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  1. This is incorrect. Percentages are not ratios. 20% is not "One time out of five". It's 20%. Which means that, whenever you kill a Sister, you have an individual 20% chance to get an ephemera. Every single time, a d10 is cast, and if the numbers aren't 1 or 2, you do not get an ephemera. I explained this in the past, and I got a very precise addition to the explanation. Whenever you kill a Sister, you have an 80% chance to NOT get an ephemera. Think of it like that, and then everything will make more sense. Whatever you decide to do with that info after the fact is up to you.
  2. For whatever is worth, and after revisiting that part on the NPE where Lotus tasks you with completing a second objective within a mission at an increased risk, it's something that could work. Could being the keyword here, because it'd have to be well implemented. Currently, as many design decisions in Warframe are, it is not. And because I don't like to rag on certain additions without presenting a hypothetical of what it could've been, y'know, to really put salt in the wound, consider the following. Multiple mission objectives become standardized. All mission types, except for endless missions, have, at least, two objectives. A main objective, and a side objective which is entirely optional. Meaning, you can extract right away. Whenever you hover over a specific node on the star chart, you see what two objectives you're being served. These objectives rotate every once in a while. Say, twice an hour, for the sake of having something moderately reasonable. Completing one objective immediately triggers a second one, and upon completing both, you recieve the rewards befitting of both objectives. Ideally, Extermination and Survival would be two mission types that wouldn't trigger after finishing one objective, but would remain active for as long as the mission lasts. IE: Instead of Mobile Defense and then Extermination, you're doing Mobile Defense and Extermination at the same time. However, you wouldn't need to complete both objectives to extract, you'd just get doubled rewards if you do. In keeping to what the mission in the NPE was trying to go for, I'd say that making it so there's a degree of difficulty added wouldn't be too out of place. Perhaps, upon completion of an objective, the enemy's level is ramped up by, say, 10. While lategame, it won't matter much, it should still prove a meaningful decision during the earlygame. Needless to say, all of these would apply to Steel Path. Hell, since Steel Path is the supposed "Hard Mode", it could be done so that there's three total objectives. Two which are mandatory, and a third one, which is optional. And while I can understand the concern of these becoming something along the lines of the Void Storms, or "Too time-consuming, but not rewarding enough", it could be done so the rewards scale from the number of objectives completed. EG: Complete Objective 1, you get a Void Relic. Complete Objective 2, you get a bunch of Endo. Complete both, and you get another Void Relic of the same loot pool, ideally upgraded; and doubled Endo to add to the amount you already got. Essentially, it'd take your rewards, and give you a second set of better rewards on top of the ones you already obtained. In the case of Steel Path, it'd give you a third set of better rewards, to add to the other two sets. Of course, this will never happen, but wishful thinking is always fun.
  3. I love coming to this thread. Lovely stuff in here, and all so very tasty. I don't know what's my favorite. The people arguing against something he didn't say, because they felt he was making a claim he couldn't possibly be making, doubly so since he can't possibly have the information neccesary to make such claim. Or the people actively trying to discredit his experiences with the early game just because he, funnily enough, doesn't have 100+ hours of gameplay. It's all great, and I love it, and I don't want any of you to stop. Now, though, onto the new two videos themselves. As for the "100 hour" video, I'm pretty sure he was using Warframe footage because that is the game he has been playing as of late. Nothing more, nothing less. If not that, it's likely a bunch of users have told him some miscellaneous claim such as "it gets better later" or "you just have to play until you get to XYZ". Something that he, then, conflated with "it gets good after 100 hours" claim. And while he likely did this for the sake of time economy, and hitting two birds with one stone, is a little confusing, as it makes it seem like he is arguing against a point nobody made. I'm sure people made the point he's arguing against, though. Even though their choice of words might not necessarily have been what he expressed in the video. As for the "Parasite Mechanics" video, well... let's just say it opened my eyes to the way Warframe has been doing things over the years, and has helped me put a proper pin on why exactly I have issues with it. They never develop, they never iterate, they rarely improve. They always add more. And if the argument goes that they have to do that because player retention/player acquisition, hey, I'm not going to deny that. However, the fact that it has resulted in Warframe being an unnecessarily bloated game, plagued with parasite mechanics that are never adressed, is not something that can really be denied either.
