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  1. I don't understand how, but you managed to take every fun part of Railjack and make it worse. -No choice of give/take in avionics -Ships still feel slow -Boost was ruined completely -Enemies too easy to kill -Void Hole ruined -Gameplay is overall is slow and boring You took 500 random people, 500 people who may have never even touched railjack before, and gave them control over the fate of the game mode. You ruined it for people like me, people who had actually played it, enjoyed it, put work into it, and could actually provide valuable feedback. The worst part is, you're probably going to contact to ignore us.
  2. The avionics change is horrible. Allows for little to no customization with give/take. Avionics also cost too much. With a maxed vidar reactor, I should be able to fill my grid, but can't even come close.
  3. I don't agree with that, they just need to fix the giant issues.
  4. 2820 for full Murex. 3672 for full Condrix. This is bullS#&$ DE. I get you're off your game because you're working from home, but that excuse only lasts so long. If you don't have the ability to release something properly, don't release it.
  5. Murex and ground teams arent giving what they said they would. Ground gives only 3k and space only gives 2.3k
  6. You forgot the part where you're supposed to make the event fun.
  7. Prices for rewards are absurd. They need to be brought down. Farming for 2 hours feels like you've done nothing.
  8. I hope the extra time spent at home has given you a chance to figure out the modding system 🙂
  9. Can you please fix the positioning of the side guns and engines on the railjack caballero skin so they tilt to match the skin?
  10. Many elements were made worthless by these changes, but that hardly matters now because this removed any sense of difficulty from the game.
  11. The resource costs are absolutely absurd and unreasonable.
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