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  1. Yeah, I already had this suspicion in the past, but with the recent event is clearer than ever. Meathook's healing is infinitely more useful than Shieldmaiden's anything. The fact that Shieldmaiden doesn't allow BW to use her 1 only makes this fact that much more obvious. Having your shield up is not worth loosing the ability to constantly heal, less so when you're getting barraged by enemies from all around you. Let that sink in, though. Bonewidow's 1, which was given HP regain after the feedback on this thread, provides her more survivability than the ability that was designed
  2. Thank fu(c)k. I swear, trying to mine the rarer gems and getting drop upon drop of draconic for 20 plus minutes again would've killed me. You don't know how relieved I am to hear that. Thanks.
  3. I'm not going to act like I don't get the reasoning behind this. Makes sense and all, sure, but I hope to a nondescript divinity that there'll be another way to get those besides mining, because I have 600+ draconics already, and I do not want more.
  4. They can still be given away. And I sure as hell will still take them.
  5. It's becoming a habit so might as well do this myself: The usual suspects. Warframe/weapon slots, Orokin reactors/catalysts, Exilus... I like to outfit each of my frames with different equipment, and my Ivara is just missing a Tiberon Prime. I don't mind waiting until it gets unvaulted, but it'd be convenient of someone could spare one. Been trying to get a Volt prime for the longest time. Regular Volt is the first frame I played and I have a lot of fondness for it, but it's been a minute since it's relics were out. Honestly genuinely absolutely without a shadow of a doubt wo
  6. I'm almost certain that these "problems" that you are describing are a direct byproduct of how the Evolution Engine handles loading and instances. Specifically, with the acrobatics the code has to do to handle the entire Railjack system. There's even a few diagrams here and there in regards to how the entirety of this whole business is handled, rendering-wise. Stuff that I'd recommend you take a look at, if only to understand why what you're asking will be harder to fix than it actually seems. TL;DR: It's not a problem, it's a consequence of the engine WF is developed in. DE cannot "fix"
  7. Call me whatever, but I've always felt like Zephyr's 1 should work similarly to Revenant's Reave. You cast it, bumrush a bunch of enemies dealing X amount of damage, and you knock them down. Perhaps even adding a charge like Ember's Fireball, so you hold the button and either you cover a longer distance or deal more damage. The fact that it's only really useful when you're in the air is what hurts that ability the most. Also, I really wouldn't mind if instead of Subsuming her 2, you could subsume her (reworked) 1. It'd be nice to have some movement abilities in the Helminth pool.
  8. For how unrepentantly sh(i)t the EGS is, I will say something: I do not have to deal with Tennogen stuff when I launch from the EGS, and that alone is making me seriously considering swapping launchers. Can't put into words how much I prefer to see only the cosmetics that I can afford to buy, instead of hoards of things that I cannot afford, and would not ever consider purchasing. And it's not like I can hide tennogen content when I'm looking through the arsenal, so... I'll take the QoL I can get. Accidental or otherwise.
  9. Pretty sure you can, yes. Also: This is not a bad idea whatsoever, doubly so considering the Relay Blessings system can apply to Railjack missions as well. Even though I highly doubt it'll be added, it'd be neat to see a drydock populated by something other than NPCs.
  10. I'm going to step off the sh¡tflinging, someone else can take care of that, and give you a proper reason. TL;DR: Enhanced mobility makes a PvP mode inherently hard to balance, due to the skill floor and skill ceilings innate to the proper usage of parkour mechanics. A low player count, and skill floors raised by the experience of regular players only make the mode more difficult to get into. Now for the not-so-condensed version: So, I can't really say that I'm huge on PvP modes, but if they're interesting enough, and have some sort of safety net for newcomers (which is usually m
  11. I know I've been able to, but it might've been unintended. I do kind of like this idea regardless. As-is, I've given my Hildryn a setup solid enough that Balefire is just dead weight. With the stupid damage numbers it can put out, if it worked alongside Glaives, I'd consider keeping it. Keyword being consider.
  12. TL;DR: So, I've been wondering for a while. The acceltra. I think pretty much everyone here knows that weapon. Fires explosive projectiles at a high firerate, it's become a very "meta" weapon, so to speak. And ever since I found my first Acceltra, I've had issues with it. Namely, the explosion's visual effects. In other words, both the explosion effect and the screen shake that it causes. More than once I've been fired at by an Acceltra, usually because I'm in the middle of a large'ish group of enemies. If you've been in my position, you probably know what my complaint is going to
  13. They only affect the necramech's punch ATM. Reach and Seismic wave, I haven't tested, but I assume that if those two don't affect IB, neither do the other pair.
  14. Right, so I just finished trying out Bonewidow. Whoop dee (h)ucking doo, etc... While the changes introduced to her are very notable, most of them change about jack diddly. Meathook still has the silly little animation which only makes grabbing enemies harder than it should be, and while the HP drain is a nifty thing to have, at higher levels I'm seeing it absolutely, veritably and undoubtedly c h o k i n g. After doing a little bit of looking around, I've seen other people claim that the issue comes from the fact that the HP drain does not bypass armor. The shield now reflects dam
  15. Oh, nice. A couple more of these and, maybe, she'll be able to compete with Voidrig eventually. Not yet. But eventually. Maybe.
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