  4. I feel like, and this is fairly in line to what I've said elsewhere, they honestly totally should kinda do that. But they won't. They already made the decission to not respect a player's time investment when they decided to not reward Helminth XP, and then ignore the (roughly) 8 pages of people telling DE that was not a good idea. Given that this is a farmable item, and not a finite resource like warframe subsumption, it's even less likely that they will do it. But hey, at least the game has taken one step forwards, right? Right?
  5. I'm just gonna give a shoutout to those people that came into this thread, refused to watch a video, and still felt strongly enough to respond to the video without even watching it, while also trying to pass their decission to not watch the video, and to purposefully misrepresent it, as entirely fair and valid. You all rock. And if someone tells you otherwise, do what you do best, and don't listen to them. As for the video itself, considering it's a "First impressions" kinda deal, it brings up a decent amount of points. JSH was coming across issues that I myself came seven years ago, when I first picked up the game. Well before the advanced movement mechanics were introduced. It also, unintentionally, highlights a couple of issues with the game itself. Not only when it comes to tutorialization and presentation of its systems outside of a mission, but also in regards to how little guidance new players recieve, while also being told they can do whatever they want. Nothing that hasn't been said before, but the fact that it's being said again just drives the point further. DE did a good job with the overhauled "new player experience" mission, but outside of that mission, they did not change a single thing. Everything related to modding is still eldritch and unknowable, and players still have to deal with Analysis Paralysis due to all of the additions made to the game over the years that DE throws at them with no filter. Not to mention that the closest point of narrative progression after that first quest is at around Jupiter, which will be around 30 to 50 hours into Warframe.
  6. Took some time to read through the thread, and though I generally agree. Pretty much the entirety of it would be a fantastic addition to the game. Still, I have some severe doubts that certain elements would be added. In particular, the weapon "ephemeras". The reason I'm saying this is the whole debacle there was about both the Oscira and Soaktron skin, and the clarification [DE]Marcus provided in the latter thread. In case anyone's not aware, I'm talking about: That clarification belies an issue in the backend coding of most "rifle" weapons that directly affects the cosmetics that can be applied to them. A detail that leads me to believe that, unless that backend issue is sorted out, something along the lines of weapon ephemeras will never happen. Mind you, I'm not saying that this is how it should be, I'm just saying that it is how it is. And wishing it wasn't. God knows if Peculiar mods had been implemented as a cosmetic instead of a mod, I would've likely given a damn about them, instead of not even sparing them a thought. Though that's partly due to how [CHOICE WORDS] the entire modding system is currently. But that's a topic for some other day. As for the rest of the post, while personally I don't see much of an issue with those cosmetics, I readily understand how some other folks could. And, for whatever's worth, I do believe that the ability to choose whether they want to see immersion-breaking content or not is a valuable one. God forbid an MMO has options to allow a player to customize their experience. EDIT: For the sake of clarity, and after giving it a little bit of thought, it's possible that the issue would only arise if it came down to changing the weapon's projectiles. If it was only making some sort of effect play out when a projectile hits, that could potentially be doable. Though even then I still doubt it'll be implemented.
