him to spawn more or anything like that?
  7. Holy hell, only on the second week and you guys dropped the ball HARD. What's that, we're at 59 minutes and I'm host? Guess I'll leave and screw it up for everyone because host migration works maybe 3 out of 10 times. If this is the kind of garbage we can expect from now on, I genuinely want Alerts back. I know for a fact I am not the only person here hesitant to do these. Now, you may say "just do it solo". Well, that's so boring that I literally couldn't do it, and I know there has to be others that agree with me there. I was hoping that this new system would be cool. Something fresh and fun. But you guys are literally banking on the playerbase not screwing over others, and the game being stable enough to do this consistently. And, well, stability isn't a major issue, but come on, we all know how trolly this community is. Sure hope not getting this 10k rep won't stop me from getting to rank 30.
  8. Do you have to complete EVERY challenge to reach the final tier?
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