  7. I have never touched Conclave. Ever. And I have very little desire to do so in its current state. But here come the caveats, and they're going to fall one after the other. The main reason I don't want to engage with Conclave is Warframe's very iconic Advanced Mobility mechanics. All of the parkour movements that you can do make you extremely agile, slippery, and hard to hit. And I'm not throwing shade at the folks that enjoy Conclave, but from what I've experienced in other games with similar mechanics, it's a perpetual clusterf(u)ck of things happening in no particular order until they stop because someone died. Which is to say: I can't wrap my head around it. Advanced Mobility mechanics are something that affects PvP games in a way very few other things do. It makes the skill ceiling skyrocket, but it raises the skill floor just that much. Currently, Warframe has absolutely nothing to give new players an in into the Conclave ecosystem. And even though Conclave players are fairly welcoming, allegedly, that doesn't do much to curb the barrier that Advanced Mobility mechanics are. Now remove Advanced Mobility from the equation. And remove Warframe abilities from the equation. And remove mods from the equation. The skill floor, which was already fairly low with players not having to deal with Advanced Mobility mechanics, drops further. Twice. Now, Conclave is a mode that, as a skill floor, only requires you to know how to move, fire a gun, maybe read if there's objectives, and cooperate with a team. And yes, I know some people find the latter extremely difficult. Still, all of a sudden, you have created a Conclave, or a Conclave game mode, that allows people to simply jump in and perform moderately to fairly well without the need of countless hours of practice. Someone is curious, they jump in for a match or two, and their team might not win, but they still did a decent job, and they are aware of what resulted on their loss. Which, generally, means they'll likely be confident enough in their ability to jump in for another match later down the line. And, this is going to be hard to believe, given we're talking about Warframe in the Warframe forum, but: They might not do it because there are resources to farm, or standing to gain, or loot to acquire. Instead, they might do it because it's fun. So, in short, I am very much in favor of this idea. Second caveat, though, is that I don't necessarily know if it should be a Conclave game mode, or a separate game entirely. The reason for this is as simple as the way Warframe is advertised. A Co-Op loot-based space shooter with Advanced Mobility. It's not a game that anyone would expect to have a mode that is close to being the direct opposite of what's advertised. And while I think that simple fact is likely to make a moderately decent PvP mode seem solid in comparison, I can't deny the possibility that the expectation of "A Co-Op etc..." could end up harming this new PvP mode. If it's handled with the appropriate level of care, which shouldn't be that much, in all fairness, it probably won't prove an issue. However, what with DE's very publicly known management issues, and the fact they're likely working full gear on The New War, appropriate handling is a bit more unlikely than it should be. If it's handled as a separate project from Warframe, that simply utilizes the Warframe IP, as well as some assets and code, then that could allow a (hopefully better managed) department within DE to focus exclusively on this game, as well as tailor content for it, rather than being another thing nailed to Warframe's... ahem rear. Which, let me not mince words, is already pretty f(u)cking fat as-is. The third caveat comes with the availability, and the ease of implementation of this mode. Plainly put, I don't think it'd be that hard. At least not currently. A large part of the things I would've considered to be the "tough stuff" has already been done. Some, directed towards Conclave, while other things have been done for other reasons or game modes. As-is, right, now, I think the hardest thing DE would have to do would be to decide how exactly do they want to handle this game mode. Do they wanna do a Grunts V Grunts and leave it at that until further notice? Do they want something a bit more elaborate with specific classes? Do they want to meet Battlefront halfway and have "hero units" (Think: Bosses/Liches), but no vehicles? Or do they want to just go ham, and try to imitate the Battlefront experience as closesly as they can? Or, perhaps, they want to get cute with it and experiment with a Mann V Machine sort of gamemode first, where Grineer and Corpus join forces against the Infestation/Sentients? That is the hardest part. If they don't have a strong enough vision, it will be no different from Frame Fighter. And once again, management issues rear their head, because if it's not handled appropriately, in an appropriate timeframe, by someone who has confidence on the game mode, it will end up getting scrapped and downscaled into something that also will be dead on arrival. So, in hindsight, I guess I lied. The hardest part is not the implementation of the mechanics. The hardest part is finding someone at DE that genuinely believes in this project, and will be willing to deliver it in a state solid enough it can be iterated from. Thanks for coming to my TED talk. I'll leave this soapbox on the left of the stage, behind the curtains, in case anyone wants to stand on it.
  8. I've been wanting to make a note out of this for a while, but I completely forgot until it happened to me again today: When downed, a Sister candidate still causes Nova's Null Stars to shoot out towards her. I am not sure if this behavior is intended, but I'm gonna guess not, since I haven't seen that happen with Lich candidates.
  9. PSA: 20% drop chance doesn't mean that you'll get the ephemera 1 out of every 5 tries. It means that, every time you try, your odds of getting it are 1 in 5. They might sound similar, but they are very different. The latter is, in a very literal sense, how most games handle probability. The former is called Leniency Mechanics, and those don't exist in Warframe.
  10. Spent the entirety of the stream trying to connect to the Tennolive relay, only to be sent to a regular, empty relay. I didn't leave the place, just in case, but I didn't get the armor and longsword drops. I'm not sure what's gonna be done about it, hopefully something. I'm leaving this comment here in case it becomes a handout given to those who reported issues and nobody else.
  11. Done & done. A bit too opinionated on this one. Admittedly, I might've overshot it a little in regards to the "How long should it take to reach endgame?" question. Mind, I've tried to base myself on other MMOs of similar size to Warframe. So, there. Even though I think it's highly unlikely anything will come out of these surveys, at least not when it comes to changes in Warframe, they're still a decent gauge to measure how disconnected DE is from their playerbase.
  12. After messing around with updated Yareli, or finally getting around to, I'm going to repeat myself a lot. Since this time around I'm going to focus on changes rather than shortcomings, I'd recommend anyone interested checks out the post I made at: Now, then, let's begin. Sea Snares: Holding the Sea Snares cast should allow you to latch multiple onto a single target. Needless to say, the DoT dealt by the Snares would stack appropriately. This should allow players to decide whether they want mass CC with lower damage output, or single target CC with higher damage output. The amount of bubbles produced by Sea Snares should increase from Power Strength to a max of 10 per cast. Additionally, the max bubbles you can have active should be increased from Duration, though ideally to a cap of 20. Augment: Sea Snares could be allowed to explode on a recast. The damage of the explosion, ideally, would be either based on the damage the enemies have taken from the Snares up to that point, or scaling based on the amount of Snares that detonated. Merulina: Upon casting Merulina, perhaps Yareli's model should be scaled down slightly to avoid the general clunkiness of its controls in the more cluttered tilesets. The DR and HP of the Merulina should scale with Power Strength. Alternatively, the DR could scale with Power Strength, and the HP could scale with Power Duration. Moddable Merulina would be very nice, but I understand there's some back-end limitations that don't allow for it. I have seen no confirmation of this whatsoever, so it remains here in case it's something that could be considered. For the sake of adding some synergy between ANY of Yareli's abilities, perhaps she should get a flat amount of Ability Efficiency when she's on the Merulina. Alternatively, casting Sea Snares in the Merulina could result in Yareli leaving a trail of the corresponding amount of Sea Snares while she moves. Yareli should get a flat chance to resist knockdown to her own weaponry while she's on Merulina. Doubly so since the results of using this ability in some tilesets can easily result in something that'd knock her off it exploding right in her face, after hitting some invisible terrain geometry. Merulina should allow for the usage of Primary Weapons, instead of just secondaries. This should allow the players to choose whether they want a stronger Primary off the bat, or a Secondary with a high crit boost that demands they keep moving. Yareli's passive should not deactivate upon casting Merulina. Ideally, by giving it a decay time, instead of it being on-and-off. Augment: Merulina could be given a front facing shield that absorbs damage dealt to it, and remains until Merulina reaches an HP threshold. Aquablades: Activating Aquablades should give Yareli an amount of dodge chance, and the ability to push away certain projectiles, such as Bombard's rockets. This dodge chance should be static for each Aquablade active. Additionally, the damage dealt by the Aquablades should be increased to a flat amount per Aquablade. Players should be able to increase the amount of active Aquablades with Power Strength to a max of 6 Aquablades. Additionally, Aquablades should be allowed to gain range with Ability Range mods. And, since I understand that Aquablades dealing damage through walls might be a concern, make it so Aquablades work in a similar way to Khora's 1, which deals damage to enemies in Khora's FoV. Allow players to send out Aquablades as if they were actual glaives, in much the same fashion. On holding Yareli's 3 after the Aquablades have been cast, one of the Aquablades is charged and thrown out. Ideally, it should deal scaling damage for every enemy it hits, and it should have a decent amount of punch through. Once thrown, the Aquablade stops orbiting the player. This could be removed when infusing Aquablades into other Warframes. Agument: Holding the Aquablades on cast should allow Yareli to surround an allied target (Warframes/defense targets/rescue targets/spectres) with up to 4 Aquablades. These have a reduced range, though damage, dodge chance and duration remain the same. Riptide: Increase the damage scaling for each enemy trapped. Add a syngery with Sea Snares, where any enemy caught by a Sea Snare, as long as they are within a reasonable distance of Yareli, and within the same tile, they are automatically pulled into the Riptide. Alternatively, if the Riptide is cast, and kills, an enemy trapped in a Sea Snare, it sends out 5 new Sea Snares in a circular area around it. If thrown Aquablades are added: a syngergy with Aquablades, where throwing an Aquablade into a Riptide locks the Aquablade inside the Riptide until it explodes. The Aquablade would deal damage to every enemy in the Riptide, and would increase the damage of the final explosion. Allow players to hold the Riptide cast to trap more enemies and extend its duration at the cost of extra Energy Drain. Alternatively, give Riptide an early collection period that scales with Ability Duration before it bursts. Augment: Upon being cast, the Riptide remains active for [Duration], absorbing projectiles from enemies and the player, and adding the damage dealt by those to the final explosion, similarly to the augment for Nova's 2. Yareli's Passive: It needs a decay time. Buff its crit bonus as much as you want, it still needs a decay time. Edit: Quick TL;DR for those that don't wanna bother with the wall of text. Yareli does need more damage, sure, but: the priority should be to give her abilities some amount of syngergy with each other, as well as more depth.
  13. Given what was said in: Particularly the whole "This compatibility stems from internal back-end weapon types, [...]", I'd tell you that only rifle-mod using weapons that have Automatic, Auto-Burst, Burst and Semi-Automatic trigger types count. Granted, this is specifically regarding cosmetics, so that might not be a factor here. Nonetheless, the fact the code's spaghetti enough that most "rifles" aren't actually "rifles", and that discrepancy is noted absolutely #*!%ing nowhere, makes me think that you might end up having a similar issue here. If you want to get an idea of what might work and what might not, check https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Weapon_Comparison#Rifles Hopefully, my concerns are unfounded, and that won't be the case.
  14. I am aware. I genuinely have no words. Feels like every time I return to Warframe, stuff like this happens. I don't understand the reasoning, or why any sort of calculations were necessary to begin with. It actively defies sensibility. God forbid the more powerful version of a relatively basic, entry-level gun is, in fact, more powerful than the basic, entry-level gun.
  15. I just noticed that my posts got swallowed by the Void yet again. Oopsie. I guess the Void must be hungry. Anyways: Personally, I don't think Ability Infusion or Resource Costs should count. At the end of the day, it's possible to remove infusions and to re-infuse again, same thing when it comes to feeding resources. It's not possible to subsume all the Warframes into the Helminth again. A- and I don't want to understate this- men. In any case, to reiterate my previous post, in bullet points, because I'm not typing that wall of text again: Not-Technically-A-Veteran believes that retroactive Helminth XP for subsumed warframes is the fair thing to do. By not giving off that XP, DE is setting a precedent by which they behave as if the time players spend in their game doesn't matter. This is, in fact, not good. One could even say it is bad. Because, unfortunately, time is money. The fact this is the first time it happens, as refunds were given for the Railjack Retrofit update, and Forma were refunded in this update due to nerfs, is both confusing, and concerning.
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